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21 Luigi's Mansion

It's underrated not overrated

22 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I Hate This Game So Much! But I Don't See How It Could Be Overrated When Everyone Hates It.

Everyone hates this game. But I understand why because it SUCKS. - DCfnaf

All Mario RPGs are so much better, especially the Mario RPGs released in the (end of the) 20th Century.

But the comment section of Top 6 Worst Mario Games in a nutshell is "How dare you put Paper Mario: Sticker Star on that list! ". Paper Mario: Sticker Star was awesome compared to the educational Mario games, but it is one of the most disappointing Nintendo games of all time. PhantomStrider is allowed to have Super Mario RPG as one of his favourite Mario games of all time and Paper Mario: Sticker Star as his most hated video game of all time. The Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century always deserved much more praise than most of the Mario games released in the 2010s.

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23 Mario Party 2

Why is Mario Party 9, ahead of this? This is the REASON the car is hated in the first place.

Yes, but we think Mario Party 9 should be way higher because I got thumbs down for saying that the original N64 trilogy of Mario Party games was great and that the Mario Party games in the 2010s were bad in general. - The Ultimate Daredevil

24 New Super Mario Bros. 2

This game is awful... and don't get me started on the krapalings

Overrated all the critics like it because it have Mario in it. Not all Mario games are good this worst 3ds game I played nearly other than smash 4 and Pokemon or..

This game is overrated because critics liked it even though no new stuff was added, but the gold. It seemed lazy and unoriginal.

No one likes this game.. - noo7na7

This is without a doubt, the WORST nsmb game in my opinion. The game is too easy.

However, I would not say it is overrated. - DCfnaf

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25 Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Praised like crazy. - DaisyandRosalina

26 Mario Kart: Double Dash

Underrated. too many haters. All Mario Kart games are awesome! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I will always take most Mario RPGs over this no matter what. They have actual stories, stronger presentations and does not feel as much like it appeals to a younger audience.

They should of added Rosalina - RevolNiartRuasonid

No they didn't. Rosalina didn't exist yet when Mario Kart: Double Dash! (2003, GameCube) was released. - TheYoshiPyro64

So are you hating this game only because two characters?... you have problems dude.

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27 New Super Mario Bros. DS

This nothing but a copy of the gameboy version. ONLY THING THAT CHANGED WAS THE items. For me this game deserves a 4.5

I think it was great game hell it is one of my first game of all time

This was better than the other NSMB games. - DCfnaf

Cool game but I prefer NSMBWII - DaisyandRosalina

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28 Mario Power Tennis

It really is no Mario Power Tennis, but how the hell is this better than Mario Tennis 64?!

29 Fortune Street
30 Mario Kart 7

What's so special about Mario Kart 7?! The educational Mario games deserve to be on here as well!

SEVEN is the ds one if I correct. This is a 1/10

Why? I thought it was better than Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Super Circuit - DCfnaf

31 Mario Party DS

Why are people saying that this is one of the best Mario games instead of the Super Mario games released in the 20th Century?! I don't see specific details on the appeal. Mario Party DS is not that great. It's much better than I remember, but on the list of worst Mario games for the DS, people are defending Mario Party DS like it's great, even for Mario games.

32 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Superstar Saga was funnier overall

Partners In Time was vastly more of a challenge (unless you're attempting to do a full-length Challenge Medal run on Bowser's Inside Story, in which case there's a good chance you might be insane) - xandermartin98

33 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

I can't believe that the Super Mario games/Mario RPGs that were released before the 2010s (especially this one) are this underrated compared to Mario Sports games in the early 21st Century (or should I say the 2010s, to say the least).

34 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Underrated, not overrated. I would give this game a 9.8.

The average score of this game is an 8.7.


35 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - Nintendo DS

That box art looks epic. I don't know why it looks so cool but it sure is - Chaotixhero

More like the Wii version. I mean, seriously. The Wii version sucks!

36 Super Mario Maker
37 Super Mario Odyssey

This game is good, but I don't see why it is supposed to be "the best". Is it because it is the first switch game? wow... it happens, first game in console, gets right into hype. Or is it because it's "Mario" or just 1 song? - TeamRocket747

I mean first MARIO game on switch. Oops - TeamRocket747

38 Dr. Mario

I know, right? Since ScrewAttack loves this game and ranked it as top 7 on their "Top 10 Best Mario Games List" regardless of whether it is the NES version or the Game Boy version.

39 Mario Party 7

It's a moden Mario game (although it is best to say that it is a Mario released in-between the late 20th century and the 2010s), so don't expect it to be underrated.

40 Super Mario 3D Land

Should be MUCH higher. It's not bad at all, but compared to Mario Galaxy, this is just underwhelming. Nothing new is added here, the soundtrack is kinda weak, the bosses are lame, and the story is lacking. - DCfnaf

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