Top Ten Most Overrated R&B Artists

I'm not saying that some of these artists aren't good, and that I don't enjoy some of them, these are just artists I feel who get a little too much credit.

Note: I did not include Rihanna on this list. Not because I think she is good or anything crazy like that, but because she is not an r&b artist at all, but a pop artist!

The Top Ten

1 Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.

This chick is not just one of the most overrated r&b/pop singers alive, but this chick is the most overrated person of all time, in music, looks, vocals and talent. For someone who's supposed to be the modern day MJ, her best album and song still doesn't come close to MJ's worst. For a chick who has 6 full-length albums, none of them are great projects that you can just play all the way through without wanting to rip your ears off and eventually commit suicide. - DaWyteNight

Because her music sucks

2 Aaliyah Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th 1979 and died August 25th 2001. She was a dancer, an actress and an R&B singer. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Detroit, Michigan and died at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. more.

I will never understand the obsession with this average talent chick, her below average weak voice and her generic urban pop music that sounded like everything else from the late 90's. She did not stand out at all, basically she was the Ciara of the 90's. She wasn't horrible, just average. But certainly not legendary, amazing or even close to being one of the greatest singers of all time. - DaWyteNight

3 Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

This guy ain't s---. He's not even that good of a singer, people who think this dude is one of the best have obviously never listened to Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie WOnder, Johnny Gill, Brian McKnight, Jaheim, Musiq Soulchild, Usher, Dave Hollister, Tank, Tyrese, Pleasure P, J. Holiday, Will Downing, Babyface, Joe, Maxwell, Lyfe Gennings, Glenn Jones, Christopher Williams, Bobby Valentino, Marques Houston, Mario, John Legend, and many more great r&b singers who would put this little pretty boy to shame in a split second when it comes to singing and overall artistry. Screw this moron. - DaWyteNight

4 The Weeknd Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on 16 February 1990 in Toronto, Ontario. more.

I think TLC is underrated, their beat is catchy vocals just right, and nice dance moves. I think TLC should be off this list. Have you ever listened to Waterfalls and No Scrubs?

To this day, I still don't know how we accepted TLC as an actual music group. - DaWyteNight

6 Monica Monica is an R&B singer who was most popular in the 90s. Her most well-known song was "The Boy Is Mine" with R&B singer Brandy.

She gets too much credit, while Brandy, the vocal bible doesn't seem to get enough. - DaWyteNight

7 Mariah Carey Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry, with 18 number 1 records to her name. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and music videos, and she is "well known" for her over-the-top more.

Her first few albums were...well pretty amazing, but after that she became very generic and manufactured, as well as lost her golden voice. - DaWyteNight

8 Janet Jackson Janet Jackson is a singer and dancer who is well known for her sexually graphic records, iconic performances, and slightly weak voice. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and videos.

When I am listening to Ms. Jackson if ya nasty, I am listening for the production of the song, the melody, the catchiness and sometimes the lyrics, but you can be sure that I am never listening to her for her voice or vocal abilities, mainly because she has no such thing. People like Janet, Ciara, J-Lo and Selena Gomez should stick to what they first started with and that they are actually pretty good at, and not dabble in singing, something they clearly know little to nothing about. - DaWyteNight

9 R. Kelly Robert Sylvester Kelly, known professionally as R. Kelly, is an American recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and former professional basketball player.

For someone who claims to be the king of r&b, he's sure made a lot of horrible cheesy songs and helped to destroy the genre.

I think he started to start sucking around 2005, when he started to compare having sex to eating food and smoking weed, with auto-tuned vocals to go along with it. - DaWyteNight

10 Ciara Ciara Princess Harris, known mononymously as Ciara, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model and actress. She is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

This chick is so obviously a product of good production and decent songwriting. This is further proven by the fact that the only Ciara songs I like are due to the beat and melody, and not for actually Ciara herself, yeah imagine that. - DaWyteNight

The Contenders

11 Ashanti Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, known simply as Ashanti, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress.
12 Ginuwine Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, better known by his stage name Ginuwine, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor.

He has a pretty good voice, but the music he records doesn't really compliment it. - DaWyteNight

13 Destiny's Child Destiny's Child was an American girl group whose final and best-known line-up comprised Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.
14 Jodeci

I honestly prefer K-Ci & JoJo's music over most of Jodeci's. - DaWyteNight

15 Frank Ocean Christopher Edwin Breaux, known professionally as Frank Ocean, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and photographer.
16 Keri Hilson Keri Lynn Hilson is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia and spent most of her youth working with producer Anthony Dent as a songwriter and background vocalist for several R&B and hip hop artists.
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