Top Ten Most Overrated Radiohead Songs


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1 Creep Creep

Yorke hates this track, I don't blame him. I hate how people only know radiohead for creep.

How is this "more heartfelt" than Paranoid Android?

Yeah this is their most overrated. Everyone knows Radiohead for this song. which is just so unrepresentative. I don't think a single song can represent them with all their musical diversity, but if their is, it certainly isn't this one.

2 High and Dry High and Dry

Yeah, I have to agree with this one being overrated. On the other hand, Paranoid Android, All I Need, How to Disappear Completely and A Wolf at the Door? No way! - uweuan

It's not that it's a bad song, it's just that I got sick of it within ten of fifteen listens.

3 Karma Police Karma Police

This is the song people mention And hear when they don't know Radiohead.

4 Fake Plastic Trees Fake Plastic Trees

It's lyrics are good, but they deserve a better song to accompany them

What the hell? This is one of their best

5 House of Cards House of Cards
6 Paranoid Android Paranoid Android

Stop downvoting people expressing their opinion please. I find this song overrated. Here's why. Radiohead is a fantastic groundbreaking band that has made songs like No Surprises, Karma Police, and Fake Plastic Trees. Paranoid Android is great by all means. Overrated does not be bad, it doesn't even mean not great... It just means people give it a bit too much praise. I know many people think this is the greatest song ever, and I just have to disagree. I love the song, but I'm sorry. I have to vote for it.

It also shouldn't be number one on the best Radiohead songs. PARANOID ANDROID IS AMAZING, but there are better songs like: How To Disappear Completely, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Climbing Up The Walls, Sail To The Moon, etc... - swagmaster97

It's good, but it pales in comparison to songs like Karma Police and Street Spirit - ZeekStinkBreath

This is highly overrated. Creep is a great track and is very heartfelt. I don't understand Paranoid Android one bit

7 No Surprises No Surprises
8 Idioteque Idioteque

People regard Idioteque as the best song from Kid A since it truly does feel as the one the best represents the album in its essence. The things is, In Limbo does a terrific job of introducing Idioteque, while Morning Bells is the perfect continuation. The three song, when heard together, make for a 13 minute long, surreal out-of-body experience.

Idioteque tends to get most of the applauds though, since it stands out a little more than the other two songs.

I'll stress again though, it is a brilliant song, just not as great as everyone makes out to be.

Look, this is a great song, but I feel like it gets too much credit. Not nearly overrated as Creep though

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9 Lotus Flower Lotus Flower

The king of limbs is the worst thing Radiohead ever did or ever will do. Absolute garbage album compared to every other Radiohead album.

The whole album was meh for me including this song. Not bad, but not great.

10 How to Disappear Completely How to Disappear Completely

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11 A Wolf at the Door A Wolf at the Door
12 All I Need All I Need
13 Street Spirit (Fade Out) Street Spirit (Fade Out)
14 Just Just
15 Let Down Let Down
16 Pyramid Song Pyramid Song

Not that great good but not as good as everyone has made it out to be, but still a good song, just overrated

17 Everything in Its Right Place Everything in Its Right Place

This should be no. 2 up there with Creep. Seriously, this song is good and all but it isn't great. This is one of their only songs where I felt it could have been better.

It isn't bad, I just don't think it's "! HOW CAN A SONG BE SO GOOD?!?! " like everyone does.

18 Nude Nude
19 There There (The Boney King of Nowhere)
20 Climbing Up the Walls Climbing Up the Walls
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1. Creep
2. Idioteque
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1. High and Dry
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