Most Overrated Movies of 2019

The most overrated movies of 2019. At the time this list is made, we're not halfway through 2019 yet so itäs basically the most overhyped movies of 2019 as well. But here's the list

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1 Captain Marvel

With the reviews being in it is safe to say this will be one of the first Marvel movies that is actually underrated thanks to parasites making reviews like SJW trash, crap about identity politics, and this movie isn't for men. I get that the maker of the trailer was being cute with HERo and you don't like that the actress is a Women's Rights Activist, but come on that is just execs doing what they need to do to create controversy because controversy brings butts into seats and just because a person is an activist doesn't mean their going to bring their politics into it
Holy crap people it is just a Marvel movie stop throwing crap into a movie that isn't there especially a movie that hasn't even been released yet.
Just because a movie has a female superhero doesn't automatically make it feminist trash - germshep24

One of the worst superhero movies ever. Even worse than Endgame.

I know some people are trying to defend this movie since a lot of people say the marketing is garbage. But at least the ones who are trashing this movie have a point.

The main problem with the marketing is that the crew of this movie is so arrogant. They're saying Captain Marvel is the strongest Marvel character (what does "futon energy" have against "Hulk smash" and "God of thunder"? ).

And also, in a T.V. spot, the narrator of that commercial said "it has an origin story like no other". And by that I mean that the origin story is very "original". Captain Marvel's origin story goes like this: She's a Kree, she looses her memory, she must gain her memory, she survives an accident, she must fight the Skrulls, and she realises that she gets brainwashed by the Kree (and obviously, they are the main antagonists and the Skrulls were innocent the whole time). Now, tell me, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HEARD THAT KIND OF ORIGIN STORY BEFORE? Didn't that kind of origin story happen ...more

A movie that is both overrated and overhated at the same time. - B1ueNew

2 Avengers: Endgame

Back to the Future meets Infinity War = The movie in a nutshell. However, I understand why it became the highest grossing film. It was the final of an entire successful franchise, but I expected so much better. This and Toy Story 4 proves once again the last movie is a disappointment most of the time.

This movie was very predictable from the time when Infinity War ended. We all knew that this movie would have time traveling and would have Iron Man defeat Thanos. But the Russo brothers had to lie to us, fans, by stating that the movie won't have time traveling. I mean, we already knew what was going to happen: The Avengers go back in time to set things right, all the dead heroes revive, and Iron Man dies by sacrificing his life to kill Thanos. While the execution of the story was done well, my biggest flaw is how predictable most of the important elements are.

This is certainly the most overrated movie of all time. It was undeservingly praised and overhyped when the actual product was mediocre and very disappointing. Critics as usual kissed Marvel's ass. Does not at all deserve that 2 billion it made.

The movie has its flaws: fat Thor joke went on for far to long, It took forever to start, and it was pretty much just infinity War all over again.
The movie also has redeeming quality: even though it was just a remake of infinity war it was done pretty cleverly, the final fight was very entertaining, and the spoiler scenes were so good - germshep24

3 The Lion King

Disney got lazy, most of their movies are remakes of better movies! - kanetheundertaker25

This film is extremely overrated. I hate to disrespect opinions here but the only reason why people like this movie is because it’s Lion King. - RadioHead03

The Lion King is a live-action remake on the 1994 animated movie The Lion King - darthvadern

I would prefer a lion king 4 about kiaras reign but at least its lion king. - AwesomeJawson

4 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

This list is bad. None of these movies except this one are out yet. And Captain Marvel, Star Wars 9, Frozen 2 and The Live action Disney movie remakes are all being crapped on already so to put them on a overrated films list when they are already getting backlash and not even out yet is pretty dumb to me. - B1ueNew

Oh boy here is the obligatory "overrated" movie list, your have an addiction Darthvadern you should get checked, we are barely a 6th of the way through 2019 you really should have called it the most overhyped movies, then you could have made this list 6 months later, just to help you out for 2020 - germshep24

I actually agree with you, this one was a bit mean spirited, I meant it as a joke, plus some advice for next time, because I know a lot of people are mad about this list being made when barely any of the movies came out - germshep24

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a sequel to The Lego Movie, and the fourth lego movie made by Warner Bros. - darthvadern

Wow, That's it? The Lego Movie 2 a sequel to the Lego Movie made by Warner bros? Wow such great detail and explanation. - B1ueNew

It was not good. *Shakes head* - Luckys

5 Frozen II

The trailer does look interesting for this movie, looks like the story will play on more darker theme - germshep24

While it looks good, I'm certain this movie was made for money. - Drawbox

Surprisingly excited to see this.

This must have died along with Tangled and Big Hero 6 - LoboMaloso

6 Aladdin

Should be 1 it will still make money from people who refuse to put down their nostalgia goggles and realize this movie is terrible same with lion king - Dvafan2

I don't think people are extremely excited for this movie some people might be curious about the movie to see how it comes out, but having one of the most iconic comedians playing the genie in the original is a very hard shoe to fill - germshep24

A live-action remake of the 1992 disney animated movie - DoroExploro13

No one is exited for this movie. Mr Will Smurf will be in our nightmares now. So I guess it’s rEwInD tImE! - RadioHead03

7 Joker (2019)

Oh my this movie was so boring. There was hardly any Joker in this movie. They should have named it as Arthur instead of Joker. And Joker and Batman are related? What a poor excuse of storytelling. I bet this movie would have flopped if the characters name was other than Joker. Most overrated movie of this year.

Where did the movie say Joker and Batman were related, there was just one scene that had him meet a small boy to make some joy that happened to be the boy that would turn into Batman - germshep24

The Joker at least has plenty of refreshing takes in the superhero genre with several inspirations from Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, but it isn't a near-masterpiece than what the movie thinks it is because there are a few issues with its portrayal of mental illness, and it takes heavy homages from Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, and some other 70s and 90s movies. Other than that, I admire this movie. - BurnAux

Emo superheroes, yay...that was sarcasm, for the record.


8 Star Wars: Episode IX

Lets see when it flops because of the last jedi's and solo's awfulness - Dvafan2

As far as I know this movie isn't out yet, I would say it is underrated, just because everyone is assuming it will suck before actually seeing it - germshep24

Star Wars: Episode IX is the ninth installment in the Star Wars franchise and the third and last installment in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars overall - darthvadern

This doesn't even have any trailers out yet. How is it overrated. A lot of annoying star wars nostalgiatard fans are already hating it and saying "wah Last jedi was the worst this will suck to wah" - B1ueNew

Honestly even if the Last Jedi was a perfect movie in every way, Star Wars fans will cry about the movie sucking and the next movie will suck - germshep24

9 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Honestly, this franchise was very overrated. The only good film in the franchise is the second movie. Sure, this still has the top-notch animation, but this has SO MUCH flaws.

-It has the exact same plot as the second movie (example: the villain manipulates Toothless to be on his side, so Hiccup must get Toothless back on his side).
-The third act was rushed and the final battle was so short.
-It focuses so much on the romance between Toothless and the light-fury.
-The villain has a terrible backstory and has no legit reason as to why he hunts for the Night Furies. (Grimmel: "I killed my own Night Fury in its sleep, and I was rewarded as chief of my village").
-Despite the title of this movie being called "The Hidden World", it has nothing to do with The Hidden World since that place only appeared once.

It's not terrible. I mean, it's on par with the first movie. But I wouldn't say it's one of the best. The animation is top-notch. Perhaps, the biggest ...more

Who put this here it isn't overrated (unlike toy story 4 and lion king remake) - Dvafan2

There's barely any movies out yet this year, for goodness sake. I've only seen three, but Glass and Alita: Battle Angel were pure awesomeness. This, on the other hand...I didn't really care for it, to say the least.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon 2 and is the third installment in the How To Train Yoru Dragon trilogy, and the last one in the trilogy as well - darthvadern

10 Toy Story 4

Disney fanboys like with incredibles are saying this is the greatest thing ever just because critics liked this - Dvafan2

Toy Story 4 is a sequel to Toy Story 3 and the fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise overall - darthvadern

I don't think a fourth movie was necessary. - Smash64

Despite barely anyone being excited for it - iliekpiez

Just because your not excited for it doesn't mean other aren't, remember your thoughts don't represent everyone's thoughts - germshep24

The Contenders

11 It: Chapter 2

OH COME ON! The 1st movie wasn't that good to begin with (Its decent), and we the movie concluded at the same time as the book. We don't need to add more stuff to a perfectly decent movie! We all know how that turned out with Charlotte's web. *shudder*

Or it could be very good, at least wait until you see the movie before judging it - germshep24

12 Justice League Part Two

Why do they have to make this movie?!

Didn't even realize there was a JL 2 coming out lol - germshep24

13 Dumbo

Not too many people were even hyped for this movie. How is it overrated? - B1ueNew

The trailers don't even look that good

But... nobody likes this movie.. - RadioHead03

14 Shazam! Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker created the character in 1939. Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics #2, published by Fawcett Comics.

Shazam! Is a DC movie in the DC Extended Universe and the overall 7th movie in the DC Extended Universe - darthvadern

This doesn't look that bad...

They have no respect for DC, everything DC does stinks - LoboMaloso

15 Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the 23rd installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall - darthvadern

You should take my advice though, next time make a overhyped list then when it gets close to september make this list, by that time most of the good movies have come out - germshep24

16 Glass

Nah, this one was actually very underrated.

Horrible movie! Horrible ending!

17 Ad Astra

I did enjoy a few parts in Ad Astra, but it's a bit too much of an overstatement that many critics are highly raving this movie and some are saying that this is one of the best science fiction films they've seen in a long while. - BurnAux

18 Alita: Battle Angel

A good movie but unfortunately got caught in the whole white conservative hate speech that went along with Captain Marvel, now I know not all white conservatives were spreading the hate some didn't even care and I'm sure a lot didn't even care, but it is the small group of people that ruin a movie - germshep24

The fanbase for this movie is extremely terrible. - RadioHead03

19 The Secret Life of Pets 2
20 Parasite

If you're scratching your head...wondering what this is...why it's even here...this recently made quite a climb on the list of 2019 movies...and yet nobody on any other website I go to...and I go to a lot...has heard of it...strange, isn't it...
Strange that such an obscure movie made it so high up on that list...very suspicious...I smell votebots...they may not be spamming likes or comments anymore...but they don't fool me...and they shouldn't fool know better...we both do...
And yes...I know what the picture I put's a Superman villain...but it's the only good quality picture they gave me...and I hate not giving items a picture...blame the site...or don't, it's too obscure to care about...blame the bots for making me do this...

It is a foreign movie of course it didn't really hit many list especially when the film festival showing in America didn't hit until September, though it is weird that you say you go to a lot of websites and yet nobody heard of it and I go to a lot of best of lists and this movie is on most of them - germshep24

21 Sonic the Hedgehog (2019)

This movie will ruin my life.


22 Godzilla: King of the Monsters

So much hype for what's essentially going to be Bayformers version 2. Oooh, mindless action. Where's the suspense? Where's the interesting, memorable characters? Where's the depth, the emotion? Where's ANYTHING that will keep me from forgetting this after I leave the theater? Any answers? No? What they're trying to do with these giant monster movies now is become another Marvel. Problem is, they have none of what made the Marvel movies so good in the first place. For example, Godzilla's character boils down to "RAR DESTROY EVERYTHING", and he's actually the most complex of the whole lot, whereas with Marvel, the characters actually have-quite a novel concept-PERSONALITY. Spectacle is fine, but it's not everything, and if you crutch on it, you're dead in the water.
(P.S. The reason the old Godzilla movies were good was because they were hilariously bad. They were bad in every way, but you could laugh at the B-movie stupidity. The problem is they want to be taken seriously, which ...more

A seriously BAD movie!

Haters are stupid. End of story. Respect the franchise or die! - asantalo


23 Midsommar

I liked Midsommar, but I've found it to be overrated. Having a very talented and new director doesn't always mean that he or she will make another great film. - BurnAux

24 The Kid Who Would Be King

Pointless movie with hateable characters. I even hate the young version of Merlin here. Everything he says is obnoxious, he is so bossy, and he keeps doing this kind of... annoying hand gestures to strangers.

25 Dark Phoenix Jean Grey-Summers is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

How is a movie that bombed so badly considered an overrated movie - germshep24

26 Wonder Park

Overrated isn't the same as bad movie, this movie wasn't overrated it was trashed by both critics and audience alike - germshep24

27 UglyDolls
28 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

I'm suprised this isn't here this will gross a billion just because it's a fast and furious movie when they are all the same movies - Dvafan2

29 Dora and the Lost City of Gold
30 The Irishman

Have any of you heard of the uncanny valley? As something starts to look more human-like, there is a point where people think it just looks wrong, and are repulsed by it. The reason I bring this up is because this movie's special effects fall into the deepest part of the uncanny valley, and the movie just becomes unpleasant to watch.

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