Top 10 Most Overrated Romance Movies

Romance Movies that severly get too much attention. Essentially they aren't bad but they get too much praise overall. None of these movies are bad so please don't start fights is all that I ask.

The Top Ten

1 Titanic

Leo the Climate Fraud was stiff as a board long before his character froze to death, and the special effects were painfully obviously artificial.

I never got what was so special about this movie, other than maybe the good acting? - Phillip873

I do really like this film but it's overrated yeah

The most overrated romance film ever made.

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2 The Notebook

So apparently this is better than Gone With the Wind and Casablanca according to another list - 445956

Do I need to go in depth for this one?

3 Beauty and the Beast

Kind of a romance film so it still counts to me.

4 Gone With The Wind

Quite overrated I'll add.

5 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Definitely top 5 worthy.

6 A Walk to Remember

Yeah not going in depth for this one.

7 Casablanca

Overrated to a extent.

8 The Vow

Kind of overrated.

9 Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Self explantory.

10 The Fault in Our Stars

Somewhat overrated.

The Contenders

11 50 Shades of Grey
12 Grease
13 Forrest Gump

Well, you can put this on the list if you put GWTW and Casablanca here - 445956

14 Twilight
15 Ghost

What was so overrated about the romance in this movie?!?! - clusium

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