Top Ten Overrated Shippings

From any animation, game, book, comic or any other you can think of, what is a ship you believe gets too much popularity and people make it bigger than it is. Doesn't necessarily mean you hate or dislike the ship or anything, just that it shouldn't have gotten as popular. Shipping is wanting to see two people in a relationship.

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41 Gray and Juvia (Fairy Tail)
42 Rey and Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

This makes no sence, they share no love interest with each other- watch the force awakens for all of the proof. - Purplederps

This is an actual thing? this makes no sence- to star off, they both show no love interest in eachother, don't belive me? watch the force awakens for yourself then

43 Sonic and Rainbow Dash (Sonic/MLP)

But why though?

44 Stiles and Lydia (Teen Wolf)

I don't like the love story or chesmitry. And people go on and on about how she used to ignore him, and now they're friends. to be honest I think it'd be cuter if she never ignored him

45 Sticks the Badger and Scooby Doo

What kind of an idiot made this shipping?

Lol - JPK

46 Alya x Nino (Miraculous Ladybug)
47 Zim x Dib (Invader Zim)
48 UlquiHime (Bleach)

Like seriously, ichiruki shippers u have to keep your disgusting pattern of necrophila then add abuse since u hate orihime? She doesn’t suck, it’s u people. If you don’t want ichihime (too bad for u whinny freaks it happened lol), at least pair her off with someone who doesn’t actually wants to kill her. Chad? Urha? Ichigo’s pervert friend or stupid whinny friend? Any of those is so much better than this cr@p pair.

49 Dott (Total Drama)

Dawn and Scott hate each other, and Scott got Dawn kicked off! Won't work! - Turkeyasylum


50 Clemont & Serena (Pokemon X and Y)

They may not have much interaction, but they pretty much interact more than Serena does with Ash. And they're the same too. Honestly, I'd make the argument in favor of Serena and Clemont as opposed to Serena and Ash.

Just cause they went on a 'date' (literally just cause Serena was 2 scared 2 ask Ash, and it was just cause you had to have a date to go to some dance party) doesn't mean their a permanent couple people!

They have had no romantic interaction (thank Arceus) and there is a three-year age gap with Clemont being 13 and Serena being 10. - RiverClanRocks

51 FlashLight (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Yes! I HATE this one! MLP is about friendship, not romance.

What even... - SeeU

Before You Get The Pitchforks And Buzzsaws, Let Me Share MY OPINION
It's Pretty Good - JPK

52 Spandy (Spongebob) Spandy (Spongebob)
53 Lucy x Tomoo (Elfen Lied)

Why would people even ship them? Tomoo is a bully even a sadist,he doesn't care about anyone at all. Plus Lucy killed him... - Tia-Harribel

Ew! Gross!

54 Pokeshipping (Pokémon anime)

Man, do I HATE this ship! Mainly because most of the fans are rabid and unreasonable, and act like Pokeshipping is canon. It's NOT! Ash is clueless to romance, and he always will be. Misty is the worst of Ash's friends, always insulting and talking down to him. She is not coming back. Ash is not holding out for her. He doesn't think about her. Example: when he returned to Pallet town after his journey thru Unova, Prof. Oak even mentioned Misty and all Ash did was say how disappointed he was about having missed getting to see Tracy! Misty is gone for good, thank God!

Misty has been gone for 10 years, yet people still believe she would come back and be together with Ash

Iris does the same thing as Misty, yet you only complain about her. Huh.

This ship is EVERYWHERE in the pokèmon fandom.

55 Nonsey (6teen)
56 Pinecest (Gravity Falls)

*sighs* No just no.

What's this ship?

It's scary

57 Alphamalg (Undertale)

People ship alphys with the amalgamates...? But they're like, 15 monsters mashed together... - Napstablook

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58 Tails x Cream (Sonic)

They're not a couple and never will be. They never shown any romantic interest in each other in any of the games, comics or whatever they appeared in.

Everyone knows it's Tails x Cosmo (s? )

59 Ray x Marine (Sonic)

They never even met, and they don't even appear in the same Sonic game. Ray appeared in that old Sonic arcade game while Marine appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. If anything, I rather see Marine with Tails than with Ray.

No it's not better than Tails x Marine.

Still better than Marine x Tails

60 Ranma Saotome x Akane Tendo

Neither of these two ever even deserve each other at all.

I dislike hot and cold relationships.

I dislike love hate relationships.

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