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41 Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog)

It's like people only care about Amy side sonic find her revolting and I don't want to leave blame her she's like an annoying stocker that just assumes things and won't leave him alone like they're barely friends. Or maybe because all they're both hedgehogs they should be together that he at this ship is so popular. Add rather them both end up both alone then the ship happening

Amy is just an annoying minipulitive whinny stalker that sonic barley tolerates. I mean, how is it good I'm a relationship where one FORCES the other to do what they want? Sounds like as good of a story as twilight 😩

I absolutely DESPISE this pairing. But I respect opinions and I love the fan art, unless they make Sally a slut. They always do that. They make Sally act like she's two! (WHICH SHE'S NOT! ) - MontyPython

I'd much rather have Sonic with Amy instead of Sonic with Fuli from The Lion Guard, that's for sure.

42 Clemont & Ash (Pokemon X and Y)

This ship is bad. Very very bad. - RiverClanRocks


This ship is not overrated. barely, people ship this at all because they make no sense. ash basically has no interests other than pokèmon - lowkeysavage

43 Gray and Juvia (Fairy Tail)
44 Stiles and Lydia (Teen Wolf)

I don't like the love story or chesmitry. And people go on and on about how she used to ignore him, and now they're friends. to be honest I think it'd be cuter if she never ignored him

45 Sticks the Badger and Scooby Doo

What kind of an idiot made this shipping?

Lol - JPK

46 Alya x Nino (Miraculous Ladybug)
47 Dott (Total Drama)

Dawn and Scott hate each other, and Scott got Dawn kicked off! Won't work! - Turkeyasylum


48 Clemont & Serena (Pokemon X and Y)

They may not have much interaction, but they pretty much interact more than Serena does with Ash. And they're the same too. Honestly, I'd make the argument in favor of Serena and Clemont as opposed to Serena and Ash.

Just cause they went on a 'date' (literally just cause Serena was 2 scared 2 ask Ash, and it was just cause you had to have a date to go to some dance party) doesn't mean their a permanent couple people!

They have had no romantic interaction (thank Arceus) and there is a three-year age gap with Clemont being 13 and Serena being 10. - RiverClanRocks

49 Spandy (Spongebob) Spandy (Spongebob)
50 Lucy x Tomoo (Elfen Lied)

Why would people even ship them? Tomoo is a bully even a sadist,he doesn't care about anyone at all. Plus Lucy killed him... - Tia-Harribel

Ew! Gross!

51 Nonsey (6teen)
52 Pinecest (Gravity Falls)

*sighs* No just no.

What's this ship?

It's scary

53 Alphamalg (Undertale)

People ship alphys with the amalgamates...? But they're like, 15 monsters mashed together... - Napstablook

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54 Tails x Cream (Sonic)

They're not a couple and never will be. They never shown any romantic interest in each other in any of the games, comics or whatever they appeared in.

Everyone knows it's Tails x Cosmo (s? )

55 Ray x Marine (Sonic)

They never even met, and they don't even appear in the same Sonic game. Ray appeared in that old Sonic arcade game while Marine appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. If anything, I rather see Marine with Tails than with Ray.

No it's not better than Tails x Marine.

Still better than Marine x Tails

56 Jimmy x Cindy
57 Ranma Saotome x Akane Tendo

Neither of these two ever even deserve each other at all.

I dislike hot and cold relationships.

I dislike love hate relationships.

58 Kyon x Haruhi Suzumiya
59 Saito Hiraga x Louise De Lavalliere
60 Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger V 1 Comment
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