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61 Fox McCloud and Lucy Hare (Star Fox Command)

Shown no romance towards each other, and it is obvious that Lucy is a good friend of Krystal, thus wants Fox to make up with Krystal.

It's bad enough that people ship Tails with Cream in the Sonic fandom. Seriously guys, Star Fox doesn't need an equivalent of that horrible, piece of ****, non-canon couple.

62 Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)

These two are bitter rivals who see each other as worthy opponents. They will never be a romantic couple. Silly yaoi fans.

Also, some fans of this ship bishie-fy Wolf for no reason. (Wolf isn't a bishonen)

63 Chrom & Sumia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
64 Carmen Sandiego & Waldo/Wally Carmen Sandiego & Waldo/Wally

Doesn't Waldo already have a girlfriend in his own series? As for Ms. Sandiego, awesome character though she may be I don't really see her getting romantically involved with anybody- and she wasn't.

Yeah, they were the people every '90s kid was always trying to find and just happen to be the opposite gender. But once you get past that, it's even harder to find any real basis for a relationship.

65 Judy and Nick (Zootopia)

Also, I think Zootopia may be inspired by the worst Sonic X or Star Fox Command-based fanfiction.

Listen up, guys; Fox McCloud never shown any romantic interest in Lucy Hare, so pairing them together is wrong, especially since Krystal is Fox's love interest, Lucy wants Fox to get back with Krystal again and Lucy seems to get along well with Krystal. Tails and Cream also never shown any romantic interest in each other either. Tails liked Cosmo in Sonic X and later Zooey in Sonic Boom. In the games, he has no love interest at all, neither does Cream. So why do people ship foxes with rabbits when in reality foxes eat rabbits in real-life? I don't mind interspecies couples in fiction, but shipping a predator with a prey, such as a fox with rabbit, is not right. It just reeks over-the-top and pro-vegan, anti-meat propaganda.

Just because Nick and Judy were together, doesn't mean that Fox has to be with Lucy nor Tails has to be with Cream. Even worse are the crossover ...more

This Movie: Disney at its worst
Judy Hopps: a Mary Sue wannabe
Nick Wilde: A Mr. Rogers wannabe with an annoying voice
Their fanart: AAUUGGHH

66 Mulan and Li Shang (Mulan)

It just felt rushed and tacked on, but of course everyone loves it because "Mulan".

67 Stitch and Angel (Lilo and Stitch Franchise)
68 Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail) Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail)
69 Wario and Captain Syrup

Exactly. The same logic applies to Knuckles/Rouge, Sonic/Shadow and Fox/Wolf as well.

They are RIVALS! People seriously need to get over this "rivalry=true love" mentality.

70 WiiFit Trainer and Little Mac (Super Smash Bros)

Dudes, Little Mac is actually only 17 years old and the Trainer (who doesn't even have a real name) is at least in her early 30s!

71 Waluigi and Rosalina

They only do this because Rosalina's the only unpaired princess and when Mona, Syrup, or Shokora's existence is acknowledged Waluigi is the only one out of him, Wario, Mario, and Luigi left unpaired.

72 Sonic the Hedgehog and Rainbow Dash

Not as bad as shipping Sonic with Fuli, but it still gets in my nerves when people think it's "true love" for Sonic to be with Rainbow Dash. They never met. Sonic is better of with Amy, Blaze or even Rouge while Rainbow Dash is better off with Soarin, Applejack or Fluttershy.

73 Sonic the Hedgehog and Fuli the Cheetah (The Lion Guard)

It never makes sense at all. Easily the worst shipping involving Sonic himself. I much rather have him with Amy or Blaze instead of Fuli.

74 Fox McCloud and Cream the Rabbit (Star Fox/Sonic)

A bad idea for a couple because of the major age gap, Fox already has Krystal, etc.

75 Rouge the Bat x Mickey Mouse
76 Rouge the Bat x Bugs Bunny
77 Blaze the Cat x Felix the Cat
78 Steele x Scar (Balto/The Lion King)

Just because they're villains doesn't make them a match.

79 Balto and Nala
80 Daxter and Timon (Jak/The Lion King)
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