Most Overrated Nintendo Consoles


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1 Nintendo Wii

Nope - DCfnaf

2 Nintendo Entertainment System
3 Nintendo 3DS
4 Nintendo DSi
5 Nintendo 64

It's crappy and never got hate

6 Nintendo Switch

Yet another list where the poster doesn't understand what overrated means - Jackamalio

I think you need to look up the term overrated. I'm just saying. - cjWriter1997

You wait and see. The Nintendo Switch will be the best console. You laugh now but wait and see. - ShigeruMiyamoto

Okay, I'm officially reading all of your posts in a japanese voice. It's so much better... - mattstat716

Really? It'll be a great console, but way too overhyped. to be honest I liked the Wii U more call me weird - GreenPizza0511

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7 GameCube

Nope - Minecraftisawesone

8 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
9 Nintendo 2DS

This is hated by many, but it still sucks. You can't close the screen so you'll definitely break it. - DCfnaf

Like the Virtual Boy and Wii Mini, this isn't overrated since not many people like the 2DS. - drdevil

Barely anyone has this compared to the 3DS. - Rue

Waste of time and money why buy this when you could just simply turn off the 3d switch on the 3DS - christangrant

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10 Nintendo Gameboy

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11 Nintendo Wii Mini

I never heard of this before. Surely that screams overrated! /sarcasm - Rue

Well there was no clear point of this console's release in the first place. I'm frankly sick of seeing all these 'overrated' lists polluting TheTopTens. - Entranced98

Finally, someone who said it. "Overrated" lists are just a lazy attempt of a list nowadays. - cjWriter1997

Well No One Likes This Poop - VideoGamefan5

12 Nintendo GameBoy Color
13 Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Good But Overrated - VideoGamefan5

14 Nintendo Game & Watch

I Believe This Is Where People Take Nostalgia Too Far - VideoGamefan5

VERY overrated - Heyo_Simba

15 Nintendo Wii U

Yeah, you don't know what overrated means. - DCfnaf

The Nintendo Wii U is considered the most underrated console of all time. - Rue

16 Nintendo Virtual Boy

Bad isn't the same as overrated. A lot of people hate this console, so it's not even close to overrated. - NikBrusk

Better question is why are VR's making a come back for? To remind use of the awful train wreck that was this pile of crap. - htoutlaws2012

Overrated Cause It Sucks, LOL - VideoGamefan5

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