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1 Reign In Blood - Slayer

This isn't even the best Slayer album. Hell Awaits is way better. This album didn't do much that Hell Awaits didn't already do. Most of these songs are great, but everything in between Jesus Saves and Raining Blood are filler tracks (especially Epidemic and Postmortem). - Caleb9000

People say this is the heaviest metal album of all time but have clearly never listened to Pleasure to Kill by Kreator.

The only two really good songs on the album are Raining Blood and Angel Of Death (especially Angel Of Death), so, it’s not worthy of being called one of the best metal albums of all time if there’s only two really good tracks.

2 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

What? This is an amazing album. From start to finish easily one of the best of all time. The individual song "Paranoid" is overrated, definitely not the album. Just look through the track listing:
1) War Pigs (Arguably one of the greatest songs of all time, both complicated and simple sections that give such a groove and incredible feel).
2) Paranoid (Amazing riff, lyrics, overrated, yeah, but certainly not bad.)
3) Planet Caravan (The more psychedelic yet super intriguing song on the album. Very underrated).
4) Iron Man (One of the most famous riffs ever, but in my opinion, it's the lyrics and the solos that make this one of the most iconic songs in metal).
5) Electric Funeral (In my opinion, the worst song on the album, but the unique riffs and incredible solo section show that it's still a solid song.)
6) Hand Of Doom (One of the most complex Black Sabbath songs. Just all around amazing work; clenching vocals from Ozzy, incredible groovy bass and drum work from ...more

Great album, but it's not the best Black Sabbath album. It's their fifth best in my opinion. Sabotage, Heaven and Hell, Master of Reality and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are better. - Caleb9000

Its even overrated compared to the other albums by Ozzy - christangrant

Yeah, this is the best metal album of all time just because I contains War Pigs Paranoid and Iron Man? LMAO

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3 Master of Puppets - Metallica

This was a great album, but not quite a masterpiece. Ride The Lightning is far better, and sometimes this album gets a bit too repetitive and overlong. The title track is one of the best metal songs ever, but the rest doesn't quite live up to it. - Caleb9000

It's amazing just not number 1

Metallica is great, but this should be number 1.

4 Meliora - Ghost
5 Metallica - Metallica

More overhated than overrated. Its score on Metal Archives is lower than Dibine Intervention's by Slayer. - Alkadikce

Why is Operation Mindcrime at the top of this list?

6 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Not metal at all. - Userguy44

Ugh. Get it to number 1. I know it's not a metal album but still.

7 Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold
8 Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche

It's not overrated.

9 The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

This album is almost perfect, but Gangland is a bit too repetitive. Amazing masterpiece, but not quite perfect. - Caleb9000

€Powerslave” and “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Song” are better, however this is a masterpiece. - Userguy44

10 Venom - Bullet for My Valentine

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? Holy Diver - Dio

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11 British Steel - Judas Priest

Easily the most overrated metal album of all time. I would argue that this is one of Priest's weaker albums. Too predictable and humoginized. Breaking the Law is a great song though. - Caleb9000

Painkiller is better.

Painkiller is more overrated than this masterpiece. - IronSabbathPriest

I exaggerated a lot when I called this album a masterpiece. I don't think it is. But honestly and truthfully, I enjoy more tracks from this album. Only track on Painkiller I go back to regularly is the title track - IronSabbathPriest

12 Iowa - Slipknot
13 Follow the Leader - Korn
14 Slipknot - Slipknot
15 God Hates Us All - Slayer
16 Korn - Korn
17 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold

This is always above much better albums and this album is absolute trash from start to finish - christangrant

18 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

This is highly overrated. Basically a dumbed-down, more repetitive and more gineric version of Cowboys From Hell. - Caleb9000

19 ...And Justice for All - Metallica
20 Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest
21 Blizzard of Oz - Ozzy Osbourne

NO IT'S NOT! #RIPRandy - sweetbeef

22 Killers - Iron Maiden

This album is UNDERRATED. - Caleb9000

23 Bonded by Blood - Exodus
24 Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? - Megadeth
25 Images & Words - Dream Theater
26 Rust in Peace - Megadeth

Not overrated. Underrated. This is my favorite thrash album, better than Master of Puppets by a long shot. - Caleb9000

"Underrated". Not saying this album is overrated, but every metal publication has put this very high in their "best albums" lists. - Mumbizz01

This album isn’t even top 10 metal albums in my opinion, yet it is ranked number 1 on the best metal albums list. - Spyrofan35

27 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Sorry but no. This is one of the best metal albums of all time. This album defines heavy metal more than any other album ever released and every song is a masterpiece. - Caleb9000

28 Powerslave - Iron Maiden
29 Defenders of the Faith - Judas Priest
30 Ride the Lightning - Metallica
31 Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth

86 % of this album is boring and it wasn't a thrash metal album. It was hard rock/ heavy metal. With the lineup on this album I was hoping for a rust in peace sequel but I was wrong - Sabbath

This is Megadeth's black album. It's just as much a change in style. Symphony of Destruction is Megadeth's Enter Sandman.

Also note how if we exclude Symphony of Destruciton, it isn't that overrated. - Alkadikce

32 Scream Bloody Gore - Death

People say this is the first death metal album but I disagree. Possessed's Seven Churches is the first death metal album in my opinion.

33 Leviathan - Mastodon
34 Blood Mountain - Mastodon
35 Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater
36 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera

This album is fantastic. Easily the best Pantera album. - Caleb9000

37 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - Black Sabbath

false - SoldierOfFortune

38 Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse
39 The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden

Honestly their weakest album, way too long. - VincenzoAureo

40 Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer
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1. Reign In Blood - Slayer
2. Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest
3. Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera
1. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
2. Meliora - Ghost
3. Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold
1. God Hates Us All - Slayer
2. Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche
3. Reign In Blood - Slayer

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