Most Overrated Pokemon Moves

Some of these may be good, but just too over-hyped.

The Top Ten

1 Hyper Beam

Hyper beam is the definition of overrated. Sure, it has 150 power... But it is normal type, so you cannot get it super effective. Also, that recharge turn makes you a sitting duck. - GREATEST

This move is worse than splash since it normal type so it beats nothing and during recharge, the opposing pokemon can set up or kill you so it is a waste of a move slot and splash can pivot since you can switch out afterwards and it's z move boosts attack by three stages but more useful than Hyper Beam - Masterofal

Roar of Time as well! Hate it when Dialga uses this!

That move sucks and only noobs use it but it costs your game

2 Thunderbolt

Pikachu use thunderbolt! Pikachu did a slightly above average amount of damage! Seriously, it's not bad... It's just over hyped. - GREATEST

3 Focus Blast

This move has high base power and very few pokemon learn Aura Sphere though it has low accuracy and it is good coverage move too - Masterofal

If u need a fighting type special attack, go with Aura Sphere. Otherwise, Close Combat or Superpower.

The accuracy makes this move... Plunge into the realm of utter okayness. - GREATEST

4 Double Edge

Since this move does recoil damage, it's automatically not that good. Also, it's normal type. - GREATEST

5 Hydro Cannon

This is the water type Hyper Beam. At least it can be super effective. - GREATEST

6 Razor Wind

Only 80 damage for a two turn attack? It doesn't even protect you for one turn! At least this one isn't super hyped. - GREATEST


7 Stealth Rock

Almost every team uses it since it's so good, that's why you need a spinner/defogger to remove this - Masterofal

The Charizard haters give this move WAY too much attention.

This move is good, but it gets too much hype... Way too much hype. - GREATEST

This attack is terrible why is it popular - legendary

8 Fire Fang

65 power... Only 15 pp... 95 accuracy... Yeah... Good... Move... Seriously, crunch beats all of the "fang" moves. Crunch has 80 power, and it actually has 100 accuracy. It also has 15 pp, so it's just better. - GREATEST

9 Knock Off

It's not bad... But with all the hype... - GREATEST

WAY better than that f#$%@load aerial ace

It got nerfed but it's still very strong so it needs to be nerfed more - Masterofal

10 Splash

The Contenders

11 Aerial Ace

Only 60 damage... At least it never misses... - GREATEST

12 Draco Meteor

It's really good, but that's why it's overrated.

13 Giga Impact
14 Blast Burn
15 Frenzy Plant
16 Water Shuriken

Too weak to be overrated

17 Fire Spin
18 Roar of Time
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