Most Overrated Hip-hop Albums of All Time

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21 Doggystyle - Snoop Dogg Doggystyle - Snoop Dogg

Great album, don't think its overrated

Man this list is not a list of the most overrated albums it's just a list of awesome albums! Doggystyle, the chronic, Illmatic, All Eyes On Me, Life After Death, MMLP1 and so on... (didn't listen to the carter 3 & The Massacre so I can't say). - EMBIGNASPAC

I absolutely loved this album, but it does seem to get a bit more praise than it actually deserves. It's good, but a tad overrated.

Now way should it be here

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22 Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
23 Run the Jewels 2 - Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 2 - Run the Jewels

This is overrated AF but underground rap fans about this so that's good

El-P's production is horrible because it drowns out the rapping. Why do people like RTJ so much? I can't even understand what they are saying most of the time because of the way El-P over-produces. - DaWyteNight

24 Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas

Very overrated album. While Nas is my favorite artist of all time, this album was not good, yet it was praised by critics. - TheMusicNerd

25 The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj

Anaconda is on it. All she wants is sex with boys in the album. Well I'm a boy, no offense and I hate her. I hate anaconda as well. Nicki fans snap out of it. This album is overrated. Best thing for payback, I'll put her in a pit of dangerous anacondas. That'll teach her. Also, don't twerk. It's so so inappropriate for kids, teens, adults and elders. Even people from Trinidad hate her. Because she is plastic. I repeat "she is plastic."

It had plenty of good songs...EXCEPT ANACONDA - Hotheart123

26 Relapse - Eminem Relapse - Eminem

This album is generally thought of as a poor album, so it can't be overrated. Also, and this isn't me calling it underrated, but some people absolutely tear this album apart. It isn't horrific, that award would go to encore. It actually has some good tracks that actually have some clever lyricism. I honestly think if he didn't have the stupid accent the entire album (save a few tracks), this would be thought of as a much better album, probably not good, but not abominable as some people make it - Themusicman

I disagree. Relapse is actually a good album, with interesting songs, great production and good lyrics. But... Accents.

Relapse gets so much undeserved credit because it does what the Marshall Mathers LP 2 did better. It's also all of Encore's weaknesses doubled. - WonkeyDude98

Even em himself said he didn't like it

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27 The Eminem Show - Eminem The Eminem Show - Eminem

How is this overrated, this is Eminem's best album!

Whaaat? If the Marshall Mathers LP was a classic, the Eminem Show is... Uhh... You know. A great follow-up? It shouldn't be on here

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28 The Blueprint - Jay-Z The Blueprint - Jay-Z

Jay-Z is okay and this album are decent but really overrated, I agree with the below user that the only real classic on the album us Renegade and that's because Eminem dropped one of his best verses on it, no credit to Jay whatsoever. - WonkeyDude98

Jay-Z and this album are terribly overrated, the only song that is classic on this album is Renegade and that's mainly thanks to Eminem.

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29 Da REAList - Plies Da REAList - Plies

Whats real about catering to suburban wigger girls and singing. Plus he has no flow and horrible lyrics. and he's a racist. Funny thing is all his money comes from 14 year old wiggers who think your gangsta which your not. I would walk up to plies and slap him in the face if I got the chance. Retire plies your garbage. And when he choose to make a political statement he decides to make it about the law in the south about having to keep your pants up which I find to be a great law. All wiggers and trashy black men like plies can go to jail and all us people with class whether your white or black can finally be free from losers like plies.

How is it overrated? It's underrated. Nobody even talks about it so it's not overrated. - DaWyteNight

30 Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z

According to this list, every classic album is overrated.

This List Is A Bunch Of Crap. Why The Heck Are The 3 Jay Z Albums That Are Actually Good (Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album And The Blueprint) On This List? - 12cc

Every single classic album is overrated in this list. This list is just full of any rapper's harers

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31 Take Care - Drake Take Care - Drake

Yes the production is good, but Drake is just very corny.

32 Tha Carter - Lil Wayne Tha Carter - Lil Wayne

This album is worth nothing, he doesn't make sense with his lyrics, his flow is bad, all he he has is nice beats.

The album had some good songs (earthqauke and go dj also more) but the lyrical skills is average there just catchy this will be the closets lil wayne will ever get to having a classic

33 Zakhar Nameh - Zedbazi

Exactly Why Is A Persian Album Even On This List? No One Can Even Understand What There Even Rapping About(Apart From Farsi Speaking People).And It's Not Even Overrated Because No One In Iran Even Buys Music. It's All Free Downloads. Now To The Album Itself :
it's A Pretty Good Album But It's A Bit Electropopish But It's Got Good Raps, Good Rhymes Etc. And People Don't Even Pay Attention To It So It's Technically Not Overrated.

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34 Jangale Asfalt - Hichkas
35 Anjam Vazife - Hichkas
36 Magna Carta, Holy Grail - Jay-Z Magna Carta, Holy Grail - Jay-Z
37 Mastermind - Rick Ross Mastermind - Rick Ross

Ricky Rosa sucks. Anything created by him is no worth a cent.

In my opinion, Rock Ross is super lame and uncreative.

38 VYP: Voice of the Young People - Lil Mama VYP: Voice of the Young People - Lil Mama

The most overrated piece of garbage I have ever listen to in my 14 years if living! The beats are horrible, through out the whole album all she raps about is make up products and tour buses. Which also comes along with crappy music video's that make you lose eye vision, and also comes with the consequences of eternal ear bleeding cause by her high pitched cracky hyena voice coming out of that ugly hole of hers she calls a mouth. Luckily people who know REAL hip hop when they hear it had enough sense to to not buy the album.

This album is an absolute embarrassment!

39 I'm Gay (I'm Happy) - Lil B

How did this get positive reviews from critics? - TheMusicNerd

40 Ds2 - Future Ds2 - Future
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