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21 Wasting Love - Fear of the Dark

And show me where to find this song on the best I'm songs list. - Songsta41

22 Blood Brothers - Brave New World

What were they thinking when they came up with this one? "How many times can we repeat the same chorus over and over before people get sick of it"?. Very good example of live crowds making it a better song than it really is

The only maiden song I hate

It is just lame...

This song just sucks so much, definitely their worst. Can't understand why people like this. I like all maiden songs, but this one is just so bad.

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23 Revelations - Piece of Mind

Nuh uh. This is one of their best and quite underrated actually. - IronSabbathPriest

24 Heaven Can Wait - Somewhere in Time

No, this, Hallowed, Aces, Wrathchild, and Rime deserve no place on this list.

The only song on Somewhere in Time that I skip. Terrible chorus, and vastly overrated. Listen to Sea of Madness and Alexander the Great instead!

The sing-a-long part gets annoying. But other than that, great song. - IronSabbathPriest

25 For the Greater Good of God - a Matter of Life and Death

This song is not overrated it is underrated

In order to be a successful band one must not spread out the word of "religion", they must be neutral unless a Christian Rock band, etc.

The ONLY reason Iron Maiden was able to do this was because they're rich and it was their 14th album.

26 Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden

By far the best song on their debut, what's it doing here?!

Quality material.

Probably one of maiden's worst songs

27 Rainmaker - Dance of Death

I'm tired of this song its noring but its alright but judt has a weird music video and weird lyrics run to the hills is probaly 1 on my overrated but rainmaker 2

28 Angel and the Gambler - Virtual XI

Eh, I don't know what to think of this. Somewhere between underrated and fairly rated. It isn't a great track, and people only know it for being "the worst". - IronSabbathPriest

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29 Alexander the Great - Somewhere in Time

How? It's not considered top 20 iron maiden songs, while I dare to call it top 5. - Songsta41

30 Brave New World - Brave New World

Pretty good track, but I don't like the repetitive chorus, it ruins the song a lot. Otherwise it is great. - IronSabbathPriest

31 Where Eagles Dare - Piece of Mind

How is it overrated in any way? It's only been featured in their live sets on two tours. It's not overrated at all. - IronSabbathPriest

32 Empire of the Clouds - Book of Souls

It's about quality, not quantity.

Stop. Bruce Dickinson spent months working on this song, and the others spent a lot of time on it as well. - CostcoHotDogs

€It’s about quality, not quantity.”
Just because it’s 18 minutes long doesn’t mean that it’s like that. This song has more quality than you would ever know.

33 The Duelists - Powerslave
34 Satellite 15...The Final Frontier - The Final Frontier
35 No More Lies - Dance of Death

To be honest, I'm not even sure anyone besides Steve Harris and myself acknowleges this song's existence. It's kinda underrated. Kinda. - IronSabbathPriest

36 The Prisoner - The Number of the Beast
37 Dance of Death - Dance of Death

Nice solo excellent intro

This song wouldn't have made "top 50" in the seven first maiden albums.

I don't really understand what is the good about this song. The chorus is not catchy and in my opinion the guitar solo is horrible. It is an atrocious song.

38 Children of the Damned - The Number of the Beast
39 The Wicker Man - Brave New World
40 Powerslave - Powerslave

Ummm.. Extremely underrated

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