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1 Enter Sandman

Okay, Metallica are the greatest band of all time, and always will be, and as much as I like Enter Sandman, there are other Metallica songs which deserve more recognition than this one...

For example, The Four Horsemen, Creeping Death, Master Of Puppets and One are definitely MUCH better songs, and any song from their first four albums are just pure genius!

I, like most true Metallica fans prefer the first 4 albums, this means I think most hit songs from the post-Justice era are overrated, starting with Sandman and Sad but True which are played at damn near every concert.

Well, I love Metallica, and Enter Sandman is the first song of them I have learnt to play. But it's not as epic as it seems, apart from the great show. The bass line is too easy, not as the style of Burton. In the Black Album there are lots of greater songs, like Sad But True and Wherever I May Roam.

Good song but shouldn't be the most popular.

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2 Master of Puppets

Not the best off the album, not the best from the band, not the best of metal history either. Its too repetitive and stretched out too. There are plenty of better metal songs from other bands and Metallica themselves.

MOP is awesome, but I'm tired of seeing it at the tops of the lists of "Best 'Tallica songs ever! "

It is a good song, of course, and I love the live at Quebec Magnetic. But stop overrating this one, there's better stuff in its album and also in the other ones..

Ok, so this song is good, it has catchy riffs and so on, but why does the "main song of Metallica" always have to be this? - jontskuuuu

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3 Nothing Else Matters

Despite that I like this song I gotta say it's the most overrated song they ever made. People probably like this so much because this is something between classic rock that was huge back in the 70's and metal ballad.

This song is very overrated on this site it a number 5 for best Metallica songs it should be at 25 or 30 best and it's not metal its to soft and james sounds so quite soft other overrated songs are enter sandman one and lots of stuff that's post black album

It's basically Metallica's version of a glam power ballad. It's better than glam power ballads but still the sappy song that kids show their parents to make them think Metallica is safe. Which it is compared to other stuff.

Great song, but can't compare to their other songs

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4 Fade to Black

Lets face it, people just like it because of the guitar solo, which is not even close to one of the greatest of all time or even Metallicas greatest. The first bad Metallica song ever made in my opinion. Kill 'Em All was great and Ride The Lightning almost as good, but after Master Of Puppets Metallica went downhill. "And Justice For All.. " was too flat and everything after it lacked style.

Metallica itself is maybe the most overrated hard rock band. In my opinion you can't be one of the greatest bands ever if you have a few amazing songs. You need have many albums where the majority of the songs are great, and Metallica have way too many terrible songs to be considered the greatest bands of all time. Deep Purple and The Who are examples of bands that have endless good songs, and especially the latter clearly have even in more than one style of music.

With that said, Metallica is still good even if I think the band is overrated. Definitely among the 20 best hard rock ...more

I get if you think this song or Metallica is overrated, but your reasoning is so off point it's almost hilarious.

For fade to black: The solo is not the only amazing part of this song. The fact that you think it's the only reason people like it angers me. It's my favorite song of all time, because of the smooth and haunting intro, the engaging riff, the lyrical and vocal genius which is poured into the song, and then how the song instrumentally throws you into hard rock mode and makes you feel a way you can't describe, a way you've never felt about anything before, and then they go into the best guitar solo of all time (yes, THE best. )

Even if it's not your favorite, there is no way in hell you can really genuinely believe that it's bad.

Metallica: They do have endless amazing songs. I have not a heard a single Metallica song so far I didn't either like, love, or completely fall in love with. They have many amazing songs and then infinite other great ones, by far ...more - Songsta41

This song is too overrated! It's another overrated song that bores me to death! Why do people say it's better than Creeping Death?!

It is very. Real Metallica fans don't like the little ballads. - gemcloben

Pretty damn overrated, needs some rest. It's a good song no doubt, however, there are
Songs that are better than it that do not get the respect they deserve. I think MOP is perfectly rated; the best metal song of all time gets its due. But Day is not overrated at all! In fact, it's quite underrated and had it been in either MOP, RTL or AJFA, old metallica fanatics would have worshipped it. I guess, we expect metallica to change when we are the ones who actually need to, because a lot of their recent music is maddeningly brilliant; we just don't bother understanding the beauty of it.

5 Seek & Destroy

Although this is considered one of the band's classic thrash songs, I find the chorus and guitar riffs annoying and repetitive - The Four Horsemen is a much better song. - petrucci75hammet

This song is overrated. It overshadows The Four Horsemen and Jump In The Fire!

I truely have no idea how this song is always said to be the best song on Kill Em All. It's lyrics are pretty standard, and the song is repetitive. - kempokid

For most people, it's the only Metallica song from Kill 'Em All they know or like. It's still an awesome song, but I get fed up with it distracting people from Whiplash, The Four Hoursemen, etc.

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6 Hit the Lights
7 Fuel

Fuel is a great song

Not even the best song for its album

Worst song I've ever heard after unforgiven 2 and aqll Linkin Park songs

8 Sad but True

How is this song number 9 on this list? I think this should be number 2 or 1 on this list. This song is so overrated and should be higher. It's a good song, but ridiculously overplayed on the radio. Please vote!

I liked it when I got the album, but it never goes away. I'd say the same about 'Enter Sandman, ' but that has certified classic credential, this is just an average album track.

At least it's not as overplayed as Enter Sandman...

Nickelback ruined it by covering.

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9 The Memory Remains

This is a pretty bad song which for some reason was a single and a huge hit. Extremely overrated.

As for other songs on this list:

Master of puppets has some good riffs and all in all is a good song, but it's sort of long and repetitive. It does get a lot of hype. It's a good song and I understand why so many people like it, but in my opinion it's not Metallica's best song, unlike a lot of other people's opinions. So yeah, it's sort of overrated. It's not THAT good.

Seek and Destroy is a great song. It's not overrated in my opinion. Fantastic riffs but maybe a bit repetitive.

One is another great song. Not overrated.

I like Nothing Else Matters, but it's slightly overrated

Enter Sandman has a good riff, but it is very overrated.

I love Load and ReLoad but this song is awful. Based on one boring riff, this song is weird, pathetic and not good.

I don't get why this was such a popular single off Reload, James' vocals at the end are some of the most irritating I've ever heard! - petrucci75hammet

It's a pretty decent song. Much better live

10 The Day that Never Comes

Incredibly boring. It tries so hard to stand up to the classic ballads like One and Fade to Black, but falls flat on it's face. - IronSabbathPriest

In my ear it sounds like the song is trying to explode, but then it doesn't. - Disturbedpotato

My family plays this song all the time, and it gets a bit annoying after a while. Plus, everyone says this is the best song post-AJFA. I don't think so. This is one of Metallica's worst songs in my opinion and also one of their most overrated songs ever!

All Nightmare Long is better.

This song tries too hard to be like One!

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The Newcomers

? The Thing that Should Not Be

It's the thing that should not be on master of puppets. It's 2 riffs for like 6 minutes

One of the worst songs of all time. Boring, repetitive and almost unlistenable

This song made me sleep while listening to the Master Of Puppets album

Really long for what it is. Repetitive. Boring.

? Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Nope. Not letting you say that about this treasure. - Songsta41

I just don't enjoy it as much as the other songs on Master Of Puppets. - EvilMangoes

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11 Harvester of Sorrow

Why is this played in so many concerts?! They should have played Damage, Inc!

This song is great, and fantastically heavy to boot. But I get why people think it's overrated, there's a few better songs on...AJFA that don't get as much love as Harvester. - Brobusky

Not a bad track, but I've never really gotten into it. - IronSabbathPriest

Sounds like a filler and anyone who votes for master of puppets as overrated can burn in hell forever

12 Until It Sleeps

It's not overrated it's one of the most underrated metallica songs.

13 One

Overrated? OVERRATED?! How in any way? This is my favorite (or second favorite) Metallica song! It is far better than Master of Puppets. It has the most amazing solo by Kirk, classic example of a double bass action by Lars. Great rhythm guitar and vocals by James Hetfield. Sure you can't hear the bass by Jason, but I've heard the version with the bass louder and it's... AMAZING! Jason Newsted is a great bassist. Maybe Newsted isn't the best bassist, the best bassist is Cliff Burton of course! Cliff Burton was the only thing Master of Puppets had that One didn't. But other than that, One is far better and SHOULDN'T be on this list.

Why this song is even on this list? This song is just perfect! The guitar solo, drumming by Lars, vocals by James, guitar riffs and the melodic first half of the song: just amazing! Master of Puppets should be in first place, and One... SHOULDN'T BE on this list. Shame on you who ever put this song on the list.

Popular doesn't always mean overrated. This song is amazing! - Brobusky

One sucks.

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14 For Whom the Bell Tolls

For whom the bell tolls is the greatest song of Metallica.

Good song; but VERY overrated. - CostcoHotDogs

Yeah, but it's still very overrated.

15 Now that We're Dead

To be honest this is one of the weaker songs from Hardwired still good but I have no idea why this one get's two music videos while the other songs only have one - christangrant

16 King Nothing

This song is so boring where's your crown king nonthing it is too much lyrics they play it on the radio over and over again the song that I think I'd mostly overrated is one the music vidio is so annoying I hate it oh my god help me too much drama

17 Jump in the Fire

Nothing special in this song, it's kinda repetitive and boring - somekindofaguy

Dave Mustaine's version of this was better.

18 Fight Fire with Fire
19 Hardwired
20 Orion
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