Top 10 Most Overrated Movies of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Beauty and the Beast
2 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Homecoming

This is madly overrated. It's just boring and unnecessary - FJS19

3 The Fate of the Furious The Fate of the Furious
4 Alien: Covenant

For one this movie looks incredible. Half the people who say this movie is bad or overrated is because they havnt seen the previous Alien movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurection, Alien: Isolation, Alien vs Predator, AVP Remake, Proetheous. - KDProductions

5 Power Rangers Power Rangers
6 Dunkirk
7 Transformers: The Last Knight
8 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

Get this to number 1 please!

9 The Emoji Movie

This movie is overrated due to being a box office success. - Eraser

Overrated? , everyone hates it! - VideoGamefan5

10 It

I can't judge the movie because I'd never judge something without watching at least a snippet of it, but dear god, I've become sick of hearing about this movie, much like Suicide Squad of last year. - Swellow

I never saw it, but everyone at my school won't shut up about it - Eraser

The Newcomers

? Justice League Justice League
? Thor: Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok

The most average superhero movie ever. Kinda sick of hearing about how great it was when meanwhile it offers nothing original at all and it's a bit of a mess. 6/10.

Prepare for my review. It'll be controversial. And people will attack me. - DCfnaf

Maybe it's praised because people think this is the best Thor movie. - Tia-Harribel

The Contenders

11 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

The more I think of the movie and read about it, the more I start to dislike it. I'm really starting to not like this movie as a whole because I keep seeing more problems in the movie (bad CGI, different accents from the Amazonians, bad acting from the side characters, etc.) - Phillip873

Most overrated thing in existence!

12 Monster Trucks
13 War for the Planet of the Apes
14 The Lego Batman Movie

I Still Loved It Though - VideoGamefan5

Overrated - VideoGamefan5

15 Logan

Number 1 please

Overrated as f. It was just an overbloated flawed movie

16 Cars 3
17 Kong: Skull Island
18 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
19 The Boss Baby
20 Smurfs: The Lost Village
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