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1 Titanic

Just a plain boring cheesy romance... I was so glad when the ship finally began to sink...

Hey everyone, let's make a film about two people having a relationship on a boat. Yay for massive gross! Probably the most overrated film I've seen, perhaps Lost In Translation.

Rose still loves Jack even as an old lady who had been married for years. She would rather be with the guy she was with on a boat for a few days rather than her lifetime husband. She basically cheated her spouse her entire life. - olliv

The only good, entertaining part is when the ship sinks. The rest of the movie isn't worth watching. - olliv

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2 Slumdog Millionaire

This movie did not deserve to be Best Movie of 2008! I was disgusted when Dark Knight didn't get nominated for Best Picture! This is so much worse

This movie is total crap. If made by an Indian director in Hindi - it would have been a total flop. Just because it was made in English by a famous director, and had included exaggerated western stereotypes of India - it became a hit. Even Rehman's music in that movie is at best average compared to his other works.

What on earth happened to Danny Boyle? I miss the years when he made great films such as Trainspotting and Shallow Grave. This film had too many events and too little time to show them all. So everything in this film feels fake.


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3 The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

NUMBER 3! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! All the oscars that his film was awarded were well deserved by it. This movie was awesome and doesn't deserve to be on the most overrated films list.

Who put this on this list? What is Godfather doing here?!

This is a phenomenal masterpiece of a film what about the English patient that was a piece of crap film

Whole series is overrated

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4 American Beauty

Its probably the most pretentious, ham-fisted, self-important movie about a pedophile, an airhead wife and brainless teenagers I have ever seen. Hardly worthy of a best picture. Nothing about this movie is Beautiful. If you think so. You haven't watched many movies.

I think this movie should be the most overrated one not slumdog millionaire.. it's good but not as much as they think...

I love this movie. it's my favorite movie of all time but only kevin spacey deserved oscar for it not her tightarse wife. so wasted one oscar.

5 Forrest Gump

This movie was great, but the Shawshank Redemption should have won the Oscar.

Shawshank was way better

Overly long, silly and boring!


6 Milk

Milk didn't win best picture moron

This moving was interesting and well made, but best picture, seriously?

Gay people's movie :P

7 The King's Speech

Boring and overrated, an expensive masterpiece theatre episode

What was the big deal about this movie? I watched it because it won an oscar - and I was left wondering if I am missing something big time - as I just could not see why it was oscar worthy. I had this experience with couple of other oscar winners - E.G. 'silver lining playbook', 'slumdog millionare', etc... To me oscars has lost credibility - think it's a I kiss your ass you kiss mine situation at the oscars... no one looks critically at the work... all fake...

8 Avatar

I thought it was a good movie to be honest.

Dances with Wolves, but with giant Smurfs from space, how original.

Certainly deserved awards in technical categories but that's it.

This movie was so bad.

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9 The Artist

I had never heard of it and I watch a lot of movies/films

5 Words: Worst movie ever

10 Out of Africa

Meryl Streep is the most overrated actress. This oscar winning movie proves it.

-very boring, nearly fell asleep. The characters are unsympothetic, the plot comes and goes and it is hard to keep track of what is going on although the movie is incredibly slow

Like all Mryl Streep movies, BORING!

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11 Pulp Fiction

Not a bad movie but certainly not a groundbreaking or unique film like many critics said and wrote about it. Everything in that movie was copied from B-movies from the fifties, sixties and seventies ( who were really groundbreaking and unique ). Not very Original but entertaining.

This movie is amazing. People probably can't keep up with the stories going on.

Worst movie ever made what the hell is this crap really about.

Braveheart should have won it in 1995, not a cult movie.

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12 The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg was maybe nominated but he surely didn't deserve it. This actor is boring and so annoying to hear ( speaks in all his movies way too fast like he's on methamphetamine ). The movie itself didn't reveal anything exeptional or new and was very slow ( I felt almost asleep ) build up to show us the story. I was like almost thinking "when do you getting to the point ". In one word ; OVERRATED!

Why is this on the list of overrated movies? This is a good movie! Jesse Eisenberg was nominated for an oscar! - Jetticus12

, is this a movie.. what the hell I'm lost

I actually liked this movie. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

13 The Hurt Locker

The movie is simply boring even for one time viewing. This movie clearly gets momentum due to the hate-avatar attitude of critics lately. Even "up in the air" is a better movie. How come "saving private ryan" gets snubbed and "hurt locker" awarded? What?

Agree totally. This movie is VERY forgettable.

It must 1 on list. Titanic, The lord of the rings, slumdog are good movies. They should won the oscar. - Ayarkoko

Good movie but didn't deserve the oscar

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14 Lion King

This movie is garbage and does not deserve to win awards.

15 The Queen

so boring and what is lord of the rings doing here?

16 The Dark Knight

It's unbelievable that Ledger won an award for playing an overrated clown. What's worst was that the effort Ledger put in that stupid role played a role in his death.

Depends on the list, it never got an oscar for best picture. - zxm

Too Much OVERRATED - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

17 Gladiator
18 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
19 12 Years a Slave

When I saw this movie win the best picture at the oscars, I thought "I have to see this movie" so I rented it and saw it, after it was finished, I was glad it was over, yes it's boring, there's not even any witty dialogue that people always brag about for this movie, it felt like it was a few big scenes and that was it. I felt the same way about Gravity but at least the ending was epic. People think if a movie has to have a great deal with religion, past events, or a true story, then it's automatically brilliant, while actual talented movies get booed for what they R. I'm tired of critics hyping the crap out of overrated movies.

Lets make a movie about slavery, then we put an overrated director who is black, and then we pay the critics to review this film as 5/5. Yup, that makes sense. Then we win 3 oscars, so in 10 years people can say "Most overrated movie ever"

This movie is historically accurate and Steve McQueen is not overatted

Historically inaccurate. Self righteous and sanctimonius rubbish.

20 Frozen

Oh wow! Someone is so blinded by their hatred for this movie and their love for The Stupidest Pice of Corporate Propagated Crap Ever- sorry, The Lego Movie- that their forgot that THE TWO CAME OUT IN SEPARATE AWARD SEASONS and WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN UP AGAINST EACH OTHER. Big Hero 6 is the movie you should be blaming for Play Sessions With Those Foot-Injuring Wastes of Plastic: The Movie not getting its undeserved Oscar.

"Most overrated movie in history"? Try the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy. And I don't even like "Frozen", I just acknowledge that there are worse and more overhyped movies.

The Wind Rises should have won! It was a master piece!

SO OVERRATED - BoltMarksman

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