Top 10 Most Overrated Sci-Fi Movies


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1 Guardians of the Galaxy

Don't get me wrong, Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty good, but some are saying it is the best movie of the year...

It wasn't even the best Marvel movie of the year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was much better. It's really overrated

I've never heard of this movie, anywhere, yet it gets so much praise here! Can't we praise movies that are more eminent throughout everybody? - Turkeyasylum

This isn't overrated Winter Soldier is this movie is one of the best films ever made. - logan34

It's not even that good, the villain is lame, the CGI effects are decent, but not great, the story is just dumb, and most of the characters are half baked. Marvel fanboys/fangirls are just blind to any actual criticism against their beloved... thing - Empoperking

2 The Matrix

This is one of the greatest movies ever! - IronSabbathPriest

Matrix I, is good. It's the two sequels that let down the whole Matrix saga.

3 Interstellar

Bad movie, very bad movie. This wasn't science fiction, this was science fantasy, thanks to Kip Thorne and his fantasy theories, we are now seeing stupid stories coming into Sci-Fi. It's a very sad time for Science Fiction, the days of Asimov and Clarke are gone. If you really want a good Sci-Fi movie, there is nothing better than the original Forbidden Planet (I say original for they are writing a new Forbidden Planet now-dear god no! ), and the original The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 version). We will never see movies like that sad, so very sad.

Interstellar and overrated, no ways it's an ultra epic movie and people call it overrated, I only voted to get my point out - Toucan

If anything, this is underrated. It has no place on this list. - PositronWildhawk

The whole ending is a plot hole

4 Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Another one of my favourite films. And the best Terminator film. - IronSabbathPriest

The movie is good and the best of all terminator

Am I the only one who likes salvation althought I don't think it's the best of the group

I prefer the slasher horror tone of the first film, I would have been fine if the Terminator was just 1 movir

5 Inception

Most of the time, its just hard to follow and kind of confusing... Most movies should be leisurely or entertaining, but I don't want to have to think during them... - keycha1n

This movie would be okay if it were an hour shorter. It's so mediocre and by the end the slow motion effects and Cobb's love story were really Boring.

They say it is very fancy

No. I love this movie.
I love movies that make me think.
I do not think this belongs on the list. But whatever.

6 Aliens

Alien resurrection is overrated and that film is considered better than alien 3

Alien and Aliens are not overrated. Not even close! I guess our modern stupid superhero fans vote for these films cause they don't know anothing about REAL sci-fi

7 Alien

Come on, Alien is as good as The Godfather, Fight Club, The Good The Bad & THe Ugly and some other classics. We must agree with real fact! This movie is a masterpiece!

What? This is probably the greatest science fiction movie ever made! How come it's overrated? Perfect story that inspired plenty of other movies

A really great movie. But more of a horror movie than a sci-fi. - IronSabbathPriest

Creator of this list has a very limited knowledges about Sci-Fi! Alien is a cult classic!

Did I say these movies were terrible? No. So stop jumping into conclusions. I study films. And according to IMDB, Alien is known as a Sci-Fi. So actually think before you post, kid. - MontyPython

8 Wall-E

Hey, if I have no mistake, this list was already created by someone. Sto stealing ideas from other users!

Okay I found the other one just now. But again, when I typed in the idea for this list, NOTHING AT ALL came up. Don't blame me. - MontyPython

I understand how this could be sci-fi, but it's not that overrated. - Turkeyasylum

9 Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Are you kidding. The franchise is good but overrated. Except return of the Jedi that made me hate Star Wars for years!

The entire Star Wars saga is overrated. No serious story, no serious acting, and the sci-fi is more fantasy than science fiction; The Force, you've got to be kidding me, sounds like some sort of New Age pyramid energy scam. Harrison Ford clowning around like an idiot. Nope, Star Wars sucks, and sucks bad.

I sat ill don't get why Star Wars is even popular anymore. The originals are good but the prequels ruin the entire series. They are so awful. And the new one is A New Hope fan fiction. It is good but incredibly overrated. No idea why it is second on top ten movie series of all time. Should be about 8th

This is an awesome film, but my favourite star wars film is Return Of The Jedi. - IronSabbathPriest

10 2001: A Space Odyssey

Very overrated

Have to agree this one is over rated tried to sit through it more than once, let's face it nothing more than amazing visual affects and a great musical score. Not much on plot well maybe there is one but when Wikipedia is needed to tell us what is going on in a movie when we have seen the film that's not good. Also, where is the characterization here, only two actors who hardly say a word, don't really do much other than float around in space. Another sad state of affairs when a computer is the most interesting character in a film and they aren't even that good.

I'm definitely a minority but 2010 is more interesting and the novel that this was made around the same time are superior, hell Star Trek The Motion Picture deserves more praise, that movies story kept me interested from beginning to end

Most people who vote for this movie are those kinds of people who hate slow paced films...which believe me it is slow paced. But still a fine film. Not the best ever made, but is something that should be viewed at least once

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11 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Deserves zero praise. Unnecessary remake of A New Hope. And not a good one, it doesn't correct any mistakes the original had, it doesn't pull a dark twist to make itself unique. It made everything that was great about A New Hope into generic mediocre sci-fi, everything that was mediocre, bad and everything that was bad, terrible.

Forgettable, unoriginal, dull, cliched, lazy you name it. This movie most likely fits in the description. Best moment: Kylo Ren's fight sequence against Ray was pretty neat and visually great. Worst moment: The rest of the film.

12 Blade Runner

Probably the most boring science fiction film I've ever watched, and I've sat through it 3 times really trying to give it a chance. I don't think the script is anywhere close to "brilliant" as many have deemed it, however, the story does have potential to make a decent movie had it been done right. The screenplay and overall pace of this movie destroyed any desire I had to watch more than half of it. First time I watched it I kept waiting for it to get more interesting and it just never did. It's bland and very poorly directed from an otherwise great director. I usually don't differ too much from general opinions with regard to cinema but why this movie is viewed with such high regard is a mystery to me.

I actually couldn't finish it the first time around. I was that disinterested with it. I can watch it fully now but I still don't think it's brilliant like everyone says. - BKAllmighty

13 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The ending scene is strong, but the rest of the movie rambles on. The story is not strong enough to justify the slow pace. It loses its suspense. Yet for some reason it is always hailed as a great science fiction movie. There are a ton of Star Trek fans, but individually this movie is not so impressive that it needs to be in people's to 25 science fiction movies.

Not bad at all although I feel it overshadows the other films because all other star trek films are compared to this. There are minor issues such as Khan and Chekov knowing each other even thought they didn't meet, the reliant not noticing ceti alpha 6 was missing but these issues don't ruin the film, but do hamper it. I'll admit star trek 6 is my personal favorite, I felt the director nick meyer who also directed wrath of khan learned from this to make in my opinion a slightly better film. I agree that the motion picture is underrated too.

Also carol and David marcus were never in the show so if their so important were did they come from

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they (carol and David marcus)were introduced in a novel so I'm told

14 Avatar
15 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Awful, this should be number one - VideoGamefan5

16 The Thing

Which thing are you referring to, there has been 3 so far.

17 A Clockwork Orange

This film isn't for everyone but its certainly not bad, it took me a few viewings for me to appreciate this film

18 Star Wars Episode IV: a New Hope
19 Superman II
20 The Dark Knight
21 The Dark Knight Rises

It’s not as bad as people say it is, stupid Batman and Robin is worse - BlazingParasol

Not a sci-fi movie but still a terrible movie. - logan34

22 Fantastic Four (2015)
23 District 9
24 Signs
25 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Pretty overrated

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