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1 The Number of the Beast

Way too uneven, for an album considered Maiden's best. There are some fantastic songs here, like Hallowed be Thy Name and the title track, but Invaders, Gangland and 22 Acacia Avenue are rather mediocre. Run to the Hills is also a little overrated

Great album and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is a great song! But the best Iron Maiden album is "Powerslave".

Yes its a good album but not Maidens best by any means. The only great tracks are Hallowed and Children of the Damned the rest I jut catchy filler.

Only really liked half the album: COTD, The Prisoner, 22 Acaica Avenue and HBTN. Even the singles didn't sound half as interesting as the above. - TheMaelstromKing

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2 The Final Frontier

A Matter of Life and Death is a perfect example for a great progressive album, The Final Frontier is a perfect example of a bad progressive album.

Worst album in all the catalogue. It took me almost a year to invest 15$ on Book of souls after listening to this. Actually, I haven't finished it yet. 3 minutes before anything starts and then final frontier (seriously what a bad song). maybe 1/2 song that has a tempo, the only one that does not start with 2 minutes of intro slow pace. If I want to listen to progressive songs that do not start or finish, I go to my ELP old records. I almost mailed my CD to the fan club address.

If anything, it's underrated. I don't know what people are talking about. It contains some of Maiden's most complex and interesting songs. It takes some time to get into, but it's certainly worth it!

Worst album ever by them. I know this is quite the statement... even worst than virtual... a mistake down the road. thank god for book of souls...

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3 Piece of Mind

A good album but one which is severely overhyped, mainly due to the albums that sandwiched it (NOTB & Powerslave) and the great songs that are on it, including The Trooper and the underrated To Tame A Land. However, the album suffers from being extremely uneven. It takes half of the album to get going and during that time, we are treated to decent (if not great) tracks that lack the energy and power that made the previous albums so great. Once it does get going however, it's a blast to listen to. The Trooper gives the album the kick up the backside that it desperately needed and it gets going from there. So while decent, it falls slightly short in comparison with NOTB and is slightly overrated as a result. - Mrveteran

It has some gems on it like Where Eagles Dare, Revelations, To Tame A Land and The Trooper (this song is kinda overrated).
But it's not as good as Powerslave and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. To me the weakest album of the Golden Era

The most overrated Maiden song (The Trooper), and some pretty decent musics, but overall, only a decent album.

Only one good song, my favorite, still life! Other way too progressive my taste, some thrash influence.. too overrated

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4 Iron Maiden

Debut albums by famous bands are usually weak in hindsight of their other material, and unfortunately, this one is no exception. The material demonstrated here feels mostly samey throughout and doesn't have as much of an identity as Maiden's later work, despite some gems here and there (Phantom Of The Opera being the highlight). The band later commented negatively on the production of the album, and it isn't hard to see why. Meanwhile, Paul Di'anno is not as good of a vocalist as Bruce Dickinson was and nowhere is that more evident than it is here. His punky vocal contradicts with the heavy metal sound the band go for, and it sounds really awkward as a result. He has a good voice as highlighted by songs like Remember Tomorrow or Strange World where he has more restraint, but for the most part you can see why he wasn't Maiden's permanent vocalist. A decent effort, but more for Maiden's die hard fans than anyone else. - Mrveteran

A better production and this one would be their best album by a long shot

Overrated? At that time and in it's context this was groundbreaking. Criticizing this is like criticizing the Beatles. If you were'nt around you have no idea of the impact.

5 Fear of the Dark

Their most overrated album, and arguably their worst album as well. While the 90's were awful for Maiden, this was most definitely their lowest point. Despite a strong start to the album, with songs like Be Quick Or Be Dead & From Here To Eternity, the album quickly falters afterwards as the band constantly tries (& fails) to create good prog-metal. While prog-metal was never their strongest suit, here they don't even try. As such, the album continually meanders on and on without much reward for the listener as a result. No wonder Bruce left at this point. - Mrveteran

It's not usually that acclaimed, but it's not the most unpopular either, though it probably should be. It is a terrible album.

Some very strong songs and some very weak songs, like two different bands recording one album, confusing

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6 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Overrated to a degree. I personally don't hate this album, and I can understand the appeal it holds for many as it does have a solid tracklist and does experiment more than most of their other albums. I admire it for that, but I don't enjoy it as much as their other albums. This is because most of the extra features added feel much like an afterthought and don't really enhance the music very much beyond their initial inclusion. It feels rather safe in that regard. Meanwhile, the inclusion of synths is not as well implemented or as satisfying as it is on Somewhere In Time and much of the other music on the album doesn't try anything new. Only songs like The Clairvoyant stand out as they truly stick to Maiden's metal roots without some of the pretension that the rest of the album brings. So while good, it is one of Maiden's weaker 80's outings and doesn't hold up as well as a result. - Mrveteran

When I was into Maiden; I liked this album but thought the band over-rated it hugely. Wasn't a patch on Powerslave or Somewhere In Time.

Not even in the top ten best in my opinion.

It was good at the time but with songs like Can I play with madness it has dated with time unlike the majority of maiden's albums

This album sounds really dated even The Number of the Beast sounds fresher in 2015 than this one and Can I play with madness sounds really bad nowaday

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7 Killers

Too overrated album ever, one very classic maiden album ever, killers song is killer!

Very overrated. It's as acclaimed as any other Maiden album from the 80's, but it's not that good. The songs are basicly leftovers from the first album, and it shows. There are some great songs here, like the title track, but too many fillers.

Hardly Overrated, it was never rated that highly anyway. It was part of the reason They got BD in because where Steve Harris wanted to go with the band did not suit Paul Dianno's vocal range. Though you look at the biggest Metal band of all time, Metallica, and you see that a huge vocal range in the high register, was not as essential as everyone at the time believed.

They wrote good songs for the wrong singer, but it's not Di'Annos fault or what would you say Mr Harris!

8 Powerslave

This is an amazing album, but is not their best in my opinion, and is in the first spot in the top 10 best albums so...

Too overrated album, some hits in and my favorite song, powerslave!

4/8 songs suck, two songs about sword fighting! Come on! Far from perfect, and far from their best!

Get your tastes right please!

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9 No Prayer for the Dying

Why is this even on here? 90% of people consider this one of Maiden's worst, which I disagree with but either way something widely considered to be a terrible album can't really be described as overrated - dubsinthetubs

This follow seventh son album, this is little better than seventh son, my opinion!

Their worst Dickinson album, nothing more to say about it.

10 The Book of Souls

While far from bad, it certainly is not a masterpiece. I guess their legacy and unrelenting desire to outdo themselves with each album led critics to overvalue the album. While some bits in Empire of the Clouds and The Red and the Black are absolutely unreal, there is too much filler in both the songs. Speed of Light is the most forgettable 21st century maiden song while Death or Glory is pretty average. I enjoyed the album, but was not impressed with it like I was with A Matter of Life and Death or Brave New World.

Not the most overrated, but not as good as people say. Better than Dance of Death for sure, but weaker than The Final Frontier and A Matter of Life and Death

Too much hype for some pretty mediocre material. Yes, that includes Empire of the Clouds being labeled as mediocre.

Wish it was better than the critics said it was. Was left a bit disappointed after all the rave reviews.

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11 Brave New World

A lot of fuss about the return, but in the end an okay album nothing more nothing less

12 Somewhere in Time

Half great songs, half fillers, completely ruined by production. This thin sound is ideal for some black metal, but for Maiden? No thanks!

Iron Maiden at the top of the world. Everything fits perfect together here.

Best production and least filler of any Maiden album, love it, 100% classic

Idea is crap but music is better, not guite maiden best album..

13 Virtual XI

Not the songs but Blaze ruined this album same goes for the The X Factor

14 Dance of Death

Weakest album since the return of Bruce Dickinson

Worst album of the new era. The production is pretty bad, and the material is very hit and miss.

Virtual x is worst album what they ever done, actually..

15 A Matter of Life and Death

Best album since the return of Bruce Dickinson


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