Top 10 Most Overrated Female Volleyball Players In the Philippines

Overrated means overvalued. Players who are known and "said" to be "great/good" but in real life, they aren't. They are just players who you would thought to contribute more but does the opposite.

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1 Gretchen Ho (ADMU)

Seriously, she only got the looks. - crockydyle

Gretchen got the looks but she is a good player.

Total eye candy but invisible in the stat department

Only the looks but no awesome attack.

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2 Mika Reyes (DLSU)

She's just famous no impact she can be deleted in the la salle them and the la salle can still get the crown!

Great mika of la salle

Darling of The Crowd

Beautiful but kinda needs more power

3 Mae Tajima (ADMU)

What exactly is so special about her? She can literally go 3 sets without scoring

She only have the height and the looks. - crockydyle

4 Faith Bulan (UE)

In her last year, she was expected by many to carry her rookie team but I think the rookies were the ones who carried her. - crockydyle

5 Mika Esperanza (DLSU)

There are a lot of players more deserving to get the Rookie of the Year plum. She's not even the best setter of that season. Even the second or third. - crockydyle

6 Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)

Overrated, never let's her teammates hit the ball. She may be the star player but shes a complete ball hog. At least she is a humble player,win or lose. at least DLSU gets more diverse scoring and more participating from the players when ADMU only puts in Mae Tajima most of the time.

She may be good in attacking but volleyball is a team sport. She needs to get her team mates involved in the game rather than let them depend on her all the time.

Although Alyssa's a good player, she excels only in the offensive area of the game. To be the best, you must be able to help your team in every point even if it means not delivering the kill every time.

Without Alyssa,ADMU is almost helpless.I said almost people.They still have Jho,Jia,and Bea.K?

7 Angeli Tabaquero (UST)
8 Aiko Urdas (NU)

Hopefully she regains her form back... in the 2nd round of UAAP season 80 I felt bad for her and it was very hard to watch Urdas as NU kept spiraling and spiraling each game until UE. After the ACL injury she seems more tnetalive and less confident now. But shes powerful and strong I hipe she comes back to her Season 75&76 form

The "SUPERNATURAL" of National University

I miss This Girl for NU :) sayang lang at na ACL Inury siya she's very good ATTACKER

9 Carmela Tunay (UST)

She should add more focus while playing but she is a good player.

10 Myla Pablo (NU)

Give Myla a break and she will perform.

In Jaja Santiago's arrival in the NU squad, she just lost her wit and magic. - crockydyle

For me now in UAAP Season 77 I think ate Myla Pablo will be the leader at the court for scoring a side for Jaja Santiago

Idol ko to and she is a very strong women

The Contenders

11 Chie Saet (DLSU)
12 Pamela Lastimosa (UST)

She is important to UST. The setters should give her more opportunity.

13 Sheila Pineda (ADU)

I recall she was second to Alyssa in scoring. I think that was in season 77. Shiela is

14 Bea De Leon (ADMU)
15 Pau Soriano (AdU)
16 Marjorie Tejada (ADMU)

I wonder why she did not play in season 77. She was part of the champion team.

17 Rachel Anne Daquis (FEU)

She is so gorgeous

18 Michele Gumabao (DLSU)
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1. Gretchen Ho (ADMU)
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1. Mae Tajima (ADMU)
2. Gretchen Ho (ADMU)
3. Mika Esperanza (DLSU)
1. Gretchen Ho (ADMU)
2. Aiko Urdas (NU)
3. Mika Esperanza (DLSU)


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