Top 10 Most Overrated K-Pop Songs

Many songs of Kpop are way outdated or overrated but due to the popularity of the song nobody can move on from the song and listen to it day by day

P.S sorry for grammar mistakes i'm Korean Japanese Learning English T_T

The Top Ten

1 Twice - Cheer Up (2016)

The song is Catchy but to outdated yet people dance and listen to it and they just repeat the same thing every 5 seconds UGH! - AnonymousKpop

2 I Don't Care - 2ne1

Sorry to say this but although I love the upbeat catchy song these song is usually stuck in people's heads sometimes distracts your studies and that was 2009 think it time to move on from the song - AnonymousKpop

3 Nobody - Wonder Girls

Just the same with Twice Cheer up although I prefer the Korean Version instead of the English Version - AnonymousKpop

4 Call Call Call - U;nee

Overrated for a different reason because in 2007 Lee Hye Ryeon or U;nee committed suicide due to depression Call Call Call was one of her last songs and it is really Creepy and Scary because of how the company represents the song with a creepy theme for a suppose to be catchy song so this song is preety catchy and her fans can't move on from one of her last songs - AnonymousKpop

5 Whistle - Blackpink


6 Fantastic Baby - Bigbang

UGH! T-T this song is annoying - AnonymousKpop

7 Electric Shock - F(X)

Love this song and Love Amber! but I actually get low scores every time I listen to this song - AnonymousKpop

8 Gee - Girls Generation
9 1of1 - Shinee
10 Lupin - Kara

The Contenders

11 Wolf - Exo

Worst ever

12 Bboom Bboom - Momoland

It’s fairly annoying (Sorry anyone who likes this song)and is pretty much a replica of MomoLands other song BAAM

13 Fake Love - BTS

This song is overrated as hell.

14 Ddu Du Ddu Du - Blackpink

First it sounds interesting and then it starts to sound boring.

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