Most Overrated Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Songs

these songs from the Ozzy Era of Black Sabbath so here are the most overrated songs

The Top Ten

1 Paranoid

@Metal_Treasure LOL of course they put a song that was written in 4 Minutes and isn't a metal song number 1 (which means according to watchmojo this is the greatest metal song ever which it obviously isn't) - christangrant

Again just like war pigs this song is very simplistic and is NOT a Metal song plus this song was written in 4 MINUTES and its very eazy to play - christangrant

It wasn't supposed to be their best, it was a filler riff. And I don't know what you people are saying, it's not metal. It's Black Sabbath!

It's too simple to be their best. - Metarock

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2 War Pigs

Its NOT the best Sabbath song its not the best metal song and its not even A metal song its very simplistic and very easy to sing (Ozzy only uses one octave throughout the whole song) - christangrant

3 Iron Man

I will admit this song is overrated but it was the best track on Paranoid - christangrant

4 Sweet Leaf
5 N.I.B.
6 Changes
7 Into the Void
8 Electric Funeral
9 End of the Beginning
10 Planet Caravan

I find this track boring - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Evil Woman
12 Supernaut
13 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

It's not even the best of that album - christangrant

The chorus is too poppy for my ears.

14 After Forever
15 The Wizard
16 Am I Going Insane (Radio)
17 Behind the Wall of the Sleep
18 Hand of Doom
19 Fairies Wear Boots
20 Rat Salad

Might as well add the whole album of Paranoid - christangrant

21 Never Say Die
22 Rock 'N' Roll Doctor
23 Heaven and Hell

Not ozzy song - christangrant

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