Top 10 Most Overrated Nu Metal Bands

Nu Metal regardless think if it's "poser metal" or even metal at all. There's no denying that some bands of the genre get more attention than others. Not calling any of these bands terrible but they are somewhat overrated. And to assure you overrated and bad do not MEAN the same thing. So please don't get pissy at me if your favorite band is on this list. I'm excluding Post- Grunge, Rap Rock, and regular Grunge bands for this list. Even if they only made or two nu metal albums they still count.

The Top Ten

1 Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Alternative more.

Don't get me wrong Hybrid Theory and Meteora were awesome albums but they aren't the most influential band of the genre and don't deserve to be at number one on the best "Nu Metal bands" list. I think that Korn is more worthy of that spot. They had a influence on it but get more credit than needed.

I could've sworn this list was already made - Nonpointed

I checked and there's only been a worse and best Nu Metal bands list before this. So NO it wasn't already made. Don't accuse me of plagiarism when you don't have proof.

You obviously do not know what overrated means. Overrated means something has a ton of attention and praise but do not deserve it. The top 4 bands on here do deserve their praise because they’re great bands in my opinion. Just because something is popular and has a lot of attention, doesn’t make them overrated!

2 Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.

I do like Slipknot but they do get a lot of attention... that's undeniable.

3 System Of A Down System Of A Down System of a Down formed in 1994 as an Armenian-American Nu Metal group from Glendale, California . The band name is sometimes shortened to System or SOAD. more.

Excellent band but they do get lots of praise and attention.

Lots of praise and attention =/= overrated

Lots of praise and attention does make something overrated how retarded are you?

4 Disturbed Disturbed Disturbed is an American nu metal/ alternative rock/ alternative metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band comprises vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. They are known for songs like "Down With the Sickness" and "Stricken" .

Their first album counts as Nu Metal so I guess they count.

5 Deftones Deftones Deftones are an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. The band, which was founded in 1988, consists of Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Frank Delgado, Abe Cunningham and Sergio Vega.

A pretty decent band but slightly overrated.

6 Korn Korn Korn is an American Nu-Metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Brian "Head" Welch, and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with the addition of Ray Luzier, who replaced the band's original member, David more.

Influential for the genre but kind of overrated at the same time.

7 Papa Roach Papa Roach Papa Roach is an American rock band from Vacaville, California. Formed in 1993, their first major-label release was the triple-platinum album Infest.

So overrated it hurts...

8 Evanescence Evanescence Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

Only for their first album which was Nu Metal everything else obviously isn't Nu Metal.

9 Drowning Pool Drowning Pool Drowning Pool is an American Alternative Metal band formed in Dallas, Texas in 1996. The band was named after the film The Drowning Pool.

They're incredibly mediocre and aren't that great in my opinion.

10 Mudvayne Mudvayne Mudvayne was an American heavy metal band from Peoria, Illinois formed in 1996. Originally from Bloomington, Illinois, they are known for their sonic experimentation, innovative album art, face and body paint, masks and uniforms.

At least worthy of one spot on this list.

The Contenders

11 Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland.

I'd argue that they're overhated if anything...

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