Overrated Harry Potter Couples

Not all of these are bad, they just get a lot of love from the fandom

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1 Draco and Hermione

It doesn't make any sense, I was really surprised to see that was so popular. I suppose that the fans think of the characters with look of the actors and they like pairing them. Because I'm unable to find another reason to understand its popularity.

I have no idea why anyone would even like this pairing.

Dramione is the worst Harry Potter couple, but for some reason, people love it.

He had feelings with Hermione but she doesn’t like him Lol - LannaLau

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2 Draco and Harry

Rivals do not make good lovers. Why this so hard for everyone to understand?

But I actually ship this - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

3 Harry and Hermione

It's stupid when people are saying that they should ended up together and Harry and Hermione don't even have romantic feelings for each other

Harry and Hermione are FRIENDS. They are NOT together.

They weren't "so painfully made for each other"; Steve Kloves was a Harmonian and Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson had chemistry. JK Rowling making it happen would have been the crime- of following the "main lead ends up with lead of opposite gender" cliche.

So painfully made for each other and devoted to each other that it is a crime Jk Rowling didn't make it happen

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4 Snape and Lily
5 Sirius and Remus
6 Harry and Ginny

Harry and Ginny are not overrated, I don't see much hype about this pairing.

I ship them

7 Ron and Hermione

Can't stand reading Romione... Bleh.

BEST COUPLE EVER! OTP - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

8 Dumbledore and Grindewald

This pairing just reeks of tokenism, sorry.

9 Scorpious and Albus

Scorpions loves Rose

Listen people we didn't even meet Scorpious except in The Cursed Child and he didn't even seem remotely gay
Albus maybe but I mean just because someone is good friends with someone else doesn't mean they have to date

don't get me wrong I'm bi and gender fluid so #lgbt+

10 Tonks and Lupin

Why isn't this higher? It figuratively and literally KILLED two perfectly good characters! And for what? A stupid, worthless baby who was only born so Harry could promise to be the "perfect godfather" his own godfather wasn't (never mind it was for reasons beyond said godfather's control, also Harry's opinion of said godfather had inexplicably taken a nosedive since the godfather's death).

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11 Neville and Luna

They don't even interact in the books and have 1 mediocre scene together. How did this pairing get popular?

12 Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood

This isn't even a popular couple. - RisingMoon

13 James and Lily
14 Bill and Fleur
15 Ginny and Luna
16 Harry and Cho
17 Albus Potter and Delphi Riddle
18 Lily and Scorpius
19 Lily and Lysander
20 Lorcan and Lily
21 Polly Chapman and James Sirius Potter
22 Polly Chapman and Albus Potter
23 Hermione and Snape
24 Harry and Delphini
25 Teddy and Lily Luna Potter
26 Luna and Ron
27 Neville and Ginny
28 Harry and Voldemort
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1. Snape and Lily
2. Harry and Hermione
3. Tonks and Lupin
1. Harry and Hermione
2. Tonks and Lupin
3. Snape and Lily
1. Tonks and Lupin
2. Snape and Lily
3. Harry and Hermione

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