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21 Stone Cold Crazy

I don't think it should've gotten the grammy over Rust in Peace

That really pissed me off. RIP is probably my favourite metal album of all time

Metallica are good, But queen is better at this song. - dragon13304

Why did this win a Grammy? Megadeth should have got it! - gemcloben

What a disgrace, they got a grammy for it, the QUEEN version is way better.

22 The Unforgiven
23 The Thing That Should Not Be

It's the thing that should not be on master of puppets. It's 2 riffs for like 6 minutes

One of the worst songs of all time. Boring, repetitive and almost unlistenable

This song made me sleep while listening to the Master Of Puppets album

Really long for what it is. Repetitive. Boring.

24 St. Anger

Why the heck is THIS song on this list? It's bad, but for something to be overrated, people actually have to LIKE it.

25 Eye of the Beholder
26 Battery
27 The Call of Ktulu

It doesn't have a lot of variety. Sure it sounds pretty good at times, but it's nothing compared to the other instrumentals.

28 No Leaf Clover
29 Wherever I May Roam

This song is just lame, but people like it for some reason. This should be on the top tens.

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