Most Overrated Lego Ninjago Characters

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1 Lloyd Garmadon

"He is the most rated he destroyed overlord."

No he didn't. If he did, then the Overlord wouldn't have returned the following season. Lloyd may have destroyed his physical form, but it was Zane who finished the Overlord off.

Was it only yesterday when he was a kid? - MrCoolC

If any of you have seen season eight he gets a lot of emotional and character development. In seasons 1-7 I actually hated him. He was too overpowered and overrated. But in season eight we learn that he has some flaws too. He's no longer your perfect character. And now he's my favorite.

He is the most rated he destroyed overlord

2 Nya

She is cool and I'm a boy

Hey she's cool

She is like a character who is there just to encourage interest from girls

Why does everyone like her? - VideoGamefan5

3 Kai

I think he's the best though - darthvadern

He's dope! - B1ueNew

I also like cole more and think kai is overrated

I love kai but he is SO overrated in the fandom. He's everyone personal favourite is cole. Sick of all the attention Kai gets (from the show creators as well...)

4 Morro

A complete rip-off on Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda which the fandom fails to see - darthvadern

5 Dareth

He was fun at first but then he got annoying quickly - darthvadern

Why would someone kill him already? So annoying. - BananaPotato

More like darth jar jar - VideoGamefan5

Darth Jar Jar, lol - TwilightKitsune

6 Pixal

Filler only - darthvadern

She's overly sexualized and only a step in for Zane's love interest, Also Ninjago is actually telling younger audiences to have love interests at younger ages!

Hitler > Pixal

She was only created as a love interest for Zane - TwilightKitsune

7 Skylor

She was alright honestly, but her twist villian was obvious - darthvadern

Skylor is the most op elemental master in the series, not only that, with her power AND ninja skills, she is unstoppable

8 Pythor

No way. He is the best! Second best is Dareth - Rathernotbenamed

9 Sensei Wu
10 Harumi

Harumi gets on my nerves! She is being SO dramatic!

I think she is the most overrated but an awesome character - TENTACRUEL

Only made to love interest Lloyd. Poor excuse of a character. - B1ueNew

She is both on 11 and 12?! - BorisRule

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11 Skales
12 Princess Harumi

Already on this list

Coming in Season 8

13 Ronin
14 Lord Garmadon
15 Ultra Violet
16 Misako
17 Seliel
18 Samukai
19 Jay Walker

He used to be my third favourite in the first seasons, but sadly he became a launging machine that made me hate him - darthvadern

20 Mezmo
21 Cole

At least he didn't get worse as the show went on - darthvadern

He was a ghost who can go through stuff and he can break through walls and he can lift a lot stuff wow he is so o p and more stuff he has a lot leadership

22 The Great Devourer
23 Mr. E

Wow four arms and he nindroid it is Armor and he has sword on all four arms awesome

24 Killow
25 Heavy Metal / Faith
26 Antonia
27 Aspheera
28 Zane
29 Akita
30 Clutch Powers
31 Kataru
32 Scott
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