Most Overrated Eminem Songs

This is a list of the most overrated Eminem songs. Some are good though.

The Top Ten

1 Lose Yourself

By the way this list is not the best Eminem songs, it's just ones that are way too overrated! - eminemgreenday

It's a great song, but any song that's always said to be #1 is going to be overrated. - marmalade_skies

I created this list - eminemgreenday

It's a really cool song and one of his best but not his best. In my opinion Stan is his best ❤️

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2 Love the Way You Lie

It seems any song Eminem and rhianna do is way overrated - eminemgreenday

If this song were with an unknown singer instead of a pop star, the same people who are saying this song is trash would like it. - marmalade_skies

One of his hits from Recovery. Even though I liked the song a lot (ecspecially the last verse! ) it became too mainstream too quick.

3 Rap God
4 Not Afraid

His lyrics in this are probably nowhere above average compared to a lot of his other stuff

Best Eminem song! Your an idiot if you say lose yourself is - eminemgreenday

I love this song ❤️

5 Stan

I mean, it's a good storytelling song. I can't say it speaks to me like his other songs do. - marmalade_skies

6 Mockingbird
7 'Till I Collapse

It's not his best lyrically or thematically. - marmalade_skies

8 Beautiful
9 Forever
10 The Monster

Eminem should do an advertising campaign with smarties.

The monster is not that good but for some reson it is a bit overrated - eminemgreenday

The Contenders

11 Cleanin Out My Closet

I think that it's overrated because:
1. Headlights.
2. It's boring. I only remember 1 line from the song.
3. He's trying to make a diss to his MOM even though there are other targets
4. He jumps from reality to exaggeration

12 Space Bound
13 Sing for the Moment
14 Like Toy Soldiers
15 The Way I Am
16 My Name Is
17 Without Me
18 The Real Slim Shady
19 I Need a Doctor
20 Headlights
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