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21 Room

Probably the most overrated movie of the decade so far. It started off great but after the first hour or so it completely disintegrated. One of the most overrated film adaptations, and totally Oscar bait; family melodrama with a child at the center of the plot. Adding a cute child at the center of a family melodrama is a cheap way of attracting critics, terrible.

The film itself was just way to melodramatic. Especially the acting. I've seen way better films.

22 Strange Magic

IKR! For the standards of videos' reception of very well-liked YouTubers such as AniMat and E-Rod, Strange Magic gets too much praise for how it has one-dimensional, romantic covers of classic songs. Bob Marley is so awesome. Strange Magic's fanbase is racist.

23 The Duff

This movie was great the language not so much but the movie its self was so funny

24 Do You Believe?
25 Ant-Man

Nobody told it wasn't good. If this movie is overrated that doesn't mean it was bad.

Yeah Ant man was a great movie! CURSE whoever put this up there!

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26 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
27 Spectre
28 Hotel Transylvania 2

This movie tried too hard to be funny.

Rubbish film

29 Jupiter Ascending

Should be #1 cause it's sucks and people thought it was good just because it was made by the Wachowskis who also made The Matrix

30 The Danish Girl
31 Joy
32 Straight Outta Compton
33 The Ridiculous 6
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