Most Overrated Movies of 2018


The Top Ten

1 The Incredibles 2

They made a sequel to a film I didn't like and it is already overhyped - Dvafan2

2 Black Panther Black Panther

Not as good as the dumb critics say it what does black panther get different from every other marvel movie oh it's a movie about Africa of course the sjws and the media are overhyping it - Dvafan2

3 A Wrinkle in Time

Oprah is overrated - Dvafan2

4 Paddington 2

100% of all movies you give this a 100% I can think of like 10 better movies - Dvafan2

5 Tomb Raider

Just please stop and this still didn't flop - Dvafan2

6 Solo: A Star Wars Story Solo: A Star Wars Story

Only 6 because the fans a divided but it will likely be overrated like every other star wars movie - Dvafan2

7 Ready Player One

A great big nostalgia fest of course all the nerds watched this - Dvafan2

Sorry, pal, still hated its guts to no end when looking back on it - xandermartin98

8 Peter Rabbit

I can't believe this made 100 million dollars this movie was crap - Dvafan2

9 Fifty Shades Freed

Only at 9 because a lot of people hate this - Dvafan2

10 Avengers: Infinity War

Mediocre movie I just don't get what's so good about a movie that is predictable

The Contenders

11 Pacific Rim: Uprising
12 Ant-Man and the Wasp

The MCU will release any movie with the same plot and people will still praise it

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