Top Ten Most Overrated Queen Songs

I am a huge fan of queen but there are some songs I'm not a fan of but everybody is so enjoy

The Top Ten

1 Bicycle Race
2 Radio Ga Ga

This is an awful song

3 Flash
4 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I never understood why this is considered one of their best its not a bad song but its one of the weaker songs on The Game - christangrant

5 Play the Game
6 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
7 The March of the Black Queen

Probably the most UNDERrated Queen song - PanMixer

This is Underrated - christangrant

Probably the second best Queen song

8 Seven Seas of Rhye
9 I'm Going Slightly Mad
10 Stone Cold Crazy

Most of these are underrated - gemcloben

Witch person put Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy here there crazy

Nope this created Thrash Metal id argue this is actually underrated - christangrant

Awesome song. One of the main songs in the development of heavy metal! - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

11 The Miracle
12 Bohemian Rhapsody

Some songs are too good to be Overrated this is one of them - christangrant

13 Who Needs You
14 Body Language
15 Don't Stop Me Now
16 Innuendo
17 I'm In Love With My Car
18 We Are the Champions
19 I Want to Break Free
20 You're My Best Friend
21 These Are the Days of Our Lives
22 You Don't Fool Me
23 Let Me Live
24 Keep Yourself Alive
25 Drowse
26 Don't Try So Hard
27 The Invisible Man
28 Too Much Love Will Kill You
29 Bijou
30 Brighton Rock
31 Back Chat
32 Lily of the Valley
33 Sheer Heart Attack
34 Mustapha
35 The Prophet's Song
36 Love of My Life
37 Rock In Rio Blues
38 Under Pressure
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