Top 10 Overrated Jobs

Half the time we get that question from our parents
"what do you want to be when you grow up"
these answers get predictable everytime
so this is more of a list of jobs that people want everyday
Now these jobs aren't bad, just a little too much to hear
The Top Ten
1 Cop

Aside from all the police brutality and tensions between the police and their communities, you should really consider that people don't just choose to be cops just to be cool. People who become cops do so because they want to serve in the name of justice. It is NOT just sitting around and eating donuts all day. Police risk even their own lives to protect their citizens and apprehend those that threaten the safety of others and society. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You spend 3 quarters of a time as an officer doing paperwork, this is the same for every job. You know those civil engineers who build things and invent. Countless hours of planning, paperwork. What I'm saying is that ALL jobs are overrated to an extent. - Phillip873

Just arrest people for a living, so what - Adventurur2

2 Singer

Honestly, while I do have an admiration for certain singers and actors/actresses, I really feel that there's a lot more jobs out there that deserve a higher wage/salary since those jobs require more tiring hours and effort. I do understand that the careers for talented people do require a degree of heavy practice and commitment, but let'e be honest here. Who do you think deserves to be paid more? A famous celebrity whose only merits are their talent, or more important workers such as risk-taking ones like firefighters and police officers and ones that work tirelessly to earn money for themselves and their families along with people in the STEM field who contribute to our society in a way that isn't merely entertainment and more or less something that can progress and change our world significantly?

A job as a singer is pretty stressful, you have to go on tours, meet fans, and you won't have a lot of time to be with your friends and family.And also you have to get popular or otherwise you won't make a good amount of money.

It is overrated unless you don't need a heavy use autotune

Why does everyone want this job so much?
Unless you know what your doing,this job is trash
I mean,who wants to sit in a recording studio all day singing?
Not me, because like you get rich but,
Now that I think of it you'll be extremely underrated
think of this, unless your music video has girls twerking (which is disrespctful to our gender) or involves drugs and money, no one will give two craps about the song
Now if you're writing and meaningful love song, eh what the heck you're doing good
Now if you're working in metal music, you got it made
But see you have to know what you're doing,to make it
cause see, the music industry isn't friendly

3 Actor/Actress

This is hard
You gotta memorize your lines
and one mistake and you do it again

I know this seems cliche but I do plan on being a actor someday. It might be hard to do but what job isn't hard to do? I've all had a interest in film so this will be something I think I'll excel at.

4 Restaurant Owner

Not fun bossing people around

5 Cartoon Writer
6 Advertising Account Executive
7 Fire Fighter

You do realize this job helps saves people's lives from fires, you know?

8 Pilot

Especially a fighter pilot, who experiences sheer dread and agony, and impending doom, as it’s about sheer terror.
It’s a job where you put your life at risk, though others need help and we don’t want them to die, but still.

9 Astronaut

Overrated? The job is out of the world, figuratively and literally.
With 0.065% acceptance rate, it's bound to get scorned by a particular group of people.

Just sickening, agonizing, and pure TERROR.
You can’t turn around and change your mind, and you’re in panic, and you suffer, get sick and pass out, and then get more sick and you become unhealthy and if going on any longer, you die.
And when the mission is over, you still feel horrible and have suicide thoughts.
And when training, it’s just pure terror, and most people can’t handle this and want change their mind.
There’s nothing like it, and I don’t get why people dream about such a dreadful thing.

10 Author

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? Lawyer
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11 Zookeeper

I think this job is good cus you get to take care of animals

12 Event Coordinator
13 Athlete

Nothing wrong with playing sports as everyone has their own passion, but let's admit it. Athletes get paid a lot more than in any other job. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. While I understand athletes are no safer given their risks to concussions and bone-breaking injuries, their salaries really overshadow more important careers like firefighters and police officers. In other words, people who provide us entertainment are paid MORE than people who put their lives in even GREATER danger just to protect others. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 Janitor

You do kind of have to give credit to the janitors who are willing to take time out of their day to do work that pretty much no one else is willing to apply for.

15 Stockbroker
16 Pornstar
17 President
18 Teacher
19 Cashier
20 Doctor

But doctors are beneficial. They save lives and provide care for people who need it. This world needs doctors.

21 Scientist

Kevinsidis look at my profile and more!

I’m a scientist

22 Voice Actor

Voice acting may be fun, but when you do it professionally, it's a whole new thing.

23 Mascot
24 Model
25 Animator
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