Top 10 Most Overrated Rock Songs of the 21st Century

Some Modern rock songs are underrated and don't get much attention. However there are also overrated Modern rock songs that have gotten too much attention over the years.

The Top Ten

1 Ain't It Fun - Paramore

Nope, their worst song if fast in my car

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2 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I absolutely love this song, but it's the fact that there are SO MANY better songs by this band. The same could be said for the other songs on this list.

3 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Good song, but my god is overrated as anyone

4 Fake It - Seether
5 Basket Case - Green Day

This song isn't from the 21st century. It's from 1994. And even if it was from the 21st century, it's not overrated. - zerolamasta

6 Monster - Skillet
7 You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
8 Better Place - Saint Asonia

I love this band, but I agree with this. I'm kind of sick of hearing this song.

9 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

This song is good, but has gotten too much attention

10 Chop Suey - System of a Down

I'm trying to understand why is this song even on this list.

The Contenders

11 Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

This song is very deserving of its popularity - Poop2

Agreed vv I think that goes for everything by Breaking Benjamin. You can't deny how incredible that band is. - HappyMouse111

12 In the End - Linkin Park
13 Bodies - Drowning Pool

It's in almost every YouTube video - Wolf92xd

14 Are You Gonna Be My Girl
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