Ten Overrated Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums

I like a lot of these albums, and I am sure you do too. However, with all the praise these albums get, they're not much better than the rest of the discography.

The Top Ten

1 Kill 'Em All (Metallica)

Yes and no. Everyone knows this isn't the best Metallica album. But it was more influential towards the new emerging thrash metal scene than their next albums. When you do something relatively new, it isn't always the best. Metallica mastered thrash in their next albums. But this album should be valued for being quite innovative and undeniably influential. It influenced most of the metal musicians and bands at the time, many of which began playing thrash metal.
I wouldn't put this album in the top 10 of the best thrash albums but I would probably put it at #1 most influential thrash albums. - Metal_Treasure

Yea I don't like this album that much. I don't see what is so special about this album, and yea I get that it may have started the thrash metal of the 80's; but there is nothing really memorable from the album. The only songs that are memorable(Seek & Destroy, Four Horseman, Phantom Lord) are overplayed and I'm sick of hearing them. - MetalMan

It’s got some good songs, but they just get played to death. It’s like the album is saying “kill ‘em all” to all of the songs in there. They just die.

2 Sound of White Noise (Anthrax)

I think this should be higher than Kill 'Em All (Metallica) because Kill 'Em All was influential and helped popularize thrash metal. But this?
By the way, I think Anthrax is the one of the most overrated metal bands. And I think they didn't deserve to be in the BIG 4. There were better thrash bands. - Metal_Treasure

One word, Only. This song and maybe Room for One More along with Black Lodge basically carry this album. I like John Bush's vocals, but Joey Belladonna is the singer I would rather hear. - MetalMan

3 The Sickness (Disturbed)

I am a Disturbed fan, and I should enjoy this album, but I don't. Majority of the songs aren't that memorable, or even that good. The only songs I like are Down with the Sickness( of course), Stupify, voices, Meaning of Life, and Fear. - MetalMan

4 The Black Album (Metallica)

I don't think this is a Hard Rock album. It's a heavy metal album, just not a thrash album. - Metal_Treasure

Yes, but Nothing Else Matters isn't really metal but the rest is. - Userguy44

Just a standard Hard Rock album. I am pretty sure Metallica fans felt weirded out by this album, especially after...And Justice for All. Also I am pretty sure this was the start of the downward spiral of Metallica releasing Mediocre albums. Even though it's overrated, I like this more than their debut, so sue me. - MetalMan

5 Rust In Peace (Megadeth)

Basically an album that is carried by it's first two songs. - MetalMan


6 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)

This album is OK at best. - MetalMan

7 British Steel (Judas Priest)

Not really that fun to listen too (except for Livin after Midnight, breaking the Law, and Metal Gods). - MetalMan

8 Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
9 Reign in Blood (Slayer)

It was very influential - it even influenced the emerging death metal scene. In newer thrash metal and death metal songs, one can still hear some things reminiscent of Slayer. - Metal_Treasure

This album is only memorable thanks to Angel of Death, Postmortem, and Raining Blood. - MetalMan

10 Leviathan (Mastodon)

The Contenders

11 Sodom (Sodom)

You can call it a return to the roots, but I call it average. - MetalMan

12 All the Right Reasons (Nickelback)

Okay, I know a lot of people hate this album, but I'm talking among Nickelback fans alone. As a hardcore NB fan I love most of their last four albums, but it seems as though everyone has complained that they have been going in a downward direction, which I disagree with strongly. All NB fans seem to look at Silver Side Up through this as the golden standard for rock songs, when, aside from a couple good ones like If Everyone Cared and Animals (actually those are the only ones) I pretty much agree with the zeitgeist that this album was average at best, crap at worst.

13 Back in Black (AC/DC)
14 Appetite for Destruction (Guns N' Roses)
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