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21 Sam Puckett x Freddie Benson (iCarly)

I like them better as frenemies it was funny when they argued - StayAlive

22 Jay x Nya (Lego Ninjago)

ANY Lego ninjago shipping can be here, I mean KAI X LLOYD? , seriously? - VideoGamefan5

23 Alphyne (Undertale)

tru that

24 Ruby & Sapphire (Steven Universe)

Ruby and Sapphire are already in love, so... - SeeU

I pretty sure I'm one of the only people who doesn't find it very interesting. - TwitchandVinegar

Does it count as shipping if the pair is canon?

25 Sonic and Rainbow Dash (Sonic/MLP)
26 Hayate and Hinagiku (Hayate the Combat Butler)
27 Sasusaku (Naruto)

Sasuke treated Sakura horribly and tried to kill her and it would've been much better for her to move on from him

Also, saucegay seemed to care very little about b her through the series he barely saw her as a friend and seemed to only tolerated her cause she was his teammate

This ship is bull****. Sakura did NOTHING to save Sasuke from the Curse of Hatred and he couldn't care less about her anyway

28 Shinji x Asuka (Evangelion)

Screw love hate relationships. I can't stand love hate relationships. I dislike love hate relationships. Love hate relationships are insufferable.

29 Roxas and Namine (Kingdom Hearts II) Roxas and Namine (Kingdom Hearts II)

Worst couple in the games xddd

How I see Roxas & Namine, at best siblings, worst... the same...
All the Nobodies looked almost exactly (same hair color, eye color, etc) as their sombodies, except for, you guessed it: Roxas AND Namine. We also know that Sora took Kari's heart when she lost it on Destiny Island, and that he lost his heart when he used the keyblade on himself, so he can give back her heart, meaning he also lost it as well. Namine & Roxas have the same hair and eye color, despite Namine being Kari's nobody and she has Purpleish hair (Roxas also doesn't look like Sora, but that's because he had Ven's heart). There's also more proof in that guys report supporting that Namine & Roxas is ether clones, or at the very least brother and sister.

Read Secret Ansem's Report 12 (KH2). Namine is Kairi's nobody, but was created by Sora's body & soul while Roxas was the opposite. But the sources is the same.

The reason Namine helped Roxas in the first place is because Xion had told Namine to look ...more

30 Edward & Bella (Twilight)

Bella just started obsessing over him when she puts down all the other guys. Then she tries to commit suicide for him. Though he makes her get rid of her friends and family and watches her while she sleeps... never mind they are perfect for each other

Who says they are 'perfect' for each other? It is a toxic relationship. Bella is too dependent on Edward and Edward is possessive of her. Bella is a selfish, needy bitch. Edward is a creepy stalker who literally sees Bella as a piece of meat. And don't get me started on all the abuse. Their relationship is NOT love. It is lust.

And that's why they're perfect for each other. Jacob deserves better than some stupid, whiny, needy, b***h, and why torment any other girl with the controlling d-bag Edward? I'll agree it is toxic and bad relationship, but out of that crappy saga, I can't think of a better pair.

31 Finnflame (Adventure Time)

Yes it was Canon once but that was that was a horrible relationship going on there flame has moved on and is not interested in pursuing the relationship anymore and the whole relationship was pretty shallow as they fell in love at first sight.

32 Noco (Total Drama)

There is no logic on shoving Noah and Cody together. Yes, there was the accidental "kiss", but Noah was in his sleep, and it was on the ear!

Also, it's one of the weirdest ideas I've heard. Won't work. - Turkeyasylum

33 FlashLight (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Yes! I HATE this one! MLP is about friendship, not romance.

What even... - SeeU

Before You Get The Pitchforks And Buzzsaws, Let Me Share MY OPINION
It's Pretty Good - JPK

34 Knuckles x Rouge (Sonic)

They are rivals and Knuckles doesn't even like Rouge. The "crush" that Rouge has is only part of her being flirty. She would act like this to ANY male character honestly, even to Sonic himself. Plus, Rouge tries to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles all the time. This shipping also makes Knuckles look dumb when the fact is that he's much more intelligent than Ed from The Lion King.

No offense to anyone who ships Knouge but Shadouge is much more hinted in the games and comics (and no, it has nothing to do with Shadow seeing Rouge as a sister. She flirts with him too for Mobius' sake).

The only 'hint' that really matters in the game is knucklehead's song where all he said was he found her attractive and that's it. Even further in the song, he voiced his disinterest about everything else about her.
Looks<personality. Even knucklehead is smart enough to figure this out kids.

Plus she flirts with knucklehead like she flirts with everyone else (besides shadow). To get what she wants (aka master emerald). That's not a good base to base a relationship on.

35 Draco and Harry (Harry Potter)
36 Sonic x Sally Acorn
37 Burningleafshipping (Pokemon FR/LG)

People only like this because of hero X heroine thing. I don't like it. They look like siblings and clones of each other. Leaf and Red can never exist in the same universe. There is no appeal to it yet I see billions of fan art for it. This is really overrated.

(male trainer & female trainer) I just find this ship weird as I can't see it as anything else except gender bent selfcest - Mariosprincessesfan

They NEVER meet in canon. Leaf is not canon. People can argue that this is a good looking pairing and all, but they have no chemestry. They can never exist in the same universe. This is like shipping siblings.

People only like this shipping because of the hero X heroine factor. It is ridiculous.

This ship makes absolutely no sense! I mean, ship it all you want but I see no chemistry at all. I ship red x green [rival] because they both have chemistry in the anime + manga + sun and moon. see for yourselves, if you disagree then I won't stop you. red x leaf/blue is just a no no for me. in the manga, they have a brother and sister relationship. - lowkeysavage

38 Roxas & Xion (Kingdom Hearts 358/2) Roxas & Xion (Kingdom Hearts 358/2)

Besides Xion is a puppet and doesn't exist anymore... At the end of the game, it TOLD you she was a CLONE just so they have two keyblade users. And there's the fact I never understood why people who are basically have the same personality and seem just the same as a couple. People who are exactly alike aren't interesting. She came and acted the same as Roxas when he came in. Didn't talk much, always did as told. And Roxas treated her the same as Axel did, only because he found someone like him. They seemed more like twins, and that's why they where so close.

THEY ARE BETTER THAN ROXAS AND NAMINÉ. I don't know Xion, but Roxas love she. One year with she, Naminé only 10 minutes.

39 Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog)

It's like people only care about Amy side sonic find her revolting and I don't want to leave blame her she's like an annoying stocker that just assumes things and won't leave him alone like they're barely friends. Or maybe because all they're both hedgehogs they should be together that he at this ship is so popular. Add rather them both end up both alone then the ship happening

Amy is just an annoying minipulitive whinny stalker that sonic barley tolerates. I mean, how is it good I'm a relationship where one FORCES the other to do what they want? Sounds like as good of a story as twilight 😩

I absolutely DESPISE this pairing. But I respect opinions and I love the fan art, unless they make Sally a slut. They always do that. They make Sally act like she's two! (WHICH SHE'S NOT! ) - MontyPython

I'd much rather have Sonic with Amy instead of Sonic with Fuli from The Lion Guard, that's for sure.

40 Clemont & Ash (Pokemon X and Y)

This ship is bad. Very very bad. - RiverClanRocks


This ship is not overrated. barely, people ship this at all because they make no sense. ash basically has no interests other than pokèmon - lowkeysavage

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