Most Overrated Hip-hop Albums of All Time

Those piece of junk albums that 13 year old mtv watching wiggers refer to as "da greatest" or "da realest shizznit" time to get your chance to mock them and there terrible albums.

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1 - Soulja Boy

It wasn't even rated good... - peexpert

This list makes no sense if a rap album is a bestseller it's instantly overrated lol, but this how is this overrated this didn't even go platinum

Why the hell is all eyez on me, the chronic, doggy style, get rich or die tryin and marshal matters LP on the list. That's just messed up! Their great albums! Souljaboytellem is the worst album ever along with Lil Wayne.

It cringes me every time I see these comments, It's doesn't even mean BAD! - Mumbizz01

This went platnum? I swear anyone can make up some stupid dance and throw together some overproduced beats together and call it a album. This is the worst thing ever made.

2 Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne

How the hell do people love this so much? Wayne's only really good album was the Carter II and he was using ghostwriters at that time. This is just trash and half of it isn't even hip hop music. One of the best songs on here "Comfortable" isn't even good for Wayne himself, in fact it would be a better song without Wayne in it. A Milli is very overrated, Dr. Carter wasn't that great, and Mr. Carter was only good for the beat, but if you really listen to the lyrics you'll realize Wayne is just spitting nonsense as always for people who try to find depth where there isn't any. - DaWyteNight

Lil Wayne BEEN trash, overrated too and not even top 20 OAT

Lil wayne is a horrible rapper, mtv praises him and calls him a great rapper so 12-yearolds will think so, but any REAL rap fan will tell you lil waynes rapping is horrible in this album. I've heard from lil wayne fans that he used to be good before this album, but I don't care to find out because I will always dislike him.

Lil Wayne was never good and was always trash.Before Cloud Rap Lil Wayne created mumble rap

3 The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

This should not be on this list, this is one of the few albums of all time that doesn't have a single bad or mediocre song, all the songs on this album are AT LEAST good, most are amazing and all time classics, the album has everything from dark and gritty, clever comedy, insane lyrical talent and some of the best beats ever.

People call Eminem overrated, because they are mad, that their favorite rapper isn't getting any attention. It's because they suck compared to Eminem, get over it. - tripsten

Very good album, but it's overrated

Eminem in general is so overrated.

4 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

So overrated

This is a classic, shouldn't be on here

I'm not voting for this, but always thought Graduation was much better - miguelmam

This is one of my favorite albums but it's extremely overrated - ProPanda

5 To Pimp a Butterfly

I really don't get why this is one here. This is one of the most relevant and important albums that's been released in a very long time. Kendrick makes songs that can change peoples views on life and inspires his community to also make a change. He's the Chuck D or Nas of our generation.

This album explores the themes of racism, depression, fame and tackles them all with near-perfection. The only song I didn't think was amazing was These Walls, but that song was still great. - hiphopgod

It's a great album and one of the best albums of the 21st century. But it's nowhere near the BEST rap album - venomouskillingmachine

No son. This album brings life to everything going on today. Kendrick is my favorite so ima defend this all day. This dude helps find themselves and shows Jewelry and flexing ain't nothing. This album speaks volumes bruh.

6 The Chronic - Dr. Dre

Such a bad Rapper

This is one of the best albums I don't about what anyone says

This is not overrated

wack ass Filipino tries to hide his true roots we know you're a flip who likes plowing Feminem while he plows

7 Illmatic - Nas

How can this be overrated? It's the legitimate greatest rap album of all time that no one talks about anymore. - thisismyonlyvoice

What is wrong with this guy? Illmatic? This is the greatest hip hop album ever! It has N. Y State Of Mind on it! No one can top this album, ever

It's a great album but not the best album in history

Nas is the best screw this list - LegitGames12

8 Life After Death - Notorious BIG

This album wasn't overrated. It's kinda sick to say that this album only sold so much because he was dead. Where do I start? Notorious Thugs, Kick in the Door, Ten Crack Commandments, Going Back to Cali, Somebody's Gotta Die, Long Kiss Goodnight, What's Beef. They're all amazing on this album.

This album was okay but I like his ready to die album better.


9 Doggystyle - Snoop Dogg

I just can't enjoy this album. I've never been a big Snoop Dogg fan, but this is just decent. Also, can I just point out how inconsistent Snoop Dogg is? Like 4 years ago he was Muslim and released a reggae album, and now he's released a Christian album. - hiphopgod

Actually Snoop's only great album, it's a classic but he fell off after this album. - DaWyteNight

Great album, don't think its overrated

Man this list is not a list of the most overrated albums it's just a list of awesome albums! Doggystyle, the chronic, Illmatic, All Eyes On Me, Life After Death, MMLP1 and so on... (didn't listen to the carter 3 & The Massacre so I can't say). - EMBIGNASPAC

10 All Eyez On Me - 2pac

Pac is one of the greatest, but there aren't many good tracks on this

The Culture II of its time. Only thing it had that puts it over Culture II was Pac's prominence, and even then it can get repetitive in that factor as well. Me Against the Word was so much better than this. - Satire

2nd best rap album? There were a few good tracks but only suburban white boys tryna act gangster would call this the greatest. I'm no big Pac fan but Me Against the world was way better than this

It was a good album but it was pretty overly praised. There is a lot of filler here and its nowhere near as great as Me Against The World


The Contenders

11 Get Rich or Die Tryin - 50 Cent

Obie Trice’s album was much MUCH better.

Amazing Album, remember 50 cent is no lyricist - he is a master of hooks, crooning and club beats. Hip Hop is not just a universal sound - there are many forms and aspects that constituent and fun and great album! FFS.

The hits carry the album

50 cent is an uninspired dumb artist. This was his best effort and not a good one. Amazing how this has sold 8million copies. This is going to be diamond eventually and that is just disappointing with all the albums better then this peace of crap that go unnoticed.

By the way I'm so glad no one cares about soulja boy anymore.

12 Good Kid M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar

Not better than TPAB, but definitely miles better than DAMN. This is the album (along with the Control verse) that made Kendrick one of the most overrated rappers ever. It's not a modern day classic like some will have you believe. - DaWyteNight

No, this is a masterpiece - hiphopgod



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13 The Massacre - 50 Cent

In my opinion get Rich or die tryin is better

I liked Get Rich Or Die Trying but anything 50 put out after that has been absolute trash.

The only legitimately overrated album on here

14 Damn. - Kendrick Lamar

This album was trash - DaWyteNight

15 Recovery - Eminem

He used to be good, now he is the sellout Tinie Tempah of America.

He's not a sellout. Like, at all. Do you even know what Not Afraid is about? - MickJames

Seriously, who made this list? One of Eminem's top 5 albums...

Em's worst album to date

Pretty rubbish album... He sings on all of the tracks

16 Views - Drake

I Still Don't Know Why There Was So Much Hype For This Piece Of Abysmal Trash - VideoGamefan5


17 The Diary - Scarface

People call this the best southern rap album...seriously? Scarface is not an amazing rapper, Z-Ro is 10 times better than him and his album Look What You Did to Me is miles better than this overrated southern rap album. - DaWyteNight

18 Nothing Was the Same - Drake
19 Atliens - Outkast

It's funny that some people call this the best album of the 90's, when it's not even OutKast's best album. - DaWyteNight

20 Watch the Throne - Jay-Z & Kanye West
21 808s & Heartbreak - Kanye West

It would've been better if kanye had never even released this album... He actually made a fool out of himself... He could have just put out 'love lockdown' and 'heartless' rather than putting out an entire album... I know kanye put out this album while he was still grieving on his mother's death... The reason for the album's poor quality

I used to like this album when I was young, but this is the album that inspired all the auto-tune in hip hop and ruined a generation of rap, so I can't really enjoy it anymore. It's not even a hip hop album in my opinion, this is like a pop/r&b album but not a rap album. No wonder why hip hop and r&b are so indistinguishable these days. - DaWyteNight

Overall not his best work but the album had its moments

This is simply not good. Lyrics on certain songs are nice and would be great to give someone with a better sound than this autotune bs that goes on the whole record. Not a fan.

22 Death Certificate - Ice Cube
23 Relapse - Eminem

This album is generally thought of as a poor album, so it can't be overrated. Also, and this isn't me calling it underrated, but some people absolutely tear this album apart. It isn't horrific, that award would go to encore. It actually has some good tracks that actually have some clever lyricism. I honestly think if he didn't have the stupid accent the entire album (save a few tracks), this would be thought of as a much better album, probably not good, but not abominable as some people make it - Themusicman

I disagree. Relapse is actually a good album, with interesting songs, great production and good lyrics. But... Accents.

Relapse gets so much undeserved credit because it does what the Marshall Mathers LP 2 did better. It's also all of Encore's weaknesses doubled. - WonkeyDude98

Don't no how this got a best rap album award

24 Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z

Everything about Jay-Z is overrated - DaWyteNight

According to this list, every classic album is overrated.

This List Is A Bunch Of Crap. Why The Heck Are The 3 Jay Z Albums That Are Actually Good (Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album And The Blueprint) On This List? - 12cc

This is not overrated!

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25 Speakerboxxx/the Love Below - Outkast

Just not good - DaWyteNight

26 The Eminem Show - Eminem

How is this overrated, this is Eminem's best album!

Whaaat? If the Marshall Mathers LP was a classic, the Eminem Show is... Uhh... You know. A great follow-up? It shouldn't be on here

This is underrated. Too overshadowed by mmlp


27 The Heist - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
28 Take Care - Drake

Another album that blurred the lines between r&b and rap even more. - DaWyteNight

Yes the production is good, but Drake is just very corny.

29 Marshall Mathers LP 2

This is Eminem's most underrated album. It has a lot of his best songs on here, such as Bad Guy, Headlights, and Legacy. - WonkeyDude98

In my opinion Rap God is overrated but that doesn't make it a bad song. It's six minutes straight of Shady. That's good.

Save the lyrics it's good. The beats sucks!

Now this is overrated, unlike relapse. Relapse is hated, while this album gets undeserved credit. Poor production, and em dosen't seem comfortable and confident. He dosen't flow freely across each track, he stiffly navigates. Some lazy rhyme schemes as well. Would take relapse over this, if you can look past the annoying accents it's not too bad - Themusicman

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30 Paid In Full - Eric B. & Rakim

Nice try people, this is one of the greatest albums of all time and was an influence to many of the artists you hear today.

31 Tha Carter - Lil Wayne

The Carter II is better than this. Even the production on this album isn't that good. - DaWyteNight

This album is worth nothing, he doesn't make sense with his lyrics, his flow is bad, all he he has is nice beats.

The album had some good songs (earthqauke and go dj also more) but the lyrical skills is average there just catchy this will be the closets lil wayne will ever get to having a classic

32 Yeezus - Kanye West

Screw this album, screw Kanye west. - DaWyteNight

33 The Blueprint - Jay-Z

Jay-Z is okay and this album are decent but really overrated, I agree with the below user that the only real classic on the album us Renegade and that's because Eminem dropped one of his best verses on it, no credit to Jay whatsoever. - WonkeyDude98

Jay-Z and this album are terribly overrated, the only song that is classic on this album is Renegade and that's mainly thanks to Eminem.


34 Zakhar Nameh - Zedbazi

Zakhar nameh is the very good Albume


Exactly Why Is A Persian Album Even On This List? No One Can Even Understand What There Even Rapping About(Apart From Farsi Speaking People).And It's Not Even Overrated Because No One In Iran Even Buys Music. It's All Free Downloads. Now To The Album Itself :
it's A Pretty Good Album But It's A Bit Electropopish But It's Got Good Raps, Good Rhymes Etc. And People Don't Even Pay Attention To It So It's Technically Not Overrated.

35 Jangale Asfalt - Hichkas
36 VYP: Voice of the Young People - Lil Mama

The most overrated piece of garbage I have ever listen to in my 14 years if living! The beats are horrible, through out the whole album all she raps about is make up products and tour buses. Which also comes along with crappy music video's that make you lose eye vision, and also comes with the consequences of eternal ear bleeding cause by her high pitched cracky hyena voice coming out of that ugly hole of hers she calls a mouth. Luckily people who know REAL hip hop when they hear it had enough sense to to not buy the album.

This album is an absolute embarrassment!

37 Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B

Only good parts of this album are the beats - DaWyteNight

38 Anjam Vazife - Hichkas
39 Magna Carta, Holy Grail - Jay-Z
40 Mastermind - Rick Ross

Ricky Rosa sucks. Anything created by him is no worth a cent.

In my opinion, Rock Ross is super lame and uncreative.

41 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.
42 Curtis - 50 Cent

Not really overrated, people only talk about his first album, I never hear anybody praising this. - DaWyteNight

43 I'm Gay (I'm Happy) - Lil B

How did this get positive reviews from critics? - TheMusicNerd

44 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem
45 Ds2 - Future
46 Refiloe - Cassper Nyovest

I don't get why people to this,all the songs on this album are awful dies tracks aimed at AKA.I liked Cassper's previous album though.

47 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole
48 R.A.P. Music - Killer Mike
49 Liquid Swords - Gza
50 Ta13oo - Denzel Curry

This album has been the rave of 2018 but I honestly didn't think it was that good. - DaWyteNight

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