Most Overrated Pop Albums

Please Note That Overrated Doesn't Mean Bad In fact I Like Some Of These Myself.

The Top Ten

1 1989 - Taylor Swift

Ugh Why Is This So Popular? , I Just HATE Taylor Swift, Though I Respect Your Opinion If You Like This But I Don't - VideoGamefan5

People act this is a some classic pop masterpiece! When in reality, it's an average album at best! - TuneGod92

2 Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots

If anything I find this album underrated. I barely find anyone who talks about this album. - wrests

There are actually several amazing tracks on the album. - DCfnaf

So Overrated, I Just Don't SEE What's So Special About 21 Pilots!, No Offense - VideoGamefan5

3 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

There's Only Like 3 Decent Songs By Katy In This, Everything Else Is Just... - VideoGamefan5

Katy Perry...bleh. - DCfnaf

4 My Everything - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is such an overrated singer - MegaSoulhero

This Is Another Album I Question Why Is It So Liked? , I Mean I Get That It Has Cute Songs But That Doesn't Help That Ariana Grande Is A Talentless Hack, Overrall Its Not My Type Of Album, But I'm Fine With People Liking It - VideoGamefan5

5 25 - Adele

Please Do Not Get Me Wrong, I Do Like This, Adele Is An Amazing Singer, Though This Album Got Overrated And Overplayed Though - VideoGamefan5

6 Collage - The Chainsmokers

I Don't Give A Crap If This Is An EP With Only 5 Things In It, The Chainsmokers Are Still Overhypedly Awesomely Laughable - VideoGamefan5

7 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Are Terrible, And Are Just For 10 Year Old Fanboys Who Think Bands Like Pink Floyd And Metallica Are For Losers - VideoGamefan5

8 Lemonade - Beyonce

Again It's A Not A Bad Album But Because It Was By Beyonce It Made It Very Overrated - VideoGamefan5

9 Divide - Ed Sheeran

This is like, the highest album on the list that's accurate. - WonkeyDude98

This has some good songs on it, but it's not very good. - DCfnaf

Why Is This Piece Of Garbage So Popular, Plus And X Were Actually Good - VideoGamefan5

10 Prism - Katy Perry

I don't know if the generic album is overrated, but the singles, "Roar", "Unconditionally" & "Dark Horse" sure are! - TuneGod92

The Contenders

11 Red - Taylor Swift
12 Hands All Over - Maroon 5

This Is What Made Maroon 5 Into Moron 5, By Going To Dark And Mature Songs Like She Will Be Loved To Childish Pop Sellouts With Childish And Overplayed To Death Songs Like Sugar, Cold, And Moves Like Jagger - VideoGamefan5

13 Purpose - Justin Bieber
14 Memories... Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers
15 Thriller - Michael Jackson

Good but overrated - christangrant

True. Bad was better - BrianScott01

16 Hard Candy - Madonna
17 In the Zone - Britney Spears
18 ... Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
19 Kidz Bop - Kidz Bop
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1. Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
2. 1989 - Taylor Swift
3. My Everything - Ariana Grande
1. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
2. 1989 - Taylor Swift
3. Prism - Katy Perry


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