Most Overrated Eminem Songs

This is a list of the most overrated Eminem songs. Some are good though.

The Top Ten Most Overrated Eminem Songs

Love the Way You Lie

It seems any song Eminem and rhianna do is way overrated - eminemgreenday

If this song were with an unknown singer instead of a pop star, the same people who are saying this song is trash would like it. - marmalade_skies

One of his hits from Recovery. Even though I liked the song a lot (ecspecially the last verse! ) it became too mainstream too quick.

It's sadly one of the worst songs on Recovery. Cold Wind Blows and Almost Famous are 100x better than LTWYL. Eminem should stop making songs with Rihanna.

Lose Yourself

By the way this list is not the best Eminem songs, it's just ones that are way too overrated! - eminemgreenday

It's a great song, but any song that's always said to be #1 is going to be overrated. - marmalade_skies

I created this list - eminemgreenday

Super overrated! It is not his best, in my opinon not afraid is the best, not afraid is overrated too but the best. lose yourself is still good though. - eminemgreenday

Not Afraid

Not only Eminem's most overrated song, but also the most overrated song in hip-hop history.

His lyrics in this are probably nowhere above average compared to a lot of his other stuff

Best Eminem song! Your an idiot if you say lose yourself is - eminemgreenday

I love this song ❤️

Rap God

Yes this song is good. But no where near top 20 best


Lose yourself isn't overrated. This song is. It doesn't even have a good life message. Nice storytelling, but no life message and is overrated!

It is overrated because it doesn't even give a good message for life. I rarely listen to it.

I'm sick of people saying Lose Yourself is overrated. It's a fantastic song and that's final. Stan is also a good song but there's nothing catchy or fun about it. It's art. Very well written art. But not everyone is in to art. For example, when you look at a nice painting. It's nice and you appreciate it, but you look at it once for a while and then after you think "that's nice, I'm good now". It doesn't compare to great masterpieces like Lose Yourself, Almost Famous, Marshall Mathers, The Way I Am, Cleaning Out My Closet, Sing For The Moment, etc. Stan is a great piece of music but it's not even a song I come back to a lot. It's good and that's really it.

I mean, it's a good storytelling song. I can't say it speaks to me like his other songs do. - marmalade_skies

'Till I Collapse

It's not his best lyrically or thematically. - marmalade_skies

Such a terrible song


I’m sorry but this isn’t my kind of music - Thisisamerica

The Monster

Eminem should do an advertising campaign with smarties.

The monster is not that good but for some reson it is a bit overrated - eminemgreenday

Extremely overrated, ‘‘this is an average at best song, And it feels awkward listening to it alone. Eminem randomly started yodeling for no reason at all

The Contenders

Sing for the Moment
Like Toy Soldiers
25 to Life

It's not his best. I don't get why people like it so much. It's not bad but nothing special and that chorus is terrible!

The chorus ruined the song

Could've been better

Space Bound
My Name Is
The Real Slim Shady
Cleanin Out My Closet

I think that it's overrated because:
1. Headlights.
2. It's boring. I only remember 1 line from the song.
3. He's trying to make a diss to his MOM even though there are other targets
4. He jumps from reality to exaggeration


Kill me please - Thisisamerica

The Way I Am
Without Me
I Need a Doctor
Rock Bottom
Forgot About Dre

It's not even an Eminem song. - Brainfck

You're Never Over

You're never over is his most UNDERRATED song.

Beautiful Pain

The most exciting song in mmlp2. Awesome and so underrated.

Just Lose It
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