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1 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.

People really have forgotten what the word overrated means. They aren't terrible, but I've taken a listen to them, and they seem to have declined in creativity with each album. What really settles it is how much their fans claim to be "fans" but only listen to songs off Blurryface, by far their worst album, and yes, Heathens, likely their worst song. They never really had much uniqueness, and their songs already were just suburban white trash cliches. I certainly don't have much positive stuff to say other than, they're, catchy? I guess...other than that, they're simply the most overrated music artist of today. - naFrovivuS

(All my opinion here. If you have a different one, that's okay!)

Heathens was their big song this year, and unfortunately probably one of their worst songs. It was shallow sounding, the lyrics were boring, the chorus and hook were just- well, everything about that song was bland! Onto Twenty One Pilots themselves: these guys are consistently overrated. The instrumentals are nothing special. K-mart/Soundcloud beats over high school poetry slam rapping. The part of TOP that's most often praised are their lyrics.


Maybe in their self titled album, and possibly Vessel. But this is 2016 here- the focus is Blurryface and Heathens. While there is some wordplay I like in songs like Stressed Out- "out of student loans and tree house homes we all would take the latter" (gedd it? l atter and ladder? Ha ha.) the lyrics are for the most part mind-numbingly cheesy/straight up bad. Examples:

"My taste in music is your face! "

"I wasn't ...more

Their lyrics are REALLY relatable, maybe not the best singer, writer, drummer, but hey they really put effort in their songs. They are not false and they really take care of The clique. I really enjoy their work and I love that their songs are very unique. Their lyrics are also unique, they talk about real stuff. Maybe we just have different music tastes. But totally respect your opinion. Have a goog day!

I'm sorry, this is going to sound weird. They are one of my favorite bands, but yeah. Their music is overrated. Or at least, the more recent albums are. If you go back to their first albums, much better. However, just because they're good doesn't mean they should be "the best band ever". All in all, I love them but they are overrated in some ways.

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2 The Chainsmokers The Chainsmokers

Do they even have any talents?

They are really annoying and their songs are just mediocre.

They use the same rhythm (or path as some people call it) of chords in every damn song. They do NOT have any musical talent whatsoever and their albums just keep getting worse and worse.

WHY THE HECK ARE THE CHAINSMOKERS CONSIDERED GOOD MUSIC?!?!?! Almost everyone I know loves them. They have laughably horrible synth work and REPREHENSIBLE SONGS (especially Closer, which is one of the most horrid songs ever created). Go listen to Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5, and all of the other masters of EDM. The Chainsmokers are the worst things to come out of my absolute FAVORITE music genre. - PhoenixAura81

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3 Drake Drake Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Not overrated just bad in my opinion - Hiimme

BOO - UltimateCraig

I put Drake this "lw" because his music has gotten low accaim and lots of hate as= well - ProPanda

Drake is below Bieber this year...?

This has to be a joke. - SwagFlicks

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4 Melanie Martinez Melanie Martinez Melanie Adele Martinez is an American singer and songwriter. Melanie Martinez auditioned for the American television vocal talent show The Voice and became a member of Team Adam.

Thank god the fanbase hasn't found this yet. I like her but she's overrated. - ProPanda

Voted just for commenting. If you guys don't know what you're talking about than just don't. Melanie is awesome: her songs have the whole childhood thing but they do have extremely serious meanings. Her voice is marvelous. And she isn't "another pop hoe". Go build an argument before hating on people. Ya'll dumb though.

YES. She gets WAY too much attention. She's not even good. I can say her cover of "Pity Party" was good, but other than that, no. - TidalJ

Her fanbase worships her as a goddess. she's amazing and all, but she doesn't need to be brung up every time someone says the word "dollhouse"

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5 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Wow, beiber on the top of a top tens list, what a TWIST! Seriously, his new stuff is pretty good, it's time to move on from 2009. - Jackamalio

I mean I find it hilarious if someone who had a better voice than bieber came onto the scene, just cause fan girls don't idolize them, their songs will never reach number 1

He's decently rated as of late, but seriously, I don't think he should be number one. - SwagFlicks


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6 Halsey Halsey

I love Halsey! Like TOP, listen to her other stuff. - UltimateCraig

New Americana only hit top 60. Chainsmokers were the primary reason of Closer going #1. Colors and Gasoline flopped hard. Outside of her fanbase, no one really liked her. How is she overrated? - ProPanda

7 Adele Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles more.

Her voice is good, some of her songs are good but the others are not that good. I think she's so considered because there's no soul singer better than her, but you can't say she is the soul queen. Amy maybe could be but not Adele.

25 was so overplayed, and so was hello. It was a good song, but so overrated

She has a beautiful, strong voice but... ok... let's say it bad, overplayed songs

8 Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor

A song about how people shouldn't worry about their appearance gets her famous and she totally ruins it by singing a song about how people should be just like her.

All her songs sucks.I'm even amazed that people liked her song "me too", where in the entire song is basically her bragging about herself. There are idiots that actually love this garbage.

All her songs are about that men suck, and why do suck, basically a ultra feminist

9 Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. He attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine.

So true and that picture is pure photoshop and CRAP!... I am not a hater...

He sounds like every other teen male singer. - Swellow

I love Shawn mendes so much give him a break

10 Rihanna Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian pop singer . Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, she first entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers in 2003. She ultimately signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning more.

Should be higher.

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11 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress . She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom, "Victorious". She later become a singer more.

She isn't that great of a singer

eh pass - UltimateCraig

A lot of her music today sounds the same. She's becoming more generic and bland than ever. And am I the only one who's getting this really forced sexy vibe from her music videos? People say that she's pretty, but I can't tell with all the make up caked on her face. She doesn't bother to pronounce her words when she sings. She can hit a few high notes here and there, but that doesn't make her outstanding. Honestly, I've heard better vocals from Demi Lovato!

She's so overrated, it's annoying. Her fans love to say that she's transforming into this ultra sexy idgaf chick, but there is nothing sexy about constantly singing that you take dick! The tactic is so overused, I wouldn't be surprised if she sung about giving head.

12 DNCE DNCE DNCE is an American pop rock band. The group consists of members Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee.

They suck, but not as bad as Shawn you-know-who... - UltimateCraig

13 Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer, songwriter and actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop rock band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe.
14 Rae Sremmurd Rae Sremmurd Rae Sremmurd is an American hip hop duo, composed of two brothers, Khalif "Swae Lee" Brown (born June 7, 1995) and Aaquil "Slim Jxmmi" Brown (born December 29, 1993). They are best known for their platinum singles "No Flex Zone" and "No Type". They are signed to Mike WiLL Made-It's label, "EarDrummer more.

Though Black Beatles was awesome. SremmLife 2 was awFUL. RAE SREMMURD IS THE WIRST BAND EVER. But they getting some hate so I disagree - AlphaQ

15 Jackie Evancho Jackie Evancho Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .
16 Beyonce Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.

Holy crap! Just saw where the university of Texas is offering a course featuring Lemonade as a major study unit. Gag me with a forklift.

If she was ugly and had a below average figure, nobody would care about her at all.

Geez, her fandom keeps gushing like "Lemonade" is the next "Blonde on Blonde".

LMAO, Blonde on Blonde is a classic rock album. How is it a Beyoncé album?
Also, threatening to kill yourself with a forklift is idiotic. - Swellow

17 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Alison Swift (Taylor Swift) is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching more.

She can't even sing good and she's such a fake annoying bitch..-_-

18 Lukas Graham Lukas Graham Lukas Graham is a pop-soul band from Copenhagen, Denmark. It is currently made up of Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, and Magnus Larsson.
19 Thomas Rhett Thomas Rhett


20 The Weeknd The Weeknd Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

The Weeknd was awesome and like the best in 2016 - AlphaQ

Starboy is so generic pop song. This singer deserves the most overrated R&B artist nowadays. - waraypiso

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