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1 Inside Out

This movie may be good, but I can name 10 Pixar movies that are better than Inside Out. - RadioHead03

Extremely over-rated.

A dis-jointed affair, with characters who were not likeable and a story that didn't really go anywhere. The balance between inner mind / reality never paid off and it was just boring and very predictable.

Contrived, badly written, and not funny at all. Does nothing for me emotionally because Riley is basically a robot controlled by one-dimensional characters. Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong are extremely annoying. One of Pixar's worst movies if you ask me.

Not overrated at all. You're lucky I can't see you (whoever made this list). Inside Out is a great family that the whole family can enjoy. It's loveable, sad and it's the only great thing we have seen from Pixar in 5 years. Since Toy Story 3, Pixar never really showed who they really were until they released Inside Out. So yeah, not overrated. Not even a little bit. - DisneyLover19

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2 Up

Contrived emotional montage does not make a good movie

They say that Cars 2 is worse tan the first one, but this is not very appealing to the taste of adults

The only way I want Up is THIS on this list. - PositronWildhawk

3 Wall-E

"Up" was pretty overrated, but Wall-E is practically interminable and unwatchable. - truckturner

It was boring and preachy. - Treacle

I do not find WALL-E to be that good either, RalphBob. But I sorta love it. I would love WALL-E with a passion like everyone else if it weren't for the fact that ALL the humans are portrayed to be obese and if WALL-E had fairly better environments (on Earth) that look actually like a city rather than a spaceway of garbage, which it is. So yeah... I give WALL-E an 8/10.

Most overrated Pixar movie ever. It's just so boring and pointless. - FJS19

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4 Cars

It's still a good movie, but I think there are some parts that people overlook - Sonysfan1999

I think Cars is underrated. People don't realize how much hidden humor and how many references there are in this movie. There's more than any other Pixar movie. - GhostBird

I see you coming, should be first

This is definitely the weakest Pixar movie for me. I cannot believe how high the praise for Cars is. I said my score for Cars sometimes. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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5 Toy Story 3

I love this film very much, it's ending made me cry but I think the film is a bit overrated if we compare it with other great pixar films.

I like this movie, but it definitely deserves number 1. - 445956

The toy story movies are very overrated

The most overrated one by far. Never been a fan of this one.

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6 Cars 2

The definiton of underrated Pixar movies. It may not be as warm as other Pixar movies, but I can guarantee that this movie makes me feel like a badass. - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

7 The Incredibles

I don't care.

Very overrated - Dvafan2

So overrated, what rather see Toy Story 4 than this honestly, I grew up with Toy Story and The Incredibles was a movie I got to see in 2017. - darthvadern

It was so staggeringly dull and humourless. The only funny bit - shown in the trailer - wasn't even in the film. Dire.

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8 Brave

Oh no brave is so childish calm down it's a movie

A movie about a young woman who acts like a ' child to then obeying her mother who has been nothing but strict, mean and annoying throughout this whole movie. Such a stupid and silly mother-daughter movie. This is not a movie about someone who fights all the time. - FJS19

What's so great about a character that acts childish for no reason?! Brave is a decent movie, apart from that. Please see Disneycember - Brave to see why Brave is not too bad although flawed.

9 Monsters University

How does Monsters University have much more merchandise than its predecessor? And this is coming from someone with a mixed-to-positive opinion on this prequel/successor.

10 A Bug's Life

More like underrated - Sonysfan1999

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11 Finding Nemo
12 Ratatouille
13 Toy Story 2
14 Coco
15 Finding Dory

Its listed twice - Dvafan2

16 Toy Story

I hate these movies. What is so good about them? Kill all the characters (except forkie) critics like rotten tomatoes totally play favorites with this crap.

While I loved "Toy Story", it was said to be a ripoff of Jim Henson's "The Christmas Toy". I consider "Toy Story" an homage of "The Christmas Toy". I'll admit. Benthelooney does make some good points on why he hates Toy Story (suc as Woody being a whiner that lets jealousy strike back at him and Buzz Lightyear having to believe the fact that he's also a toy) no matter how pathetic that excuse is.

17 Frozen

Frozen ain’t a Pixar film

18 Incredibles 2
19 Cars 3

It was so unnecessary.
Had potential to be pretty great but was dumbed down with a very weak story.

Hey, unpopular opioion, I hate this movie.
1. Cruz is whinny.
2. Once again, Lightning is very unlike able. He is very racist against Storm(a black car. Let that sink in.)
3. MATER IS NOT IN THE MOVIE! I mean he is barley in it. Hey anothor unpopular opinion. I think Mater is an excellent protangist. He looked at a problem and solve it. What does Lightning do? Whine and fuss and whine some more.
4. Bland charecters. Personally, I think Sterling (as much as I like him) and that damn Jackson Storm are very bland charecters. Some of them r VERY unlike able. The only charecters I liked:
Miss. Fritter :) :)
5. Jackson Storm. Ah Jackson Storm. How I hate him. He is probably the most blandest Disney villain I have ever seen in my life. And that is about it.

20 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

I agree this movie is everywhere.
I hate those types of movies that show up everywhere. I mean like who even does that! why can't it just show up a little bit like other movies?! well to be honest don't hate this movie it acully looks quite funny.

21 Monsters, Inc.
22 The Good Dinosaur

This movie is actually underrated. - Discord1

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