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1 Run to the Hills - The Number of the Beast

Every time I tell someone that I'm a huge Maiden fan and they tell me " Yeah me too, my favorite song is Run to the Hills or Number of the Beast", I know they don't know much about Maiden. It even became one of my least favorite song because of this.

always near the top of good lists, but doesn't have the harmonies and melodies of other songs

I like this song and The Trooper a lot, but they seem alike in some ways. The videos were similar, and songs concept felt similar. Great songs that probably get the overrated tag, because MTV played them almost hourly (Due to a lack of content at the time)

I've heard this song so many times it's now annoying, and seeing it at the top of every "best Iron Maiden song" list is also annoying. It's a good song, it just gets annoying quickly

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2 The Number of the Beast - The Number of the Beast

This song must be overrated because it's the title track to maiden's best and most popular album. It's a decent song, but I saw it on a list of top 100 guitar solos of all time and I remember thinking I could name lots of maiden songs with way better guitar work!

heard it to much times.and why is the trooper on this list its the best song ever

Now this is an overrated song. It's got simple riffs and isn't very long. It's an average song of theirs, and I now I would like it more if it didn't get more attention than it deserved. - Songsta41

The Lyrics to this song are cringewordy Maiden is not Good at been Dark, that is better done by Sabbath or priest, Iron Maiden are extremely good at been Epic And Mythological every time time they try to be Dark or Creepy it just sounds cheesy..
And people who think they are devil worshipers make me laugh lol these guys are Saints, and most of their lyrics are very spiritual in a positive way or even educational mainly History

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3 Fear of the Dark - Fear of the Dark

The album is terrible, and its title track isn't much better. While I appreciate that its become a live staple for Maiden, it's an extremely boring and lazy song that in line with the rest of the album is a failed attempt at prog-metal. Prog-metal isn't their strong suit, but they have pulled off some incredible entries in the genre over the years, like Hallowed By Thy Name and Phantom of the Opera. This song isn't even in the same class as those masterpieces. While those songs were incredibly complex in musicianship and had strong lyrics, Fear Of The Dark is utterly routine in the former aspect and in the latter aspect... let's not even go there ("Fear of the dark, Fear of the dark, I have constant fear that something's always near" - This band is better than such lazy and simplistic songwriting). Overall, it's an awful song which ends Iron Maiden's worst album. Go figure. - Mrveteran

The most overrated Maiden song ever. 2 minutes deserves each bit of its fame. SO does Trooper, Mariner, and Hallowed. While Run to the Hills and 666 are definitely overrated, they aren't nearly as overrated as this song. It's quite droll and weak for a Maiden song - be Quick or be Dead is better.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is overrated, but Fear of the Dark is even worst. It's not a bad song, but there are about 20 songs better than this one but it's often placed in the top-5. Hallowed Be Thy Name is top-10

I do not think this song or album is anywhere near their best -- surprised at how many people love it.

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4 2 Minutes to Midnight - Powerslave

This and run to the hills are the most overrated maiden song but ya know they still rock you just get tired of people saying those are the best when there's when the wild wind blows, the longest day, seventh son of a seventh son, etc. ( I can name nearly 100 more just to be honest ). But I don't have a problem with people liking it though all maiden songs rule

Good song (come on it's Iron Maiden) but I just don't like it and the fact that it is 6 min. long just makes me want to skip it.

It's a decent song, but it's not worthy of the credit it gets. My uber favorites are in a top 75 type deal. This one is like 85th of all I'm songs. Still a good one, just not perfect.

Do not why it got that much credit. Powerslave is quite the album. Forget about the videos and the setlist, this song is close to the worst one of the album (not a bad song but it is never as good as the success it had)

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5 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter - No Prayer for the Dying

Nothing from No Prayer for the Dying is overrated. It's number 27 on the best Iron Maiden albums list and there are only 15 studio albums. Studio albums should always be before live albums and compilations. This album gets so little recognition that no one even does that. I've never seen this song anywhere above #70 on the best I'm songs list. This definitely shouldn't be in the top ten of this list. It shouldn't even be on the list. - Songsta41

There is a difference between "overrated" and "good". Hallowed, FotD, and the Trooper are "good" and get only as much respect as they deserve (although it's not really helpful that they're the only couple of Maiden songs that radio stations acknowledge. ) Bring You Daughter was popular, but it isn't exactly the same standard of "good" as most of Maiden's other material. Overrated.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but the fact that so many TV music shows keep showing this video when talking about Iron Maiden?

Better off showing The Number Of The Beast or The Trooper, because they are much better!

Not overrated, just generally a crap song from a crap album. - sweetbeef

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6 The Trooper - Piece of Mind

Iron Maiden has no overrated songs (in my opinion), because I think overrated means when something receives much more attention that it deserves... This song is their most commercial song along with "Run to the Hills" (I don't try to say Maiden is commercial, but these two are their most commercial songs)... However, this songs don't receive much attention between mainstream public as other metal songs do, like "Enter Sandman", "Crazy Train", "Art of Life", "One"...

This list is wrong, as the voters are... Why the hell is "Hallowed Be Thy Name" in this list?! It's one of the greatest metal songs ever! The awesome riffs, the Bruce's vocals, the epic solo made by Adrian & Dave, the Steve's bass performance and the Nicko's drumming! This song is perfect! It's no overrated because it deserves much more attention than it has! - rock2metal

But this is a masterpiece! You people must know that hallowed be thy name isn't the only good iron maiden song

Good song, but not the best by them in my opinion, a tad to repetitive mabey?

It's a good but it gets way to much attention then it should.

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7 Running Free - Iron Maiden

Weak lyrics for a Maiden song.

Worst song on their debut, yet it somehow became a hit...

This was made to be a party song that they can have fun with at the end of their shows, they didn't intend it to be an epic or a hit. just somthing to get the crowd really involved and end with a bang

8 Can I Play With Madness - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Can somebody please just tell me what it is everyone hates about this song, please it's not bad at all, lyrics are poor yes but the guitars are great. Can people not listen to anything past the lead vocals! - DeadAsian

One of The worst songs by Maiden honestly! This deserves first place.

This is a catchy song. We don't want catchy songs. We want songs with guitar. Screw lyrics they don't even matter, guitar is the only thing important. This song is terrible

Easily the most overrated song of Maiden's career. Seventh Son was overrated in general - dubsinthetubs

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9 Wrathchild - Killers

13? For real? Come on...

10 Flight of Icarus - Piece of Mind

It's pretty good, but it just isn't good enough to be the 15th on the list of best Iron Maiden Songs. To be quite honest, the Piece of Mind album was a little disappointing. It had its moments, but it just didn't have enough emotion to it.

This isn't overrated.

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11 Hallowed Be Thy Name - The Number of the Beast

Is this not the best song in the history of the world!?

When a song is a band's trademark and it isn't their best, it's overrated. This definitely deserves to be their trademark. It's properly rated, not overrated. - Songsta41


Good - not as good as many seem to think. 6th best song on NOTB in my view

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12 Moonchild - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Yeah moonchild... It's one overrated song. I have played it so many times and I can't get into it. Boring. BRuce sounds like a retard singing it. Have you heard him laugh during the song? It uses odd words as well. Nah. Hate the song and it does not deserve the credit it gets.

13 Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Powerslave

Not really overrated, it's fairly rated. How many times have you heard this masterpiece played live? Exactly. - IronSabbathPriest

This, Heaven Can Wait, & Powerslave have no place on this list!

14 Wasted Years - Somewhere in Time

Certainly not the best song on Somewhere in Time.

This song is good like all maiden songs, but not really one of their best in my opinion

15 Aces High - Powerslave

No, this is so wrong - Aces High is one of their best songs and I'd say it's actually underrated. - Metal_Treasure

Me too I was expecting to find it on the most inspirational songs list and it's not on their.I look to this song for motivation - MrQuaz680

Aces high is their best song and it's bit underrated - Disturbedpotato

Aces high is properly rated for such a fantastic song. - Songsta41

Meh. this one's just kinda too repetitive. this is the kinda song mostly new maiden listeners are gonna like until they listen to the good stuff

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16 Die With Your Boots On - Piece of Mind

This song is underrated not overrated

17 Paschendale - Dance of Death

This is the best modern Maiden song! - IronSabbathPriest

I would call it overrated. It's a great song, I don't think it makes the top 20 though. - Songsta41

Some call it greatest maiden masterpiece ever when its not even best song on that album amazing song though but still overrated

The song just doesn't get near any good maiden song, and yet some people say its their best song... In my opinion this IS most overrated Maiden song

18 The Evil That Men Do - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Its overrated but not as bad as run to the hills

19 Wildest Dreams - Dance of Death
20 Holy Smoke - No Prayer for the Dying

Am I missing the pleasant melodies in this song? Complexities? It shows up on a greatest hits album, but might be the only Iron Maiden song that is painful to listen to. There is nothing catchy or interesting or melodious.

Underrated, not overrated.

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