Top Ten Most Overrated Guns

I'm counting down ten guns I believe are very overrated. I take no issue with these picks, in fact I like a few of them but that doesn't mean they're not overrated as hell.

The Top Ten Most Overrated Guns

1 M1911

The M1911 served the US military very well and for a very long period of time until it was replaced by the M9 or Beretta 92FS and for good reason. The M1911 only held 7-8+1 rounds, was very heavy due to the all steel construction, the.45 acp is a very slow, harder recoil and inaccurate round, and the grip safety made the gun unsafe. I will say that I love to shoot this gun and the trigger is excellent but damn if I wouldn't rather take just about any other secondary available to me if I were going into the military. It was excellent for its time, but M1911 fanboys will always tell you that it's better than any handgun we use today, funny enough though, when you ask why they have no logical retort. - ANTMAN

2 Mosin Nagant

This is going to piss off a lot of people, but whatever. You hear people online bragging about the accuracy of this weapon or how it was influential but in reality the accuracy is terrible, the action died right with the rifle, the bolt is very hard to manipulate and gets stuck frequently, the trigger is terrible, the bolt and the head are 2 separate pieces, and it won't automatically eject stripper clips, requiring them to be manually removed. - ANTMAN

3 Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thomspon was a very early submachine gun and served well and was widely used by the Military, Law enforcement, civilians, and sadly gangsters. For it's time it was definitely the real deal but some issues it ran into was of course it's weight, it is an all metal construction weighs about 14 pounds unloaded, plus the cyclic rate was way too high and even people in the 20s complained about that and they lowered the rate for older models, and the sights are not adjustable. - ANTMAN


Another one that I like but it's still very overrated. It is historically significant but has been dying out and for good reason, the iron sights are awful, there's a notorious problem of only firing 2 rounds on full auto, the gas needs to be adjusted after every magazine change, and it failed US trials, but FAL owners will still tell you that it's better than AR-15, or AK and so on. - ANTMAN

5 OSU Tavor

Another pick that will piss off everyone, but I don't care. The trigger is awful even under bullpup standards, the reliability is terrible, the magazine release is easily bumped under stress, and ergonomics are awful. PS sorry about that OSU, I meant IWI but it autocorrected - ANTMAN

6 M1 Garand

This rifle served the US military very well and made semi auto rifles big for the future, but damn if it's not overrated as hell. It certainly doesn't suck but owners or fanboys argue that it's as good or better than the AR-15s we use today. Who cares if it's unreliable, so what if it only holds 8 rounds, who needs to carry plenty of ammo, and who the hell needs to make quick follow up shots. - ANTMAN

7 Taurus Judge

This one is reserved only for moronic rednecks. Who cares if the round is super slow and carries little energy, so what if the 410 buckshot is as useful as a bottomless bucket, so what if you can't burn all the powder out of such a small barrel, and most of all who needs a gun with any practical use whatsoever. - ANTMAN

8 CZ 75

This is extremely overrated for many reasons, but fanboys will continue to tell you that it's the best handgun ever. So what if it's very heavy due to the all metal construction, so what if the trigger is awful, so what if the gun is ugly as sin, and who needs to get through a magazine without malfunctions. - ANTMAN

9 Walther PPK

This would be higher but the amount of fanboys of this gun is very small so I'm putting it at number 8. So what if it's heavy, who cares if. 380 acp is a weak round, who cares if it's sharp everywhere, who cares that the sights are beyond useless, so what if there's no external slide catch, who needs to hit anything beyond 5 feet, and who needs a gun that works properly. - ANTMAN

10 Ak-47

For me it's good rifle,but not best.I don't know why people is so obsessed with it.

I place this at number 10 because in its defense it is a very good weapon, but it's legends are much bigger than they really are, yet fanboys will always tell you it's the best. So what if the fire rate is mediocre, so what if the sights are awful, it failed reliability tests? Disregard, the mechanism is violent, unbalanced and that makes it hard to hit anything without spending the whole magazine on full auto? Not a problem, the 7.62� - 39mm recoil makes it hard to make accurate follow-up shots? Not true. Really though, I do like the gun but I wish for the day it's accurately compared to today's guns as only then will it be judged according to its merits. - ANTMAN

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