Overrated Harry Potter Couples

Not all of these are bad, they just get a lot of love from the fandom

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1 Draco and Hermione

Wow.Muggles are dumber than I thought they were.

True. I found it bizarre that Draco and hermione would be together. Even if they were, they'd be toxic.

It doesn't make any sense, I was really surprised to see that was so popular. I suppose that the fans think of the characters with look of the actors and they like pairing them. Because I'm unable to find another reason to understand its popularity.

When I was little I was reading one fanfiction about them. This is like a bad memory now. I don't Know Why. But I really hate This ship. They are No sense.

2 Harry and Hermione

It's like every other story the main characters are going to fall in love.
Meanwhile stupid Ginny was brewing a love potion. Ron and Hermione fight to tears.
But it's easy to notice who will end up with who. You are just thick to not know that it was going to be Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione.

"So painfully made for each other" my foot! They just happen to be the main hero and the most prominent character of the opposite gender, and as usual short-sighted fans always automatically think there should be romantic involvement even with nothing to go on or reasons (including but not limited to the characters outright expressing lack of interest) given within the context of the medium not to. See also Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter and Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph.

It is like shipping Luke with Leia

It's stupid when people are saying that they should ended up together and Harry and Hermione don't even have romantic feelings for each other

3 Draco and Harry

I feel like this should be number one

Rivals do not make good lovers. Why this so hard for everyone to understand?

But I actually ship this - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

4 Snape and Lily

He called her a slur, let his friend do something bad to her friend, held a childish grudge for TWENTY years, never let go of a crush who NEVER returned his feelings and rejected his friendship due to the aforementioned incidents... you fangirls need to get over your visions of them being a cute and perfect couple, regardless of your hatred of James!

There are reasons to sympathize with Snape (abusive childhood, pretty much stuck in a job he hates), but his unhealthy obsession with Lily is not one of them.

Yeah, take out the fact you never got over your crush marrying someone else on said crush's kid. Real classy.

I don't care how much anybody "hate hates" James. The series isn't called "Harry Snape", and "Sev-sev" HATED Harry and treated him like worm feed BECAUSE he wasn't Harry Snape. Yeah, had I survived an attack my husband and father of my child didn't, I sure as heck wouldn't remarry a guy who held my child's resemblance to said father against the child and abused the child for it.

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5 Sirius and Remus

It was Prisoner of Azkaban movie.
But in the book it just said they hugged like brothers.
Sirius if he was gay he would more likely to date James.
Remus married Tonks and they had a child.

I don't get why people would see them as romantic, especially when Remus was in a relationship with Tonks - Felina94

6 Ron and Hermione

They are my favorite couple they may argue a lot and sometimes it gets annoying but they still love each other they've shown many hints proving they like each other in chamber of secrets when Hermione was feeling better at the end she rant to Harry and Ron and hugged Harry but when she was about to hug Ron she hesitated and they instead shook hands in prisoner of azkaban in the snow scene she asked Ron if he would like to move closer she meant to the shrieking shack but he was suprised and when Malfoy and his cronies started to bully Ron Hermione stood up for him and insulted Malfoy and later when Buckbeack was getting Excecuted and Hermione punched Malfoy in the face Ron was impressed and Hermione beamed with pride in goblet of fire Ron was all jealous when Viktor krum was dancing with Hermione if he did not love Hermione he wouldn't care if Viktor was dancing with her in Half blood prince when Ginny let it slip that Viktor and Hermione kissed he was upset and gave her the cold ...more

Can't stand reading Romione... Bleh.

BEST COUPLE EVER! OTP - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

7 Harry and Ginny

Many Harry Potter fans hate the couple.
Don't realise that Ginny is being herself when she is no longer blushing or struggling to speak to Harry.
Don't realise Harry was dating Cho so is he going to want to snog Ginny also, he wanted to date two girls...don't be stupid.
that's why he realised his feelings for Ginny in the sixth book.

Harry and Ginny are not overrated, I don't see much hype about this pairing.

I ship them

8 Tonks and Lupin

Good comment that shouldn't have been pushed off: "In response to "especially when Remus was in a relationship with Tonks" as an argument against another Remus pairing: He was in an UNHAPPY relationship with Tonks that just felt forced and tacked-on. Also, the mere fact that they even CONCEIVED, let alone Remus's annoyingly cloyingly over-the-top reaction to the birth is so obviously forced it hurts."

That there was a war doesn't matter. They showed NO INTEREST in each other in the fifth book, then in the sixth book she was inexplicably madly in love with him and ignored his valid reasons for refusal, seventh book he wanted to leave her for those same reasons but of course she was pregnant thus we had to take her side.

Had the genders been reversed, the very people insisting this is the "best written couple in the series" or "(the epitome of) true love" would be singing a very different tune.

Didn't expect "hearts and roses all the time", Rowling boot-licker. This was still not presented in a way I could actually root for it. No, the mere existence of that baby doesn't count

9 Dumbledore and Grindewald

Wouldn't hate it so much if it wasn't Rowling's flagrant "see see gay couple I'm so inclusive". If she were really so inclusive, she would've developed this or any other same-gender pairing better- and within the actual books, not the interviews and junk she's been doing to keep desperately in the public eye.

This pairing just reeks of tokenism, sorry.

10 Scorpious and Albus

Scorpions loves Rose

Listen people we didn't even meet Scorpious except in The Cursed Child and he didn't even seem remotely gay
Albus maybe but I mean just because someone is good friends with someone else doesn't mean they have to date

don't get me wrong I'm bi and gender fluid so #lgbt+

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11 Neville and Luna

They are just friends, but then in the 7th movie Neville is like "oh yeah I like Luna even though this doesn't happen in the books and it came out of no where"

They don't even interact in the books and have 1 mediocre scene together. How did this pairing get popular?

12 Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood

This isn't even a popular couple. - RisingMoon

13 Harry and Cho

I felt that Harry and Cho would had work out if Harry would have understand Cho's problems and if Cho can understand why Harry was meeting with Hermonine! Also they had chemistry

14 James and Lily

They are the PERFECT couple! - AshleyChang

15 Scorpius and Rose

Read the end of the script or even the epilogue of the seventh book. Thank god it doesn't have a sequel. I like Cursed Child but the reaction was has this fanbase gone worser than when James Potter suddenly isn't like this superman (read books 1-4 flawless) and then the ships Ginny is a fan girl because her brothers teased her and the soppy valentine song. Ron and Hermione people believe that there is only a trio so Harry isn't lonely. If his friends were together without him they would both use the killing curse on each other. But become a relationship.

They can NOT be together. I hate Rose. Scorpius deserves a better person!

They seem like the typical “Romeo ad Juliet except they don’t die” kind of people

“Best friend falls in love with best friend! It’s like Ron and Hermione” NO. Rose hates him because she’s prejudiced and doesn’t give him a chance. The scriptwriters made it seem pushy

16 Bill and Fleur

Well they are fine together - AshleyChang

17 Ginny and Luna
18 Albus Potter and Delphi Riddle
19 Lily and Scorpius
20 Lily and Lysander

Who is Lysander - AshleyChang

21 Lorcan and Lily
22 Polly Chapman and James Sirius Potter

Polly Chapman did she even appear in Cursed Child?
Has the fandom calmed down with the script yet? (I know I was surprised that Albus would be best friends with Scorpius Malfoy and Albus was a Slytherin, poor Hugo how old is he supposed to be? Not appearing in it. Things like evil Cedric is do not meddle with time, even with new time turners, grumpy Harry umm do you remember him in Order of the Phoenix? )

23 Polly Chapman and Albus Potter
24 Hermione and Snape
25 Harry and Delphini
26 Teddy and Lily Luna Potter
27 Luna and Ron
28 Neville and Ginny
29 Harry and Voldemort

Don't you think it's weird. Harry is a teenager, Voldemort was in his 70s.
Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, and take over the world.
If Voldemort lived Umbridge would be headmistress of Hogwarts and they would have a Voldemort Day. Voldemort wanted Harry dead.
Voldemort didn't know what love was because he was born under a love potion.
Because poor Merope wanted to marry and have a child with Tom Riddle Sr the father of Voldemort, but Tom the posh snob hated her.
Merope didn't want to live any longer and died.
Voldemort killed his father Tom Riddle Sr and his family just because they were muggles.
But Harry and Voldemort would never fall in love, they'd need potions for life.

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1. Harry and Hermione
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1. Tonks and Lupin
2. Snape and Lily
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