Top 10 Most Overrated Eurovision Songs


The Top Ten

1 Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

Agreed! why is everyone crazy about this lame song?

I'm Confused As To Why This Won At All, Or Even Got Into The Top 41, It Had Poor Instrumentation, Cliche Lyrics, And It Was SUPER DATED! Come On, This Was 2009, Not 1709. I Hope I'm Not Alone On This.

Its out of tune, it physically hurts my ears.

So many gimmicks...

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2 Sound of Silence - Dami Im

A ballad with strong, yet over exposed vocals is all I here. Not to mention, it's predictable. Nowhere near my favorite that year, and I'm confused on how it got 2nd. (And hell, above Belgium and Slovenia's songs too! ) - MontyPython

It's most likely because the juries want to suck up to the only non-European entry. Improve relations perhaps. - AdamDestructorJr.

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3 Why Me? - Linda Martini

Absolute worst win. This song aches my ears each time the chorus rings, and Johnny Logan wrote it... He never knew when to quit. - MontyPython

I prefer Terminal 3.

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4 L'oiseau et l'enfant - Marie Laforet

Forgettable, bland, one of my most unappreciated winners ever. Especially when it beat a song as strong as the UK's that year (Rock Bottom). Hell, they should've won two years in a row. France should have NOT taken this spot. - MontyPython

5 In Your Eyes - Niamh Kavanagh

Strong vocals, yet plain 90s love ballad. Yeah, it isn't impressive to some of the other songs I've listened to. - MontyPython

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6 Rock and Roll Kids - Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington

Just predicable and plain. Just because it's a country ballad about the old, happier times by two old white men, doesn't make it phenomenal. How is this a Eurovision landmark again? - MontyPython

7 A Million Voices - Polina Gagarina

Fantabulous song, yes, but come on. It's still the girl in a white dress with strong vocals, singing an inspirational tune. Predicable, yet probably my favorite piece out of the white dress ballad category. The chorus is my favorite part. - MontyPython

8 Running - András  Kállay-Saunders

Studio version? Ok, yeah. Isn't a 2014 winner. Live version? Just... No. His voice sounds rubbery. How did this beat Finland that year? - MontyPython

9 Undo - Sanna Nielsen

Pathetic entry, pathetic delivery. Straight trash. - AdamDestructorJr.

Yawn. Just yawn. One of the weakest Sweden entries, in my opinion. - MontyPython

10 Running Scared - Ell & Nikki

This got the favorite vote and the winning vote overall. That, in all honesty, disgusts me. The vocals are absolute trash. - MontyPython

The Contenders

11 1944 - Jamala

Just boring and awful half of the song sound like she is screaming don't have a clue how she won!

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12 Ding-a-Dong - Teach In

Just an annoying piece, really. The verses are good, but that chorus... It just crawls and claws into your skin and head. - MontyPython

13 Toy - Netta

Worst winner ever

No comment.

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14 Not Alone - Aram Mp3

How did this beaten Slovenia? Really, it was awful.

He's just screaming later during the refrain. Absolute trash.

His voice was very annoying. Sorry.

15 Satellite - Lena

2011 was far better. - AdamDestructorJr.

Her vocals were cheesy in this one. I prefer 2011 one.

I prefer Taken By A Stranger rather than this

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16 Lipstick - Jedward
17 Is It True? - Yohanna

"Is It True? " is the worst song of Eurovision 2009. Yohanna is not a good singer. Lyrics are cheap. Tune is boring. Undeserved runner-up. Abysmal performance. My personal 42nd out of Top 42. "Is It True? " is overrated.

Worst song of 2009... Awful. Just awful.
I can't get the hype of this. Yohanna needs to die she is the worst.

Just boring and out of tune, no wonder this got 2nd place...

This should be in top 3. Why? I found this song is just boring and the ending part is so screamy, in my opinion. The lyrics are so weak, gimmicky and cliche. This didn't even deserve second place.

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18 Shady Lady - Ani Lorak

Yep, it was cringe

Ugh... Why is this one is so overplayed? I think the live was forgettable and song is out-dated.

AdamDestructorJr., do you hate that song? I've listened it and I think that Ani Lorak is a dull singer. DO YOU HATE THIS SONG?!?

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19 Suus - Rona Nishliu UListen to Sample
20 Euphoria - Loreen UListen to Sample
21 Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral UListen to Sample
22 No One - Maja Keuc

This song is just... Overrated by the fandom

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23 Madness of Love - Raphael Gualazzi UListen to Sample
24 Party for Everybody - Babushki UListen to Sample
25 Popular - Eric Saade UListen to Sample
26 Believe - Dima Bilan

I guess even the weakest of years deserves a winner. It just happened to be the 'teenage heart-throb'. - AdamDestructorJr.

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27 Qele - Qele (Remix) (Armenia 2008)

I have to vomit when I hear this song. Her voice is just out of tune...

One of the worst Armenian songs ever. I'm Sorry, I absouletely hate this song and it's my 43rd in my top 43 songs in 2008. The singer is whiny, and her performance is so annoying. And I'm from Azerbaijan! No wonder why this got higher. I wanna slap her face in one day. I have to vomit! I gave this song -1/10.

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28 Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst UListen to Sample
29 Calm After the Storm - The Common Linnets UListen to Sample
30 Only Teardrops - Emmelie de Forest

Simply a boring song. - AdamDestructorJr.

Oh, c'maaan! This is the worst song of 2013!

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31 Always - Arash & Aysel

My ears hurt! Gimmicky instrumentals and lyrics, just... This song didn't deserve 3rd place! No, it's real! I have to shoot myself when I hear this.

32 Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka

Simply one of the weakest years in Eurovision history. Dancing Lasha Tumbai is the worst song in the world! Verka's voice is very annoying, more gimmicks, off-key performance, undeserved 2nd place. 2007 is worse than any other weak years. Verka is trash.

This should be higher on this list

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33 Tick Tock - Mariya Yaremchuk

Badly performed and badly written, yet it finished high. Just like the genius work of 'undo my sad'. - AdamDestructorJr.

34 Unsubstantial Blues - Magdi Ruzsa

Badly performed, boring tune, whatsoever. 2007 was awful. Just saying.

35 Anytime You Need - Hayko

Boring, again weak year, not very interesting performance.

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36 Angel - Mika Newton

I only like the background of the performance but the song... No. Just no.

37 It's My Time - Jade Ewen
38 Molitva - Marija Serifovic
39 Hatrid Mun Sigra - Hatari

So bad that I'm gonna throw up.

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