Most Overrated Operating Systems

Vote for an operating that has too much praise also it does not mean it's bad.

The Top Ten

1 Windows 10

People vote for this because of the live apps, Cortana and is Windows. I prefer Windows 7. - 50

One of the worst Windows systems - darthvadern

2 Windows 7

It's still the best Windows though - darthvadern

It's voted for the best just because of the Aero theme and is Windows. - 50

3 Windows XP Windows XP

Everyone seems to say it's the best operating system. I can see flaws, too less security, - 50

The sprites and graphics are so nostalgic for me though - darthvadern

I loved it too and I will admit that I sometimes miss using it because I grew up with it, but it’s been unsupported for years now and people are still using it when it could cause their computer to run slower. - 3DG20

4 Macintosh OSX
5 Ubuntu

I have some big nostalgia for this though, I love this one to be honest, BUT you can't play video games on it (but let's be real video games aren't everything) - darthvadern

Had to use an outdated version to use ROOT properly. You really gotta do some digging sometimes. - PositronWildhawk

There are better linux distribution out there, people vote for this because it's the most popular linux distribution. - 50

6 Kali Linux

Some script kiddies think they can hack using Kali Linux. Don't fall for these people who think that Kali Linux means hacking. - 50

People need to learn that Kali Linux doesn't mean hacking, Kali Linux isn't for stealing data, that's illegal - 50

7 Linux

It may be underrated outside of TheTopTens but why is most people in here seem to be obsessed with this. Linux community is sorta toxic. - 50

Linux rocks in my opinion - darthvadern

8 Windows 95

The start menu and the taskbar isn't a big deal. I can live without it. - 50

9 Windows 1.0

It wasn't the first OS that started the GUI as everyone says it did. The OS the actually started the GUI is probably Macintosh 128K (which came out in 1984) - 50

Aside from being the first Windows operating system, it’s not really overrated, in fact, both this and Windows 2.0 were quite hated due to unstability, but although it’s nothing compared to XP, 7, 10 or even 8.1, Windows 3.1 had a lot more hype and praise than this. - 3DG20

10 Linux Mint

I dislike this one seriously - darthvadern

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