Top 10 Most Overrated Rock Songs of the 1990s

The 90's had even more overrated rock songs then the 90's imo. Anyway let's count em' down! I got nothing against these songs but they got too much attention in the 90's.

The Top Ten

1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

This is the main song that is mentioned.

400 million views on YouTube alone and with lyrics like "Hello, hello here we are now entertain us! " and Kurt's grunge voice. This song was very popular in the 90's making it very overrated. Hell it was even more overrated then Rooster, Man in the Box and Thunderstruck combined! It's not a bad song but rather one that received way too much attention.

580 Million views on Youtube.

YES! I pretty much agree on this being on first.just listen the lyrics
Hello,hello,hello,hello,how low,how low,
A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido

weird lyrics.even though the riffs and solo are awesome but still overrated - zxm

2 Thunderstruck - AC/DC
3 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

2009. enough said.

4 Creep - Radiohead

Even Radiohead themselves hate this song

5 Basket Case - Green Day
6 All Apologies - Nirvana
7 Alive - Pearl Jam
8 Everlong - The Foo Fighters
9 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
10 The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring

The Newcomers

? Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
? Would? - Alice in Chains

The Contenders

11 The Unforgiven - Metallica
12 Cult of Personality - Living Colour

This song is
A) not overrated
B) not a 90s song, it came out in 1988
C) is a GREAT SONG! (despite the sloppy guitar solos)

13 When I Come Around - Green Day

I was either going to include When I Come Around or Basket Case. But eh both are in their own level of overrated. This song isn't bad but it did get too much attention in the 90's.

NO,its UNDERRATED,Basket Case is overrated - zxm

14 All the Small Things - Blink 182

People who don't listen to Blink 182 know this one.

No its NOT overrated - zxm

It's the Basket Case of Blink 182 way too overrated even more then What's My Age Again?

@ BoredJeff02,this is an overrated song of blink 182,but not an overrated song of 90s. - zxm

15 Psycho Circus - Kiss
16 Say It Ain't So - Weezer
17 November Rain - Guns N' Roses
18 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
19 Freak on a Leash - Korn
20 Nookie - Limp Bizkit

This song is OVERHATED there is a difference.

21 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
22 Enter Sandman - Metallica
23 Falling Away from Me - Korn
24 Blind - Korn
25 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
26 The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson
27 Lithium - Nirvana
28 In Bloom - Nirvana
29 Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
30 Come as You Are - Nirvana
31 Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana
32 All Star - Smash Mouth
33 Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth
34 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth
35 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due - Megadeth
36 Rust in Peace... Polaris - Megadeth
37 Them Bones - Alice in Chains
38 Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
39 Fell on Black Days - Soundgarden
40 Breakout - Foo Fighters
41 Dumb - Nirvana
42 Leader of Men - Nickelback
43 Breathe - Nickelback
44 With Arms Wide Open - Creed
45 Mudshovel - Staind
46 Testify - Rage Against the Machine
47 Wait and Bleed - Slipknot

I love Slipknot,but I never got why this is considered one of their best songs.For me,this was just okay.

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