Top Ten Most Overrated Pre-Movie SpongeBob Episodes

The Top Ten

1 The Paper

This is more underhated than overrated, but I'll vote here

2 Party Pooper Pants

Hate this crap! - Goatworlds

I love this episode!

3 Fools In April
4 Sailor Mouth
5 Band Geeks

It's like the law is to like any episode where Squidward wins. It's a good episode, but it isn't the best. - Garythesnail

Hey, this episode is overrated, that doesn't make it horrible.

Gee, remind anyone of a certain Disney movie called Frozen?

I do like this episode but it's just incredibly overrated, and it's not even in my Top 5 Season 2 episodes - JThrill

This should be number 1! - Datguyisweird666

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6 Camping Episode

My Favorite and Best - ChiefMudkip

7 Krusty Krab Training Video

I love this one! - Goatworlds

8 Great Snail Race
9 The Chaperone
10 I Had an Accident

How is this overrated - JThrill

The Contenders

11 Graveyard Shift
12 Dumped
13 Home Sweet Pineapple
14 Chocolate With Nuts

This episode is overrated just like the Disney movie Lion King. Should be number 1!

How can you not hate this episode?!? Overrated, should be number 1!

This episode is my favorite!


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15 The Sponge Who Could Fly The Sponge Who Could Fly
16 Pizza Delivery Pizza Delivery

I thought this was just a Squidward Torture Porn with a good ending. - Gods-Judgement

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