Most Overrated Movies of 2014

The Top Ten

1 22 Jump Street
2 The LEGO Movie

Definitely it's not an awful movie but after how popular it got I have to ask is it that good and everything is awesome is one of the most overrated songs ever - Gamer4life

I liked the twist in it, but I didn't like the rest. - funnyuser

No offense guys, but in my opinion, this movie was far below my expectations. - NerdyPweeps

Its not over rated its way too under rated this movie is awesome - simpsondude

3 Guardians of the Galaxy

The entire cast should be ashamed for being apart of this terrible flick, and the critics are really dumb to say this film is funny, because it's not

I have never felt so much hatred and anger for anything in the world then this pile of trash that never deserved to scrape the face of the earth

This movie is just absolute crap

I hate this movie with a passion, I mean it is pretty much the worst movie ever. Horrible comedy, boring characters, poorly developed villain and all around weak fight scenes. the only plus is groot and the CGI

4 Frozen

Look, I know everyone feels the need to remind everyone else how overrated this movie is as if we didn't hear them the first eighty triillion times, but the fact remains that this movie came out in 2013 thus doesn't belong on this list for that reason alone.

Very Overrated but frozen was released in 2013, 2014 was also just when it was popular - VideoGamefan5

5 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The credit that the film was getting was too much! It was just a huge borefest. Worst film I have ever seen - RickyReeves

6 Interstellar
7 Godzilla

Lol, the triggered Godzilla fans are coming

8 Hercules
9 Rio 2
10 Gravity


The Contenders

11 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
12 How to Train Your Dragon 2
13 Boyhood
14 Behaving Badly
15 The Fault in Our Stars
16 Annie (2014)
17 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
18 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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