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1 Star Wars

Dumb people still think the last Jedi is a good movie - Dvafan2

The newer Star Wars movies in particular are really overrated, The Force Awakens and Rogue One are the finest examples. As for The Last Jedi, it luckily got bashing (though still praise). Overall I think Disney should just cancel Star Wars, they have ruined it enough! Star Wars was good until Disney arrived! No hope for Episode IX. - darthvadern

The fact that people make a big deal about these movies and think they are beyond criticism - Dvafan2

Way to overrated

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2 The Hunger Games

The first two films were great. Things got boring in 3 and 4 felt like such a letdown. - BKAllmighty

I hated the 3rd one. - mattstat716

SO overrated!

These are lionsgates really only sucessful movies outside of cheap horror movies - Dvafan2

3 Twilight

I would never vote to say that Star Wars is overrated. Best movie series in history - westofohio

Can a movie series as bad as this ever be "overrated"? I guess so. - BKAllmighty

The movies and books are overrated - Dvafan2

Liberal usage of the word "overrated". Yay. - Swellow

4 Despicable Me

One word minions - Dvafan2

Yeah, things went south with 2015's 'Minions'. Too much of a good thing. - BKAllmighty

5 Transformers

People still watch these I watch the last knight and was confused - Dvafan2

6 The Avengers The Avengers

Don't even get me STARTED on the Thanos memes - xandermartin98

After the third one, deserves higher.

7 Finding Nemo/Dory
8 The Incredibles

This list was made before incredible 2 came incredibly overrated movie series just a fantastic four ripoff for kids and boring characters - Dvafan2

9 Pokemon

The made like 20 pokemon movies by now based on the anime - Dvafan2

10 The Fast and the Furious

Just not as good as people say it is

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11 The Dark Knight

Well, I understand that 'The Dark Knight Rises' isn't the perfect ending that everyone hoped for but 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' are still terrific. - BKAllmighty

Should be number 1.

Not as perfect as people say it is - Dvafan2

12 High School Musical

More overrated pop movies - Dvafan2

13 Toy Story

Curse you girlcool!

14 Fifty Shades of Grey

Two words: Sex everywhere

15 2001: A Space Odyssey

They actually made a sequel called 2010 odyssey 2 also this and its sequels are boring - Dvafan2

16 Harry Potter

Deserves to be on no. 1

I like Harry Potter but it should be number 1 - Gangem

17 Jumanji

Just look at welcome to the jungles box office - Dvafan2

New one is fine. Original sucks - Midevilnight

...i mean... I liked the new one and the old one... - mattstat716

18 Jurassic Park
19 The Hangover
20 Lego Movie
21 Lord of the Rings Series
22 Marvel Cinematic Universe
23 Cars
24 X-Men
25 James Bond

(cough, Casino Royale and Goldfinger for example, cough) - xandermartin98

26 Three Colors Trilogy

Critics somehow LOVE these movies despite them being the equivalent of watching paint dry.

27 The Matrix
28 How High


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1. The Avengers
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