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1 Rainbow Road (N64)

I honestly love this track. It was the first Rainbow Road I ever played, and it is nostalgic for me. However, I do think that it is the most overrated Mario Kart track of all time. People hate on Mario Kart 8 Rainbow Road, but I feel like it did a better job at being a Rainbow Road than this track seeing how that track actually has some challenge. There are barriers all around this track, and it is very long and tedious for the most part. I will say, though, the MK8 remake of this track is honestly one of the best Rainbow Road tracks in the entire series, but the original version is just straight up overrated.

It's long, tedious, and the Chain-Chomps are annoying. It's only redeeming factor is its music, which you can't hear in 3-4 players, and I prefer Double Dash's Rainbow Road music.

Guys, it's 6 minutes of complete boredom with nothing other than the Chain Chomps for improvements. And the gravity scheme is glitchy.

6 minutes of boredoom with barely any obstacle and without dead points. Worst rainbow road course ever, only popular for music and nostalgia. - DaisyandRosalina

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2 Waluigi Pinball (DS)

I agree that Rainbow Road 64 is overrated, but Maple Treeway? Seriously? Coconut Mall and Baby Park also shouldn't be in the top ten but Waluigi Pinball is all the way down at #18? I have never heard someone say they do not like this track. Definitely should be higher.

Why isn't this higher? Maple Treeway is the best track but Waluigi Pinball is pretty bland. The scenery is alright but the track design is lame and boring, yet everyone loves Waluigi Pinball.

This was the track that started the Waluigi fame, *sigh*. - darthvadern

It's not even that colourful and the music is forgettable, thise huge balls are annoying too. - DaisyandRosalina

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3 Wario Colosseum (GCN)

Definitely favorite GCN track. Along with RAINBOW ROAD too. They should add it as retro track in Mario kart 9

I love this track one of my liked track in double dash

4 Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)

This course is NOT overrated. If anything, its either underrated or perfectly rated, but overrated? The reason it was picked so much was because the track design, and the music makes the course even better. If you look up top 10s of Mario kart, Coconut Mall would barely even make the list so Coconut Mall is perfectly rated. Come up with another reason aside from it being overpicked in an online service that is now discontinued.

I am so serious everyone hates it but me

Good stage just so annoying that it comes up so often online

Who cares if this is overpicked online? It deserves to be. - greenshyguy

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5 Rainbow Road (Wii)

This course is difficult, but that isn't why it sucks. The track looks like Double Dash's Rainbow Road only tedious and frustrating, the music isn't that catchy either. - KennyRulz244444

If you have tough drift bike you should be fine

The CGN Rainbow Road is far more overrated than this one, you guys just hate it because you keep falling. - DaisyandRosalina

It’s actually underrated. You all only hate it because you keep falling - Randomator

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6 Maple Treeway (Wii)

It deserves the love. It's not overrated - Berger

This tracks annoys me so much! That trunk ( I think that's what it is) is impossible to stay on, those fat wigglers block 99 percent of the track and CPUs will knock you off!

Idiots, try practicing.

True it's overrated, but the overall track is so unique!

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7 Bone Dry Dunes (Wii U)

It's not overrated at all, it's more underrated because everyone hates it. - JThrill

It's fun but it is the worst stage in the game

Nothing special about it


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8 Daisy Hills (3ds)

I couldn't say its overrated. I don't see any votes online about it. PUT NEO BOWSER CITY/KOOPA CITY on 3ds

You drive on grass for. The first three quarters of the track and then ramp off into an extremely blunt city.

Yeah, but remember this is the second track of the mushroom cup, and I know they usually are bland, but if you compare it to Yoshi Falls or Moo Moo Meadows, it has a lot more to it, in my opinion - purpleracer

Daisy Hills! Whatever, Princess Daisy's brothers would be ungrateful for this ridiculous course.

Stil good - ParkerFang

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9 Cheep Cheep Lagoon (3DS)

Overrated? This? - DaisyandRosalina

It's boring as hell.

10 Desert Hills (DS)

The design is more blunt than a year old pencil, it's slow and boring and just an orangish hell! It's my least favorite track in ds and wii!

I hate dessert hill one lamest tracks ever

I love this this track.

I've never liked desert stages, and this is probably the worst.

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11 Peach Gardens (DS)

Why is peach getting every race track in every game?! She doesn't deserve them all!

I know! It's characters like Luigi or Toad that deserve more courses. - KennyRulz244444

How about a track for a newcomer that rocks like Dry Bones, King Boo, Rosalina, Funky Kong, Honeybee Queen, or Shy Guy? Peach doesn't deserve all the tracks.

This track should be renamed 3 shades of green and unfitting chain chomps

*underrated - DaisyandRosalina

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12 Koopa Cape (Wii)

Koopa cape should be respected as it is one of the only courses belonging to my bio kappa troopa

The drifting on this track is really not that great. That's why I prefer more simple maps like Rainbow Road. - lannypetersong

It really isn't that great

13 Rainbow Road (SNES)

Only beginners who constantly fall off the edge dislike this level. It's simple, but easily the best track in Mario Kart history, plus the music is the best. - lannypetersong

Why was this track picked nearly every round in Mario Kart 7's online mode? WHY WAS IT IN THE Mario KART 8 DLC OVER 3DS RAINBOW ROAD?!

Honestly, I really hope that MK7 Rainbow Road gets added in the next DLC pack, because this track (apart from the music and the nostalgia factor) really, REALLY sucks on numerous levels if you ask me. - xandermartin98

Best MARIOKART Track in history
Because it has 0 guard rails

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14 Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)

I hate this stupid course. I always get last because I keep falling off the edges.

We're only at the top six and this track is here TWICE!?!? It sucks so bad.

15 DK Mountain (GCN)

I don't understand why everyone says this is the best course in Double Dash.

Why does everyone call this the best course in Double Dash? - TheGreenLists

Because it is

No doubt that special cup is the best in Mk DD

16 Electrodrome (8)

I USED to love this stage. It was the one stage that I would always play. But as I played more and more online I realized how OVERRATED it is. Once it was Electrodrome,Mute City, and some other stage (let's just say it was Toad Turnpike). So anyways I picked Big Blue and I was the only person who didn't pick Electrodrome. PLEASE STOP PICKING THIS STAGE ONLINE

So N64 rainbow road and Waluigi pinball make sense but how the hell is bone dry dunes at #7 and this stage is at #22? This stage is the most picked online by far it's almost unanimous every time.I mean it's okay but not that good. - Randomator

Almost everyone LOVE this stage, but beside some cool sound effects that influence the music of the stage, koopa and shy guy dancing arround and beautiful graphism (like any MK8 tracks), this stage is not interesting. In fanct, there is not any creative or unique obstacle. Also, the fact that music park (or melody motorway) exist makes it even less original since this stage is the first to create head popping pirhana plants and use the music in a better way then electrodrome for an obstacle. I mean, I'm sorry but a dance stage is not original. Also, if I was doing a top 15 mario kart 8 tracks, Electrodrome wouldn't be there! And all this comes from someone that never played online before. That means that I'm not influenced by electrodorme presence in online

I've never understood why people like this track. It's my least favorite track the the star cup on mariokart 8. I remember seeing top mariokart track lists and it'd be close to the top, but when I played I the first time I thought, 'Why is this so special'! It has a catchy song, but the song is not nearly as good as Cloudtop Cruise, Toad Harbor, Shy Guy Falls, Mute City, Wild Woods, or Big Blue

17 Wario Stadium (N64)

Ds wario stadium is BETTER BY FAR

Wario needs to stop getting more stuff than Waluigi

This is a good course - spodermanfan1000

18 Yoshi Falls (DS)

This course is trash! No expert shortcuts in this race, average physics, no traction, and nothing but ridiculous heck! If I was captain, I would hit Funky Kong, Dry Bones, King Boo, Toadette, Dry Bowser, Diddy, Koopa Troopa, or Bowser Jr. with any item if any of them were following me. Yoshi doesn't own them all.

Absolutely boring, repetitive and bland, you just go around in a circle three times and you've finished the course. - KennyRulz244444

Baby Park is the only good repetitive track in the series. Yoshi Falls is just bad. - lannypetersong

Just a loop, only liked because it's a Yoshi track. - DaisyandRosalina

19 Mushroom Gorge (Wii)

Mushroom physics are inconsistent and bad, racing game = GO FAST, Mushroom Gorge = SLOW DOWN! Stop liking bad tracks.

20 Toad's Turnpike (N64)

This track is hated too much, don't really see many people liking the course. - KennyRulz244444

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21 DK Pass (DS)
22 Yoshi Valley (N64)


23 Banshee Boardwalk (N64)
24 Mount Wario (8)

Awesome track, but that track is way overused for online gameplay and Morton became the new Funky Kong in Season 8 of Mario Kart.

The one that gets picked the most through online races

Yeah. Please stop always picking Mount Wario guys!

25 Tick-Tock Clock (DS)


Why is this track so insanely popular?! It's not terrible, but why on earth was this course number 1 one both TheKoopaCaptain's Top 100 Mario Kart Tracks on YouTube and the Best Track in Mario Kart polls on the GameFaqs board?! In my opinion, Tick-Tock Clock is a bland, boring course that is loved simply for the clock concept.

DS tracks worse that TTC: Desert Hills, Peach Gardens

DS tracks better than TTC: Figure-8 Circuit, *YOSHI FALLS*, Cheep Cheep Beach, Luigi's Mansion, Delfino Square, Waluigi Pinball, Shroom Ridge, *DK PASS*, Mario Circuit, Airship Fortress, Wario Stadium, Bowser Castle, Rainbow Road.

26 Dolphin Shoals (8)

The eel is super pesky when you try to drive on him. I fell at least five times on the pipes, too.

It's a water course

Dullphin Shoals is a boring, generic water track with annoying dullphins and awful physics.

27 Big Blue (8)

My personal favorite track but overrated

28 Wild Woods (8)
29 Rainbow Road (7)

I'm not saying this track is bad, but highly overrated, it gets to much on online that it slowly gets kinda boring, even if this track is a masterpiece.

30 Sunshine Airport (8)

Sunshine Airport is easily a top 100 Mario Kart track, but it doesn't deserve to be a top 20 Mario Kart track. It might not even be a top 50 Mario Kart track. They were going to think of driving in an airport at somepoint, so why is it so mind blowing to everyone?

31 Baby Park (GCN)

This stage is boring and short - Jake09

This course isn't good at all.

I have played dd this track is boring baby park more like crap crap man, that wasn't even a pun oh GOD this track has 7 laps! The track is shaped like a pill. More like figure-pill circuit. It is sad this track sucks because it's the baby character's theme they should be ashamed and embarrassed to have their name slapped on such a bad track and the music is annoying thank God we only have to do 5 laps in the ds version. When it comes to items you know what this is? Moonview highway. ON STEROIDS! This track sucks. After all it is time I say, baby park is a pile.

Why is this course so low on the list? It's just so bland. Especially on the DS.

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32 Grumble Volcano (Wii)
33 Wario's Shipyard (3DS)

Why does Wario need a shipyard if he wants to fart?

Why do people like this course!? It's slow, unexciting, and boringish as hell!

34 Rainbow Road (GCN)

This is the most overrated rainbow road behind N64, it's really not anything special to be honest. - JThrill

35 Daisy Cruiser (GCN)
36 Piranha Plant Slide (7)

It's a decent track an all, but what's so special about it? - Pony

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37 Mute City (8)
38 Hyrule Circuit (8)
39 Luigi Circuit (N64)
40 Ribbon Road (8)
41 Neo Bowser City (3DS)
42 Airship Fortress (DS)
43 Music Park (7)
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