Most Overrated Pop Songs of 21st Century


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1 Baby - Justin Bieber

Not overrated, worst? Sure, but it's so hated so it can't be overrated. - LukeTargaryen

I put this as a reply to avoid wasting my vote. How can a song be overrated if it is #1 on ALL 3 negative all-time song related lists on this site? - allamassal

I think you confuse overrated with overplayed or overtalked dude

Do you mean it's overrated to hate on it?

Nothing to say anything about JB

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2 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
3 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
4 Crazy In Love - Beyoncé

Very overrated song.
she thinks she's Whitney Houston but she's not even close

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5 Sorry - Justin Bieber

At least it's better than his other songs when he was a teen.

This shouldn't be here. It came out just recently. - hype

This song is actually ok. I don't like Bieber but "Sorry" is decent

6 Umbrella - Rihanna

I actually kinda like this song

7 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

NO! This song shouldn't even be on here! It's written by two of my favourite music artists (Carly Rae Jepsen and Josh Ramsay), and in my opinion it's a great song!

Nahhh it's actually one of the greatest pop hits of all time in one of the most incredible years ever

8 Best Song Ever - One Direction

It's title is the "best song ever" that tells you all you need to know.

9 Hello - Adele

Like this song, but yeah, it's overrated

Not her best, but also not her worst. - 906389

Everyone thinks it's amazing...she's made so many better songs than this. I still like it a little bit though. - Cyrobian

10 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

"Taylor, sweetie, you are way too talented for this song! Just wear are all the powerful lyics?

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11 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

I don't know how to begin on Fifth Harmony. They would have been decent, but since they fell into the hands of Syco, they just can't sing, at all. They're like sex appeal objects that are only put into the media for admiration. - Swellow

12 Watch Me - Silento
13 Love Story - Taylor Swift

What? This is one of her best songs, the lyrics are so moving, I can't with the You Belong With Me love. - LukeTargaryen

14 Poker Face - Lady Gaga
15 Fancy - Iggy Azalea


The other songs in this list aren�'t very acclaimed, but this one is pretty high on the Best Songs of All Time list and I don�'t know why. - Martinglez

16 Work - Rihanna

LOL her voice is so irritating here

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17 Single Ladies - Beyonce

Can't believe Americans adore this crap. Well, at least it wasn't big outside US

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18 We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
19 Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
20 Worth It - Fifth Harmony
21 Gangnam Style - Psy
22 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis
23 Drag Me Down - One Direction
24 Miracle - Kimbra
25 Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
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