Top Ten Most Overrated Post-Movie SpongeBob Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Pat No Pay

Why is this number one? Everyone hates this episode

2 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

The lists for overrated are completely useless because most of what ends up are everything most people like and everything most people hate - BlueBobYT

Sure this episode might gave Squidward the bone but I don't see how it's great. it's not without its problems - truespongebobfan

3 Squidward in Clarinetland

Uh, how is this overrated? - Gods-Judgement

4 The Two Faces of Squidward
5 Plankton's Pet

Just boring

6 Krusty Towers

At least the most overrated and not the worst.

This is overrated? Gotta be kidding me... - Goatworlds

7 Hello Bikini Bottom!
8 Extreme Spots
9 Sand Castles In the Sand

It's good, not the best. - Garythesnail

10 Whale of a Birthday

The Contenders

11 Krusty Plate
12 Enemy In Law
13 Pet Sitter Pat

Why do people keep putting episodes everyone hates on an overrated list? - Gods-Judgement

How stupid can Patrick be? - bobbythebrony

14 Perfect Chemistry
15 One Coarse Meal

The only people who like it are either suicide-enthusiasts, Plankton haters, 7 year olds, or people who have never seen an old episode. The rest hate it (Including me) - Goatworlds

If 95% of fans hate it, it isn't overrated. - Garythesnail

16 Little Yellow Book

I hate this episode, and so does most of the Sponge fans. There was a crap eating joke, hypocritical fish, SpongeBob abuse, Squidward becomes unlikable and whatnot. - Goatworlds

17 Roller Cowards
18 For Here or to Go
19 Overbooked
20 Mall Girl Pearl Mall Girl Pearl
21 Dunces and Dragons Dunces and Dragons
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