Top 10 Most Overrated Foo Fighters Songs

These songs aren't bad by any means they're just overrated songs that get too much attention from a great band.

The Top Ten

1 Everlong

Not a bad song but it does get a lot of attention. - FooFightersRock

2 The Pretender

Decent but it does get more attention than a lot of their other songs. - FooFightersRock

3 Walk

Overrated but not terrible. - FooFightersRock

4 All My Life

Great song but also overrated at the same time. - FooFightersRock

5 Monkey Wrench

Felt like including it somewhere in the top 10 at most. - FooFightersRock

6 Learn to Fly

Another case of good and overrated. - FooFightersRock

7 Rope

Yeah this one's pretty self explanatory. - FooFightersRock

8 Times Like These

Gets a load of attention but not bad or terrible by any means. - FooFightersRock

9 Best of You

At most this one requires no explanation. - FooFightersRock

10 My Hero

My favorite FF song but it's still a bit overrated. - FooFightersRock

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