Most Overrated Lego Ninjago Characters


The Top Ten

1 Lloyd Garmadon Lloyd Garmadon

He is the most rated he destroyed overlord

He's the green ninja as well as Lord Garmaddon's son as well as the strongest ninja ever as well as OH STOP IT ALREADY - TwilightKitsune

Not the worst BUT THE MOST OVERRATED - VideoGamefan5


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2 Nya Nya

She is like a character who is there just to encourage interest from girls

Why does everyone like her? - VideoGamefan5

Hey she's cool

Yea petty much everyone except some villains like garmadon and master wu

3 Kai Kai

I love kai but he is SO overrated in the fandom. He's everyone personal favourite is cole. Sick of all the attention Kai gets (from the show creators as well...)

4 Morro
5 Dareth

More like darth jar jar - VideoGamefan5

Darth Jar Jar, lol - TwilightKitsune

6 Pixal

She was only created as a love interest for Zane - TwilightKitsune

7 Skylor
8 Pythor
9 Sensei Wu
10 Skales

The Contenders

11 Princess Harumi

Coming in Season 8

12 Harumi Harumi

I NEVER wanted her to be a villain!

13 Ronin
14 Lord Garmadon
15 Ultra Violet
16 Misako Misako
17 Seliel
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