Top Ten Most Overrated Football (Soccer) Players of All-Time


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1 Radamel Falcao V 1 Comment
2 Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli

A player so much potential but totally wasted.Bad attitude,no discipline and awful temperament.

3 Shinji Kagawa
4 Christiano Randaldo

Bleh. Hate him. He always says how good he thinks he is and it's very annoying since it's not true. The only thing he can do is model, which is just stand there and look at a camera. Even that doesn't work out well for him because.. Well aren't models supposed to be hot?

He is so overrated the only he's got going for him is his speed and can put the ball in the back of the net he

Who the hell is this

He is the worst

5 Paulinho
6 Edin Dzeko
7 Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Fernández is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Portuguese club Porto and the Spain national team as a goalkeeper.

He is so good, one bad season, off the team, onto some junky Portuguese team and called worst ever, and then there is messi, still a legend for his mess ups

8 Lionel Messi Lionel Messi Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona. He is also known as one of the greatest football players of all time. He was born in Rosario, Argentina on June 24th, 1987.

To that idiot that said messi is underrated, he is currently the second highest rated player for soccer, gets paid 40 million euros, and is a fraud, doesn't help his team, but insults it, cries, and not to mention always flops. Ronaldo scores more goals this year, got a national trophy for a terrible team (portugal) and brought real madrid on the top of la liga

Messi is the best everybody else is overrated and this comment is gonna get hate but that just proves my point and to that idiot who added him on here go check hid highlights and get a brain and eyes while your at it

He's the best player alive and that is not overrating him Ronaldo is way worse

He is Disgusting, he if the worst

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9 Giovani dos Santos
10 Javier Hernandez Javier Hernandez Javier Hernández Balcázar is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a forward for German club Bayer Leverkusen and the Mexico national team.

Well this list sucks. Top scorer in national Mexican team. Top scorer in Man U and really good season in Real Madrid. I mean he's not Messi or Ronaldo. But he is a hell of a player in the area. Oh and he is top scorer in Bayern Leverkusen. Mexican players usually aren't that great you know. And I'm not intending to offend anyone. But it's true..

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? Edgar Davids

The most overrated que didn't accomplish anything

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11 Paul Pogba Paul Pogba Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team.

Since he moved to United, he's stopped playing like he used to. However many people still think he's the best CM in the world. It's not that he's bad, he's still a good player but overrated

He is SSOOO bad!

Paul Pogba is 'massively overrated'.Hazard is much,much better than him.It's like Messi(Hazard) vs Bravo(Pogba)
Manchester United have signed Pogba and paid £106 m for the Frenchman's signature, but I do not believe he is worth the money.
I think United's move for the Frenchman is a huge statement of intent but I m baffled by the astronomical sum for his services. - BarryAllen

12 Steven Gerrard Steven Gerrard Steven George Gerrard is an English professional footballer who plays for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy.

He is really overrated along with john ARNE RIISE

13 Kevin De Bruyne Kevin De Bruyne Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for English Premier League club Manchester City and the Belgium national team.
14 Neymar Jr. Neymar Jr. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team as a forward or winger, and is also the captain of the national team. more.
15 Pele Pele Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pelé, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward.

Pele was surrounded by great players, which made his life very easy.

HOW IN THE WORLD are Messi, C.Ronaldo, R9, and Pele on this list they are the best players of all time

16 Gerard Pique Gerard Pique Gerard Piqué Bernabéu is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team.
17 Philippe Coutinho Philippe Coutinho Philippe Coutinho Correia, known as Philippe Coutinho, or simply Coutinho, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for English club Liverpool and the Brazil national team as an attacking midfielder or winger.

Got 3 goals 2014/15 and got 3 goals 2015/16 season. Totally overrated.

18 Olivier Giroud
19 Karim Benzema Karim Benzema Karim Mostafa Benzema is a French professional footballer of Algerian descent who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the France national team as a striker.
20 Lucio
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1. Neymar Jr.
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1. Radamel Falcao
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