Most Overrated Hip-hop Albums of All Time

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41 I'm Gay (I'm Happy) - Lil B

How did this get positive reviews from critics? - TheMusicNerd

42 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem
43 Ds2 - Future
44 Refiloe - Cassper Nyovest

I don't get why people to this,all the songs on this album are awful dies tracks aimed at AKA.I liked Cassper's previous album though.

45 Liquid Swords - Gza
46 Da REAList - Plies

Whats real about catering to suburban wigger girls and singing. Plus he has no flow and horrible lyrics. and he's a racist. Funny thing is all his money comes from 14 year old wiggers who think your gangsta which your not. I would walk up to plies and slap him in the face if I got the chance. Retire plies your garbage. And when he choose to make a political statement he decides to make it about the law in the south about having to keep your pants up which I find to be a great law. All wiggers and trashy black men like plies can go to jail and all us people with class whether your white or black can finally be free from losers like plies.

How is it overrated? It's underrated. Nobody even talks about it so it's not overrated. - DaWyteNight

47 Paid In Full - Eric B. & Rakim

Nice try people, this is one of the greatest albums of all time and was an influence to many of the artists you hear today.

48 The South Park Psycho - Ganksta N-I-P

Horrible album. Just plain horrible

49 K.O.D. - Tech N9ne
50 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.
51 Oxymoron - Schoolboy Q
52 Blank Face LP - Schoolboy Q

Q fanboys Stan over this one, but credible music critics, contemporary and non contemporary alike gave this a mixed to poor review. - Themusicman

53 Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys
54 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole
55 Evol - Future

Straight trash, no redeeming qualities, death of Hip Hop along with Soulja Boy.

56 Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.
57 The College Dropout - Kanye West
58 Old - Danny Brown
59 The Life of Pablo - Kanye West
60 Mr. Scarface - Scarface
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